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Patchwork, COVER(!!!) and Chapter 3 - Original Feelings...

You have NO idea how long it's taken me to do this but I am actually quite proud... So yeah, the cover! Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Sorry about the colours, they didn't scan in very well, but I assure you - Mort isn't completely white in the actual thing.

Chapter 3 - Original Feelings...

       At nine o'clock that night, the Nightingales' left their house and climbed into Sinne's car; a type of BMW he would tell you lots about but you tended to turn off after the third word.
       Paura was dressed in a long, simple black dress with thin straps and her short, choppy, dark brown hair hung loose, just touching her shoulders.
       Sinne wore his black ceremonial robes which had red sown into intricate patterns on the arms, around the neck and the hem. His black hair was slicked back, revealing his dark, glinting eyes.
       Mort sat in the back of the vehicle wearing his dark grey robes with his long, black cloak on top. It felt good to feel its cool weight on his frame again and he had immensely enjoyed pulling the pointed hood over his head, but after that moment, wearing the hood felt wrong as he still didn't have his scythe so he had taken the hood down again.
       They drove through the centre of town and kept going, out onto the winding roads beyond. The trees flashed by with the setting Sun's light filtering through their leaves making the light greens and emerald shades of early summer swirl and blur together.
       After half an hour of travelling, they reached a small lane leading off to the left and up a slight hill. They turned onto it and ten minutes later it opened up into a small glade in the surrounding forest.
       A few other cars were parked in the glade but to a passer-by it would seem they were here for nothing as there was only forest for miles around.
       But Mort knew better.
       They pulled up beside a white Ford and got out. They went to the middle of the glade and placed their middle finger of their right hand in the palm of their left, so the fingers pad touched the cntre of their palm. Almost at once, a symbol started to pulse red in their left palm. It was a square with a circle in the centre tat seemed to shoot out forked lightening.
       Then, they were sucked back through into their native dimension, and if you had seen it, it would seem as if they had swirled slightly then had just vanished. No noise, just gone.

       The dimension rose up around them, the grass was a soft white and the sky was a light, pale blue. The buildings were small and only one floor as, nowadays, the Emotions spent most of their time on Earth keeping balance.
       The only building in town with more than one story, did not have the normal grey-ish brick walls and had more impressive furniture was the Hall. This is where all Ceremony's were held and court hearings', although, there had not been a hearing since 1867 when Hatred had gone a bit mad and had been sentenced to instant rebirth. 
       They appeared in the square in front of the Hall. The actual building was made of a smooth white stone that caught the light and bounced it round, had two large floors and large steps and columns. It had an otherwise flat roof except the large golden dome over the Main Hall. And in between the columns on the outside were six large stone statues in thrones of the Original Feelings.
       Each was six metres high and their stone eyes seemed to follow you as you moved around. On the left of the large stone doors were the female Feelings - Amour; Love, Lycka; Happiness and Suru; Sorrow. On the right of the doors were the males - Qual; Agony, Sinne; Anger and Placer; Pleasure (or Indulgence). All Emotions have to be reborn when their Mortal shells die but, for some unknown reason, the Original Feelings were taking a little while longer than normal to be reborn. It had been fifty years since anyone had seen any of them except Sinne who seemed to be reborn at the regular rate.
       The Nightingales' went through the large doors, down the main corridor, through a large archway and into the Main Hall and took their seats as the ceremony started.

Lynxia x

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Patchwork, Chapter 2 - Meet The Family...

       The rest of the day passed in the normal day-to-day drone of boredom and work. Mort handed in his maths homework after break then had to write an essay on the 'properties of newspaper articles' in English. Then after lunch, they watched a film in double RE about how Jesus was betrayed.
       After this, Mort and Rätsel began the walk home. On the way they discussed how they thought Liv had convinced the Council she was ready for her Responsibilities now, rather than the normal age of sixteen.
       "Maybe she hexed them." Rätsel said, checking his planner for any homework due in tomorrow.
       "Nah, she can't. You can't hex until you get your Resps." Mort replied, using Emotion slang for Responsibilities. 
       "Yeah, I guess." Rätsel said.
       They turned on to Meadow Way discussing the English essay. Mort said goodbye to Rätsel, who continued on to his house, and went up to number seven and went in.
       Number seven was different to the other houses on the dead-end road. It was at the end of the street with the end on its back garden and right side (if you stood facing it) next to the forest. In looks, it looked exactly the same as the other six houses. White panelled walls and a light grey roof which hung over on the left side to cover the porch which had steps leading up to it. The door was a dark brown with coloured frosted glass in the panes. The right side of the house (again, if you were facing it) came forward and was rounded a little, forming a small, three storey tower. The houses on this street looked odd in the English town as they were designed by an American who wished to replicate his own home in the States here in England.
       Mort dropped his bag by the stairs and went into the kitchen to get something to eat. "Hey Mum." he called, looking through the fridge.
       "Hello Mort, how was school?" Mort's rebirth mother, Paura, said, coming in carrying in her notes from work.
       "Ugh, okay, I guess. Could be worse." he said, munching on an apple.
       "You don't sound too happy. Aren't you looking forward to the Ceremony of Rights or just another bad day?" she said, looking up from the sheets of paper.
       Mort opened his mouth to reply when a loud thwunk and a roar came from the hall.
       "Mort!!" Sinne called. "Move this bag!!"
       This is what made number seven different. 
       Most parents would not get very angry about a school bag by the stairs but seen as Sinne was anger, he got pretty angry.
       Yes, number seven Meadow Way was inhabited by Anger, Fear and Death.
       Mort sighed and got his bag then dragged it up to his room. He chucked it in the corner then collapsed on his bed.
       This was the third time in a row he had got Sine as his rebirth father and each time he had beaten the same traditions into him - how different Kinds should not mix.
       He thought back to the simpler times of the medieval age, when these traditions were just normality. Him and Life had worked as a team and he had felt no other emotions towards her. He had stuck to his own Kind and simply done his job of ferrying the energy from life into death and passing it on to Life who would pass it back to him and so on. Now, for some unknown reason, life (no pun intended) had become a whole lot more complicated.
       The other Emotions had recently come up with ideas that the Kinds should mix. Like Rätsel's rebirth parents, Verlust (Loss) and Ura (Hatred), they practically encouraged Rätsel to mix with Lights. Yet Mort was stuck with Sinne who was stuck in his medieval ways and Paura who just let him get on with it, but she was nicer. She didn't agree or disagree with mixing, she just didn't like to get involved.
       The knock at the door lifted him out of him thoughts.
       "Mm-hmm?" he mumbled.
       Paura opened the door carrying a blue silk bag, no bigger than a shopping basket.
       "I spoke to the Council today," she said, placing the bag in his lap. "They said you can wear your cloak." she continued, patting the bag.
       "What?! Really!? But-But- I thought I had to have my Resps before I could wear I could wear it again!" he exclaimed, opening the bag and taking out the smooth, but also rough, cloak of blackest night fondly.
       "They said you were showing 'great potential and progress' so they said you could wear it tonight. You never know, you might be the next one to get your Resps." she said, smiling.
       "Wow. Thanks Mum!" he said and hugged her. Something Sinne would have all but killed him for.

