Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas and other things...

So today I started a new blog where you can read Blood and Water in full as I write it. New Chapters will appear HERE on my bubble and then get transferred. It's just an easy way to go through and choose the bits you want to read... So here is the address... (Robin this is probably for you.)

Anyway. As Flame is kindly agreeing to put me in a story this is my OC even though it's not on Bio-rama...

Name: Lynxia Lost
Also known as: Shadow, Shadow Killer, Shadow Dancer
Age: Looks 17 is ??
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Occupation: Hired assassin
Appearance: Waist length dark auburn hair. Often tied back into a low pony-tail. Ice blue contact lenses, actual colour is white.
Pics.... (They always help...) 

 Her shirt  and her face from the front and the side. With contacts in.

 She also wears these but no shoes. She thinks they symbolize chains and imprisonment.

Powers: Necoromany and bone breaking. Flame you can give me the wings from my pic if you want to, I don't mind...
Personality: NOT TRUSTWORTHY! She only helps if it seems like something worthy of her skill or she will get something out of it. She chooses her friends carefully and you must earn her trust before she will even look at you.

That's about it... I think...


Merry Christmas everyone! I say it now as I probably won't be able to get near a computer over the weekend! I hope you get what you want and some pie and turnips too! Easy on the Sprouts... They have feelings to you know!

I think that's everything, so BYE!

Lynxia x


  1. Happy Christmas,
    Erm, I don't think you can get 5ft 14 inches average height for a woman in UK is about 5ft 4in (5'4) / 5'5. There are only 12inches in a foot so you'd be 6'2...

  2. Don't blame me - I asked my aunt, I'll make it smaller...

  3. Now she is 5' 9 and she's not average height because she's not average...

  4. I know but I was just giving you an idea of a womans height :D

  5. Yeah, I know but she's meant to be tall...