Tuesday, 27 December 2011

NEW BLOG!!!! READ IT!!!! http://meetthegoldengod.blogspot.com

OK, Robin I know that you know about this but the rest of you had better read it!
There is a new blog starting up which is trying to get us all to meet The Golden God! Short stories will be posted there and the best one that is picked WILL be published and bound! I'm hoping it will be mine but - you can never be sure!!!


The address - http://meetthegoldengod.blogspot.com

Go and read it!

Lynxia x

OK so I'll write on the bottom of this as I still need people to read the top bit...

I've looked at my covers again and decided to re-do them. And the whole 'More to life than love and war', that's GOT to go! Instead I'm going for something that fits the title - 'Blood is thicker than water...' meaning family first friends later. So here it is. (People who have read the blog for just Blood and Water will recognise the picture from the fish tank...)