Lynxia x

Monday, 28 May 2012


This is kind of more for me so I can keep track of what I'm writing but, hey, I thought you might like to know too. All the ones that are related, so they have the same characters, are coloured the same.

A Murderer's Dance
Wilting Rose
Me, Myself And The Gun At My Head
Just A Dream...
Another Life
Lamenting Hours

Now you know what I'm writing (in this order too, no matter how much you beg!!!)! If you don't know something about one of these stories then you'll just have to wait and if you do know something, you know who you are, no spoilers. Please. Leave it to what people already know.
I'm sorry that Wilting Rose and Me, Myself And The Gun At My Head have been bunked but I did finish them but I was unhappy so I've scrapped quite a few bits and I need ideas so they'll have to wait. Sorry!
Anyway, that's all I've got planned out so far! Hope you look forward to some of them. I can see at least two that most people will look forward to... *evil grin* And I'm not saying why...!

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Patchwork - Prologue and Chapter 1 - Being Human...


       Mort leaned against his locker and sighed. Liv was nice to everyone but she never seemed to look at him.
       She walked past with her best friend Espoir. He managed to get a word out, a first.
       "H-Hi." he said with a slight wave.
       She turned round, smiled and opened her mouth to say something but Espoir pulled her on with a slight glare at Mort.
       They turned the corner and Rätsel walked up.
       "Hey Mort." he said.
       No response.
       "Mort." he said waving a hand in front of Mort's eyes. "You, Mo!" he said and poked Mort in the ribs.
       "Ow! What'd you do that for?" he said, rubbing his ribcage.
       "Out of bounds, dude. You know what the Council would say if they caught you goggling at Liv. Not to mention your dad." Rätsel said.
       "Don't give me the lecture." Mo moaned and banged his head against his locker.
       Rätsel smiled evilly and did his best impression of Mo's father. "The Lights and Darks of the world do not mix. We are only here to keep balance. Do not mingle with opposite Emotions - keep to your own Kind."
       "You had to, didn't you." Mo grumbled then sighed as he got his English textbook from his locker.
       "Yes, of course I did. Life is not meant to be a riddle. No puns intended." he replied, laughing slightly at the glare Mort gave him.
       Mort rolled his eyes as the bell went for Form and everyone scuttled off to their Form rooms.

Chapter 1 - Being Human...

       Mort and Rätsel walked to room sixteen and went in. It was an English classroom with posters of old plays on the walls.One of which was called Death with a Grim Reaper on the front. He smiled to himself. He decided that when he came of age he would have his cloak and scythe back. Stick to the classics.
       When Mrs Heans had finished the register she did her daily uniform check. She got to Mort and waited. "Well?" she said.
       "Shirt, top button, lip ring, ear ring and I need a hair cut." he said.
       "Get it done, then. Everyday is the same with you Mr Nightingale." she sighed.
       He tucked his shirt in, did his top button, took out his black lip ring, pulled out his skull stud from his right ear and flicked his black hair out of his eyes then smiled at her, but his eyes told the truth. I hate you, they said.
       "And why are you so pale? You're paler than death." she said, indicating his unhealthily pale skin.
       Inside he burst out laughing. Paler than death? What, paler than myself? I don't actually think that's possible, miss.
       But on the outside, all that showed was the skinny goth boy she always saw.
       She moved on to Rätsel. "Now, why can't he be more like you?" she said, pointing to his done top button, tucked in shirt and fairly short dark brown hair that glinted copper.
       "Not a clue, miss. It's a riddle." he said, barely containing a smirk.
       She shrugged and moved on. 
       Mort looked at Rätsel. I hate you, he mouthed.
       Rätsel smiled, a smile that said Yeah, I know but you love me really.

