Friday, 23 December 2011

Blood and Water Chapter 9 - My Strength is Your Weakness...

       The Squad were rounding the people up like cattle. Tech was fighting against his guard and loosing. "You let me go!" he screamed "You let me go right now!"
       "Or what? You'll bore me to death with boring facts?" sneered the guard and laughed. Cole snapped her hands into cuffs - again!
       "Looks like it was a good thing you got away, eh? Even though if it got me this." he pointed to a deep cut on his right cheek bone. Clare didn't understand. How had they found her. Cole seemed to read her mind. "That Fermido, it has a tracker in it. No matter where you go we'll always be able to find you." he laughed and patted her head.
       "I hate you, Cole." Clare spat "I hate you!" she was now fighting her bonds although she knew it was useless. She saw all her fellow members of the Alliance being dragged out of the room and towards the stairs. Tech was the last one down. He was still fighting I never knew he had it in him, Clare thought.
       "Aren't they willing to die for you." commented Cole "Been playing with his heart strings have we Miss Thorn?" Clare didn't like the way he said this. He was looking very sneaky as though he knew something she didn't, it made her skin prickle. One of the Squad brought Jon in by is slightly overlong hair. Only one of his eyes could open. The hawk-like yellow seemed darker as if all hope had been sucked out of him. "OK guys. Mission accomplished. Let's get these lot back to base and then we can celebrate." This was met to 'Hoorah's and whoops of joy.
       Clare and Jon were dragged and pushed down the stairs and into the unmarked van waiting outside. As there were around thirty people at the ceremony, they were packed in like sardines. "I'm sorry." Jon kept saying thickly through a cut lip and a missing tooth that was still bleeding.
       "It's not your fault. It's theirs." Clare replied soothingly each time he said this.
       "No, if I hadn't been so stupid and hurried up instead of trying to be fashionably late none of this would have happened and when the others come back they'll walk right into a trap. And it's all my fault!" Every time he said these things people would say 'No it's not!' and 'You're not to blame'. People would jump in and comfort, only Tech sat and stared into space. Clare scooted up next to him.
       "Tech, what you did was brave - fighting back, I mean." Clare told him.
       "You - you think?" he asked looking her full in the face.
       "Yes, but don't do it again. It was stupid." she replied suddenly serious.
       "I won't, it hurt - a lot. But only if you kiss me." he said, a gleam in his eye.
       "OK." and she kissed him on the cheek.

Tech's nice just misunderstood... So I'm a little bored so I've wrote quite a bit today. This chapter is your Christmas present Robin. *hands chapter in box with bow* Merry Christmas...

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