Friday, 23 December 2011

Blood and Water, Chapter 8, Part 1 - Murder on the Dance Floor...

       Everyone complimented her as she walked towards the sails floor. A big open space was there, cleared of all desks for the night. Someone had set up lights and a computer to play music. Probably Tech, Clare thought, he loves that kind of stuff. When she had passed all of the chatting people she saw him there by the computer writing a list of requests. Tech was a thin man. A little geeky but really nice once you got to know him. His sandy blonde hair was swept to the side of his face and he was wearing a red checked shirt with dark blue skinny jeans. He waved at her to come over. "Hi Clare, you feeling OK?" Tech was always nice no matter what but he was s solid as a rock. Wouldn't break unless you threatened to kill Clare. Everyone knew Tech liked her but he was fine with Jon, he didn't feel jealous or anything.
       "I'm good, how about you?"
       "Fine, bit bored though, not much to do. Where's Jon? He needs to collect his trophy." He pointed to the Agradist Cup that was sitting shinning on the table at the front of the room.
       "I don't know. Probably still getting changed."
       "Well the ceremony begins at eight at it's five to. You'd better go find him." Tech was changing the song at this point but you could still here the not of longing in his voice as he talked about the ceremony.
       "Yeah," Clare said starting to feel uncomfortable. "I guess I should." And walked away. Poor Tech, she thought, I guess he just feels lonely. After all, he is the only technology Secondary in the Alliance.

Just you wait.... You don't know WHAT is coming next...


  1. Guess time : 1) This Cole character is going to come and ruin the dance and have some sorta smash up
    a)Tech boy and Jon are gonna go mental and save the day
    b) Tech boy and Jon are gonna go mental but loose
    2) Random horde of daemons charge in
    a) (refer to part a of 1)
    b) (refer to part b of 1)

  2. DAMN! *growls* I really wanted that Agradist Cup!