       After Form they had PE so they headed to the changing rooms. When they were changed into their black and white PE uniforms they went out onto the field.
       "You ready for the ceremony tonight?" Rätsel said as they lined up by the long jump track. 
       Mort's head snapped round, shock in his brown eyes. "Ceremony?" he asked.
       "Yeah, you know. Liv's getting her Responsibilities." he said, smiling at the girls running one hundred metres on the track causing them to giggle.
       "Oh, God. I forgot. I totally forgot!" Mort said, hitting his fist against his forehead.
       "Clearly, but I'm sure your mum hasn't. I bet she's picked some nice robes for you." he smirked then went to the wooden board that showed the start of the track as Mr Dunn had just called 'Evig, Rätsel'.
       Mort watched as Rätsel jumped into the sand pit at the end. Three metres and twelve centimetres. He'd never beat that.
       Rätsel went to wait by the track for the next activity. He enjoys Mortal school way too much, he thought but smiled.
       "Nightingale, Mort." Mr Dunn called.
       Mort went and stood on the wooden board and waited for the whistle to blow. When it did he ran as fast as he could down the track and jumped when he reached the white line at the start of the sand pit.
       "Three metres and eleven centimetres." Mr Dunn droned.
       Mort fumed. One centimetre! Rätsel had beaten him by a centimetre!
       "Thanks, sir." Mort said, looking at his PE teacher.
       "Nightingale, what's up with your eye?" he said, looking closer.
       Mort's hand flew to his right eye. His contact was gone and now his PE teacher could see his blood-red iris.
       "N-Nothing, sir. Just an infection." he stammered.
       "Well, go clean it out. It's creepy." Mr Dunn said.
       Mort bowed slightly then cursed himself as he ran back to the changing rooms - that guy wasn't one of the council! Why the Hell had he done it? He flew into the changing rooms and pulled his spare contacts from his bag. He put one in his right eye and blinked until it covered the blood-red underneath it.
       "That was close. Gotta be more careful." he said to himself.
       "What was close?" said a female voice.
       Mort leaped to his feet.
       Espoir walked round the corner. "Hello Death." she said.
       "Hope, you shouldn't be in here. Boy's changing room." he said, on his guard now. Hope was clever and sneaky and could be awfully mean when she wanted to.
       She shrugged. "It short cuts the corridor to the gym and nobody was here." she said, smiling.
       "What do you want, Hope?" he asked, standing at his full height that was only a few centimetres above her but he figured that every little helps. She was now facing him fully and was way to close for his liking.
       "What do I want? A lot of things. But I know what you want." she said, walking her fingers up his chest then tapping his nose twice.
       "I-I don't know what you mean." he said, looking away from her face.
       She smiled broadly. "Oh you do. Life has more important things to do than play courtship with you, so how about you leave her alone?" she said then turned and walked to the changing room door. "Oh, and tell Riddles I say hi." she said, flicking her dark brown hair over her shoulder making the purple streaks blur and walked out.
       He slumped onto the bench and leaned back against the wall. God, does she hate me, he thought, closing his eyes. Hope, or Espoir in the mortal Realm, had always hated Death's, or Mort's, guts for no reason. It seemed to be wired into her DNA. He was fine with her, didn't go near her much but she loathed him. Even in all their past lives. 
       He was still busy feeling sorry for himself when he remembered that Liv would now be going to the track. he jumped up, banged his head on one of the pipes on the wall when he stopped mid-step. What would Espoir do if she saw him talking to Liv? He decided to think about it if it happened and ran back to the track. 
       And already, Espoir's warning was already fading in his memory...

So this is the start of another new story called Patchwork. All of the feelings and emotions have been given personality and this story is following Death and his best buddy Riddles. I hope you enjoy!

Lynxia x

Friday, 25 May 2012

Oh, screw the deadline! Here's the end...

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 12, Part 3 - Elaisse's Revenge and Chapter 13 - Nothing Truly Ends...

       Sheldon teleported behind Elaisse and grabbed her then teleported with her. She sent shadows at him but he teleported round them.
       "I really hate teleporters." she hissed. She turned and thrust her hands out, sending streams of coiling darkness towards him.
       "Crap." he muttered as he got hit by the streams.
       Sheldon groaned and tried to get up but a healed boot rested on his chest, holding him down. He was rubbing his head where it had hit the the floor when he heard a click. He looked up and Elaisse was pointing a pistol at his face.
       "No sudden movements or I'll decorate the pavement with inside of your head." she said, leaning in closer so he could see that mad twinkle she had in her silver eyes.
       Sheldon was now cross-eyed looking at the tip that was just a centimetre from his head. Think! he told himself. What did Lynxia teach you? The arm lock thing! Then he remembered. Push the wrist and lock the elbow. He raised his arms in 'surrender'. 
       Elaisse's blood stained lips formed a cold smile. "Good. Now-" he cut her off by slapping her wrist, making her drop the gun, locked her right elbow and teleported. They were now in a field in Wales but what he hadn't expected was her to pull out a knife with her left hand and straddle him. So of course the farmer ran when he saw Sheldon being straddled y a woman holding a knife to his throat.
       "Nice try." she said. "You really think I wouldn't expect something like that? I've never trusted you and neither has Lynxia. We both know you're a little weasel."
       He had one last shot. He thought Ivy! I'm here, Wales! Please! Sheldon knew Ivy could hear people from a distance who she knew. Wales wasn't that far so he hoped, oh God did he hope, she could hear him. 
       Just as Elaisse moved her hand for the killing stroke, a boot appeared from a blue blob that kicked her off him. The boot was followed by the rest of Ivy Animosity , then Nixion Strange, Zathract Mist and Eve, Sparky Braginski and Flame Phoenix, Robin Snowscar with a limping Nicholas Daniels, Star Midnight and Lavender Hope then finally Cece Shade.
       Cece helped Sheldon up then tapped her arms and black markings swarmed over their bodies. The others had already gathered their magic, well, Nicholas had his gun. 
       Sparky walked to the front of the group and looked at Elaisse. "Give us Lynxia back or we'll have a little rematch of what happened ten years ago." she said, looking into those silver eyes.
       Elaisse laughed, a cold sound like screaming and grinding metal. A laugh nothing like the laugh that usually came from that mouth. That laugh could be cold but also friendly and, in some cases, unnerving, too. "A rematch then! It was so fun before!" Elaisse smiled and shadows ran up her legs and down her arms, criss-crossing her her chest and mingled with her hair. She started to rise from the floor. You could see it on everyone's faces, the look of 'Oh not again...' and 'We're dead.' But their was also the look of cold determination behind them.
       The wind coming down from the hills and through the valley sent the shadows into chaos. They dipped and dived and shot about like deadly humming birds. Magic was thrown but it did nothing to penetrate the vast darkness surrounding Elaisse. She had become more skilled in ten years, but so had they. In stead of doing separate things as before, Ivy telepathically told everyone the plan and they burst into action. Eve stood firmly and projected on Elaisse. Elaisse's eyes widened and she became more focussed on Eve, trying to shut of the image. 
       Ivy stood by Eve, obviously supplying the sound track for the image. 
       Elaisse was now losing focus on everything but them, she was slowly lowering and Robin, Flame,Nix and Sparky sung at her legs and waist with their swords. Not fatal blows but something to weaken her.
       Cece was throwing daggers of green and yellow that exploded on her chest and were starting to eat through the protective clothing.
       Zath stood by Eve and Ivy hurling fire at Elaisse when an opening appeared as she shot shadows at them.
       Nicholas was firing his gun with little affect but it certainly kept Elaisse on her toes trying to keep bullets away from her head.
       Star was tipping gallons of ink onto Elaisse then binding it to keep her from moving. She was starting to look worn out but she kept going.
       Lavender was morphing into different birds and swooping into the shadows to claw at Elaisse.
       Ivy gave Sheldon the sign, a waving left hand, to show Elaisse had a weak spot. Sheldon gritted his teeth, teleported to Elaisse, grabbed her and teleported a hundred feet up. He let go and was back on the ground before she could take a breath. 
       They watched, holding their breath that Elaisse was gone and Lynxia was okay as the woman's rag doll form fell to Earth.

       Nix broke apart from the rest of the group and ran to catch me.
       He caught me and lay me on the slightly damp grass as it was now raining.
       I rolled onto my side then sat bolt upright.
       "AAAGRHH!" I screamed.
       Everyone came forward then, now they knew it was me. Everyone hugged me, even Ivy for about two seconds to my surprise. My breath came in ragged lumps as I noticed how badly cut I was. I had slashes on my face, burns on my chest and arms, deep gashes to my legs and a huge bruise forming on my back. Not to mention the state of my clothes. My trousers were now shorts. My top was crumbling away from the burns showing the bullet proof vest beneath and the sole of my lest boot was burned away while the right boot was just gone.
       "I hate her." I said as Nix helped me up. 
       Elaisse laughed quietly in my head, weakened but still there.
       Robin laughed and scoffed. "I think we all do." she said. Everyone agreed.
       Cece looked me over. (It was weird seeing her without her twin.) The shadows were not healing my cuts. This kind of shocked me. "I think you should see a doctor." she said.
       "How would I explain how I got like this?" I asked.
       "I don't know. Say you fell in a ditch or something." she shrugged.
       "Okay, I can see a town in the valley. Everyone grab hold of their favourite teleporter who just saved your lives and hasn't got one thanks yet." said Sheldon.
       "Thanks Sheldon." came the response from many people, Ivy being the one who didn't say thanks.
       "It was nothing." he smiled.
       "No more teleporting. Please, please can we walk?" Nicholas said, looking green at the thought of teleporting.
       "Fine." Ivy sighed then started walking towards the road sheltered by jeans.
       Cece shook her head. "I'm gonna go back to the asylum. I'm gonna get- get Flo and then... I don't know." she said and walked in the opposite direction. Me and a few others shouted goodbyes but she did not seem to hear.
      I was about to follow Ivy along with the others then I realised Nix wasn't moving. I walked back to him.
      "What's wrong?" I asked.
      "It's just..." he sighed "Nine years ago you said you loved me. Then you just disappeared. Everyone did. I carried on doing what I could to get by but I always wondered where you were. Then a couple of weeks ago you show up and I thought 'Maybe, just maybe'. Then you lost your memory and I started to wonder if you'd already moved on anyway." he finished with a hurt look on his face and even my heart softened.
      "After the camp out I was thrown in jail for a triple murder. I got out two years later because of a mass prison break. I came looking for everyone but there were no traces. Anywhere. And I meant what I said. I do love you and always will." I stood on my tip toes (I only now realized he was a head taller than me) and kissed him.
      Oh, not you two too! Ivy whined in my head.
      "Way to kill the moment, Ivy." Nix grumbled, his eyes closed.
      I laughed, grabbed his hand and pulled him after the others.

The End? Or A Beginning...?

Thursday, 24 May 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 12, Parts 1 and 2 - Elaisse's Revenge...

       The only way I can explain how it feels when Elaisse is dominant is that I'm watching but if she gets stabbed then I can feel the pain too, well, I get the pain and she just ignores it and keeps going.
       All it took was for her to raise her hands and shadows knocked back all of the Hollow Men within ten metres. That cleared a path to Nix who had already collapsed but he was breathing.
       See, he's safe. Elaisse said to me mockingly, but she did seem a little happy that he was too.
       Shut up and keep going then give me back control. I replied but I was relieved to see he was alive.
       Elaisse sighed and then shot tendrils of darkness at any lumbering idiot who got within her range. In thirty seconds she had nearly destroyed all of the army. Any who remained seemed to have got the message and ran away in their awkward stumbling way.
       Now hand over control. I thought, pounding at the mental cage.
       "Not yet, Lynx. Fun first." she said and took a step towards Nix whilst drawing a knife, oblivious to the person who had just teleported back behind her.

 Sheldon Haze looked at the others. Elaisse was drawing near. They needed him to stop her.
       He took a step towards her then stopped. Why should he help? He'd always been mocked by them. Why should he help?
       But another voice chimed in. Lynxia saved you, it said. You owe her your life. it continued.
       But the doubt fought back. You've already repayed the favour. Leave. Teleport. Don't look back. it said.
       And he did.

I bought posting forward a couple of days as I'm bored... It was meant to be posted on Saturday. Oh well, lucky for you I'm bored and have access to a computer.

And I'm sure that at least ONE person must have been waiting for the cover so here it is...

Lynxia x

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

(Insert title here...)

I realised something today. And that was that I don't blog about my life. And if I have, then it was a while ago. This leads me to conclude that my life is very, very dull. But something did happen today! It probably won't interest any of you in the slightest but it is something to blog about.
So, today - at lunch to be precise-, we were all out on the yard in the sunshine (yes! It was sunny! What is the world coming to?!!) when three students of Dewdrop Academy show up. Now, I don't know if this applies to your area but here, we have school rivalries. Us, the students of Saint John Fisher High School, and Dewdrop Academy for all the little rich kids. You have to pay absurd amounts to get in there and it's a boarding school down in one of the valleys. So they show up and there's a big fight, fun to watch, and then they got dragged into the Head's office and there was a lot of shouting.We could all here because the yard is very small and the Head's office is right by the entrance.
I told you - my life is dull. Now do you believe me?

Anyway, an Artemis Fowl fan fic, well, I don't really know if it is a fan fic but I guess it is, sort of (...), written by my friends Caroline and Tamara. While I have been writing my Skulduggery Pleasant fan fic, they've done this and made me post it... And for some unknown reason, it features Skulduggery Pleasant. Don't ask! I did and I honestly did not understand what the reply was. So, good luck.

       Artemis paced the room. "He's late." he said, a frown creasing his brow.
       Butler looked over from the window. "His car is pulling up now."
       Artemis nearly let a smile split onto his face but he held it in. "Excellent."

Actually, I'm not gonna write the rest as it will probably melt your eyes, mush your brain and tarnish my blog. Forever! So yes, I will not post it. Tamara and Caroline will kill me tomorrow but I will not have this atrocity in front of me released into the world. I just won't. I'll put it this way. Suit swapping. You get the picture? That's why I'm not posting it! It's madness!!!!! Although... Holly and Valkyrie are very funny when they are laughing at Artemis and Skulduggery but I still won't post it. Sorry about that. (The lengthy blog post, not the not posting. Believe me, you don't want to see it...)

And, before I forget, watch this -
All the boys at school seem to think that girls can't play video games. They changed their minds after I whooped them all on Halo. And Halo is so much better than Call Of Duty. It's like comparing Skulduggery Pleasant (Halo) with a turd (CoD). I'll just put that out there.

Also watch this, simply because the guy says apples funny! And because it is related to the Hunger Games -

My life consists of school, reading, maybe drawing, Blogger and YouTube. That's not good...

As for the title, I just couldn't think of one.

Lynxia x

Sunday, 20 May 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 11 - Awakening...

       When I came round we were in the back of a car and Ivy was driving. The car was stolen then. 
       "Welcome back, Lynx." Eve said. I blinked and stretched as much as I could in the back of the seven seater. This registered something in my head. Seven seats. No wonder it was so cramped.
       Nix saw the look on my face. "Sheldon and Nicholas had to make a certain... Sacrifice." he smiled and pointed in the general direction of the back of the car.
       "Really? The boot?" I asked. He nodded. I should have known.
       Ivy was on the motorway now speeding past the other cars and the buildings had formed grey streaks on either side of the road. "Why couldn't we just teleport?" Ivy asked, skidding off the motorway and onto a country road.
       "We've told you, with Linden, Vengeance could see up miles away if we used magic. Believe me. I hate this as much as you." he said and he did seem very jumpy about being closed in the car.
       "She's gonna find out we're here anyway." Ivy grumbled and took a sharp right. As we came round the corner, we saw it. A great stone building like a large, stone, Victorian house. It looked abandoned and the grounds were un-kept. Ivy stopped the car, that would have died is she hadn't stopped it, and opened the boot.
       Nicholas was the first out. "I am never, ever being a closed space with that lunatic again! Do you know how much he moans and whines? Never. Again." he said dusting himself off. I couldn't help but stare. We were nothing alike it looks but in some areas of our personality we were very similar. Both rash and easily angered but I still couldn't see how he was my brother.
       "You can talk. You moaned too!" Sheldon said, climbing out and glaring at Ivy.
       Nicholas ran at Sheldon but nobody saw the tackle as we heard a splash and when we looked, Cece and Flo were climbing out of a pond and Robin was trying to look innocent. 
       "Oops. I might have accidently tripped them." she said, her grin ever-so-slightly evil.
       Cece was about to say something but thought better of it. It seemed they had got the message about who the top Sworn was.
       Nicholas got off Sheldon and dusted himself off. Sheldon got up and spat some blood on the ground and gave Nicholas an I-hate-you-so-much-right-now look.
       "Charming." Eve said and walked through the hole in the hedge row to the gravel path beyond. In the grounds it looked even more like a scene from a horror film. There was a suspicious red/brown stain on one of the crumbling benches, there was a headless doll in a fountain and what looked lie a torn straight jacket in a tree. 
       "Creepy." I muttered.
       "You get used to it." Flame said. "So, if I was a psychopath, in a creepy old asylum with two more nutters, where would I hide." he looked at Ivy.
       She took this as a compliment. "I would be round the back of the house." she said, pointing to the large iron gates that lead to the sloping lawn at the back.
       We crossed to the gates, each step on the gravel sounding like an Earthquake, and found they were already open. It opened with a cliché squeak and we went into the back garden. It was more of a field than a garden but it still had a creepy I'm-watching-you feel about it.
       "This place doesn't feel good." Cece and Flo said at the same time. 
       "I say we split up and look for stuff that could be classed as Vengeance-y." Eve said looking all leader-y.
       "Good idea." Nicholas said.
       "Really? Aww." Eve replied then went to the back door of the house and went in. Everyone shrugged and disbanded looking in all the normal places and a few not so normal ones as well.
       I went and looked in the woods at the back of the field. I was searching a hollow tree when Nicholas walked up. "Has Sparky told you?" he asked.
       "Told me what?" I said, refusing to look at him.
       "Her theory. That I'm your big bro." he said.
       I sighed. "Yes, she has."
       "You don't seem happy about it." he said. "Don't you want a family?"
       "Seen as my mother is trying to kill us and you're a mortal that got dragged into a world of very strange things, not really." I said, looking at him now.
       "Wait, your mother is trying to... Oh my God, your mother is Vengeance?" he said, taking a step back.
       "No shit, Sherlock." I snapped. "Caring and having people to care about can make you weak, you can lose sight of what you need to do. I can't risk that. Not now."
       "Caring can make you stronger. You have something to fight for." he said. I couldn't deny that it could be true. "You'll be fine. We'll get Vengeance, you'll see. Family have to stick together, after all." This got me to chuckle a little. 
       "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped."
       "No, I'm sorry. I was the one who arrested you." he said. "What away to meet. Arresting your little sister." he laughed.
       "You arrested me?" I said, narrowing my eyes.
       "Um... Yeah. Sorry about that. I didn't know any of this would happen." he said, rubbing his neck and looking away.
       "I think it was good you arrested me. Otherwise we wouldn't know Vengeance was back." As soon as I said it, I knew it was true even though I couldn't remember.
       "Yeah, I guess. I'm saving -" he was cut off by a yell back in the field. We looked at each other then ran back to where it had come from.
       Cece and yelped and had now drawn her sword along with her sister. Coming down the hill were hundreds of Hollow Men. Each one stumbling down and often falling. 
       "Damn, that's a lot of Hollow Men." Sheldon said. Then a thought crossed his face. "Help, we need more people to help. Lynxia touch your left wrist." he called to me.
       "What! Why?" I yelled.
       "Just do it!" And I did. I placed the middle three fingers of my right hand against the underside of left wrist and it pulsed green.
       "What the He-" It felt like a dam had burst in my head and the blankness was no longer blank. Memories filled my mind and I lost sight of everything round me.

       My memories came back, rushing and swirling like waves in a storm.
       They swirled, collided and joined together. Early memories first. Vengeance standing over me getting me to punch the wall again and again and the pain from my bleeding knuckles and the knowledge that if I cried I'd get a beating.
       Running away to the Temple.
       Becoming a Necromancer then running from the Temple, too.
       Tesseract taking me on as an apprentice.
       Tesseract dying. The funeral. Me, alone, on a hill in Russia burying the body.
       Finding my friends in Blogland.
       The trip and everyone disappearing.
       Finding them again.
       Finding out Nix still loved me.
       Then everything from the past week or so slotted into place.
       Including the voice in my subconscious. 
       I'd been forced to my knees, gripping my head in fear it would break. Now I stood up, more confident than I had been in a while.
       "Lynxia...?" Robin asked.
       "Are you OK?" Sparky and Nix said in unison.
       "Paper skinned bastards." I muttered, looking at the Hollow Men. I nocked an arrow and let it fly. It ripped through the first Hollow Man's face like it was, well, paper.
        Everyone smiled slightly in spite of themselves but it vanished when the paper skinned creatures charged.
        No rest for the wicked, I guess.
        Suddenly, we were all blocked in by the Hollow Men with no sight of any of the others. I lashed out with my bow as I had no space to fire arrows. I pulled out two of my knives and tore gashes in their papery skin, releasing the fowl gasses within. The awful stuff got in my eyes and forced them shut so I had to attack blind and listen for the low thwunk of one of the creatures taking a lumbering step. Soon I was lashing at nothing and felt two cats round my feet. "Good girls." I whispered and then tapped my wrist, releasing them again. I squinted now and saw the last of the green smoke being snatched away by the breeze. Everyone was looking at the tattered remains when clapping echoed down to us.
       "Well done, kiddies." Tallulah said, sarcasm dripping from her words. Linden and the man from London walked behind her.
       "You," she pointed at Flame, "You," she moved and looked at Sparky, "You," she swept her gaze onto Eve, "And you." she finally pointed at Lav.
       "Yes?" Eve said, stretching out the word.
       Vengeance ignored the interruption and carried on monologuing. "You four, should be dead. I foresaw things in you futures that would put you out of the game but somehow, you lived. So, I had no chance to change your lives and are here by chance, and chance alone. Why am I telling you this? To give them time." she finished by pointing at the asylum. We only then realised that she had been distracting us to give the full army of Hollow Men time to stumble down. This time there was possibly thousands of them, not the measly three hundred or so from before.
       "Oh..." Sheldon said, paling and his eyes widening.
       "Hang on" Sparky said, looking at the man from London, seemingly oblivious to the army gathering round us. "You're Nathan Titan. You killed Hayley!" and she lunged, knocking him down.
       "So?" he said and knocked her off with a blast of air.
       Flame tried to take a step but he couldn't. Linden stood smiling as she held us down.
       Then, as Sparky leaped at him again; teeth bared, Flo tackled him to the floor. Linden realised she hadn't held someone down and that person was about to kill Nathan as her hands clamped round his throat.
      "How dare you!" Flo hissed.
      "NO!" Linden roared and flicked her hands, freeing us and flinging Flo back. She landed, eyes open and glazed, reflecting the stormy sky. She didn't move.
      Two things happened then. Cece tackled Linden to the floor then lifted a rock and repeatedly hit it over Linden's head until the woman lay as still as Cece's dead twin but with less of a skull and a lot more blood pooling around her.
       At the same time, Sparky had drawn her Makhaira and had slit Nathan's throat, the wound bleeding and opened like a tear in his neck.
       I walked up to Vengeance while the others took in what had happened.
       "Give it up, Mother," a collective sharp intake of breath from everyone but Sparky and Nicholas.
       Everyone looked at her. They ignored Nicholas.
       "I figured it out. One, they look incredibly similar and two, Shads chose her name at a young age. I found pictures in Vengeance's office with her name on."
       I smiled at Sparky then snapped my focus back on Vengeance. "As you can see, I've got my memory back so don't even bother."
       She smiled at my like I was still four. "I wiped your memory, my point." You got it back, your point." she said it very slowly as if explaining it to a child. "But I've still got plenty of tricks up my sleeve, so to speak." she said, indicating her vest top.
       "One for you, two for me..." shadows swarmed over her and she disappeared.

       I spun looking for her. "Ivy!" I almost screamed but she was already gone.
       We waited the tense few seconds, each one seeming to last a year. Then, in the middle of the group formed the blue smear that signalled Ivy's approach. Ivy appeared dragging Vengeance by her hair.
       "You can't shadow walk with me around. I know where you're going and I'll come for you" Tallulah realised she wasn't gonna get out and her thoughts etched themselves on her face. 
       I'm alone.
       "Yes you are alone, Tallulah. All alone in that little head of yours with only your mangled and tortured screams for company." Ivy said and flashed an insane grin.
       Flame walked over and clasped some cuffs onto Vengeance's wrists. "Sheldon? Can you take this cow to the English Sanctuary?" he said, not taking his eyes away from Vengeance who had now started to cry a little and was looking at me in a don't-let-them-do-this-to-me kind of way. I just looked at her. She was no mother of mine.
       "But -! Why can't Ivy take her?" Sheldon stammered.
       "Although I don't want to admit it, we need Ivy here." he said, indicating the Hollow Men that were closing in to form a rough circle.
       "Fine." he sighed and held Vengeance's arm but just before he left, she managed to choke out one word.
       Just as Sheldon disappeared the Hollow Men stumbled forward, some being trampled by the ones behind them. I had never seen this much blood lust in Hollow Men before.
       Just as before, they swarmed around us, blocking all vision of anyone else.
       Somewhere to my left I heard Nix shouting as he killed them. "I  might not be able to kill you as you're never technically alive but I can still end your existence. Maybe because you can't die I can make you my own personal punch bag. You know, tie you up and laugh as I repeatedly beat you into unconsciousness!" he yelled. Same old Nix.
       I lashed out once again. Kicking and stabbing or slashing. Soon, the putrid smoke had filled my eyes and nose so I worked mainly by sound. If I heard something move then I sent out a shadow pulse that knocked everything back a few metres. One managed to get close and pushed me down. They all, pretty much, fell on me in order to rip my throat out. I raised my left hand and the shadows snapped like whips from my silver bracelet.
       Laughter echoed in my head.
       No, not now. I thought.
       "Lynx!" came a shout to my right. The person who shouted was blocked from view but I think it was Nix.
       "Lynx, you have to let her out! There's too many!"
       "What about Nagier?" I shouted back, just saying Zath's True Name made my insides freeze but it made Elaisse even worse. She loathed Nagier, as he was the only one who could ever beat her in battle, and this anger made her stronger. I slipped more into her grasp.
       "Mist is already unconcious. Nagier can't help. He seems to have a personal hatred of me anyway! Please!" he sounded desperate now. The sounds of battle were fading  as each of my friends fell.
       "I'm sorry." I said to quietly for anyone to hear then fell into nothingness. I felt the anger, hatred and fear rise up inside me like a bird and it broke onto the surface.
       Elaisse smiled as her eyes opened to find destruction.
       "Oh goody!" she said, clapping her hands.

This time next week the last part will probably be posted...

Lynxia x

Saturday, 19 May 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 10 - True Family?...

       I stood for a long time on the balcony. I have no idea how long but all I know is, is that when Sparky found me, a pink tinge was in the sky.
       Sparky came and leant against the railings and watched all of the early morning commuters on the street below. "You OK now, Shads?" she asked, still looking down.
       "Yeah, I just kind of lashed out. Sorry about that." I said.
       "You're really not yourself, are you? You never say sorry." she laughed but it sounded tense, almost nervous.
       "Don't I? I wouldn't know." I sighed. "Sparky? can you answer me a question?"
       "Sure, what on?" she said, looking at me now. 
       "I feel like everyone is keeping something from me. When I get angry or I fight, I can feel something inside me, like the anger and stuff has taken on a personality. Robin said 'she' was gone. Who is 'she'?"
       Sparky hesitated. She looked away as though this conversation was uncomfortable. "Um, Shads, listen. If you really want to know I'll tell you but you might not like it."
       "Please. Tell me." I said. Curiosity may have killed the cat but this was not simple curiosity any more, this was a I-need-to-know-I-think-my-life-depends-on-it kind of thing now.
       Sparky sighed and then looked at me. "'She' is Elaisse. She's your True Name form and is completely heartless. If you get angry or are about to be killed - she surfaces and kills everything she sees. Most of all, she hates you and she hates us. You stop her from surfacing, I have no idea how but you do. Nothing else really. Just a cow with a load of power."
       Now I understood and, somewhere in my subconscious, I knew it was true.
       "Anyway," Sparky said, changing the subject. "Cece and Flo found their dad and have him tied up. They can be pretty cruel. Speaking of family, I think you have a brother." she smiled now.
       My head snapped to face her and something told me that this was new news. "What?!"
       "Mm-hmm." she nodded. "You always told me you never knew your father and Nicholas says that his father left when he was four and it now seems that he went with Tallulah. And, between you and me, she's your mother." This stunned me.
       "What?!" I said for the second time in as many minutes. 
       "Yeah, face it. You're too similar in looks and you often said your mother was a nut."
       "I did?"
       "Yeah. So now it looks like DI Daniels in there is your big half-brother by four years." she finished with a slight smile. She was clearly proud of herself for figuring this out.
       "Something tells me this isn't a good thing." I mumbled.
       Sparky laughed. "Maybe. Now come on They're about to ask the traitor Sworn where Vengeance is." she pulled me along after her down the corridor.

And because I want to reach my deadline, here's Part 2.

       We reached a small office and went in. In there was Robin, Cece, Flo, Flame and Zath. There was also a man strapped to a chair. He looked very scared. Surprise, surprise. What I did notice though was that it was the same man who had been talking to Vengeance the night before.
       "Where are the others?" I asked.
       "Went to look for any sign of Vengeance outside." Zath said.
       "M-Miss Lost," the guy strapped to the chair said. "I didn't mean anything by sending Jackson after you. No hard feelings, eh?" he stammered, sweating visibly.
       Everyone looked at me.
       "Um, do I know you?" I asked.
       "His face lit up. "You don't remember? Ha! You're no proper assassin. Next time I'll hire someone better." he was laughing now and I was close to the edge. I could feel the anger inside me.
       No, not you. I thought, trying to keep this Elaisse back.
       "Just tell us where Vengeance is" Flame almost spat at the man as if he disgusted him.
       "Or what? You'll set Miss Forget-me-not over there on me?" he seemed very smug now and I was powerless to the anger inside me now. I was dragged down and Elaisse clawed her way out.
       Damn, I need to keep her under control. was all I could think.
       Elaisse surfaced and leant in close to the man in the chair.
       "Don't ever call me that again if you value your life and don't underestimate me. I may not remember why I hate your guts but if you don't tell us where Vengeance is I will cut you open, pull out your guts and use them to paint with. Understand?"
       No one is stopping me from getting my revenge. Elaisse hissed in her/my head.
       Everyone was looking at her/me now with wide eyes and open mouths.
       "That-That's the kind of think I expect Lynxx to say." Robin said.
       Elaisse backed away from the surface and I fell into unconsciousness. But as I fell I heard the prisoner scream "Whitehall Asylum!"
       And as my eyes rolled back I managed two words. "Elaisse's Revenge..."

Lynxia x

Friday, 18 May 2012

Just in case you had any confusion...

As the title says, this is just to clear up any confusion you might have. I know I had some confusion whilst planning until I managed to lay it all out for myself. This is just basically to explain who Lynxia and Elaisse really are. You don't need to read it. I'm just bored and thought I might do this anyway...

Lynxia - She feels that Elaisse being a very bad person is her fault and if Elaisse does anything bad she is to blame. She absolutely hates Elaisse and only lets her out if she has no other choice or if it is to save her friends. If she could she would kill Elaisse but she can't (Duh!) because they share the same body and such. Before she had the name sealed, she felt like she was lying to her friends and now she hates herself for it. She also feels like Elaisse has 'corrupted' her and that Elaisse is a weight that she has to carry all her life and nothing anyone can say will make her see that her and Elaisse are different people - she sees it as Elaisse is her but without friends. Sometimes, she wishes she was not magic and had had a normal life but she also loves all of the thrills that go with this life. She's a bit of a psycho, well, maybe more than a bit. She swings from extreme to extreme really. One minute she'll be laughing because she's just killed someone and evaded the police and the next minute she'll want to throw herself off a cliff. All of the bipolar-ness started once Elaisse had emerged for the first time.
To put it in terms I understand (i.e. - music), this covers it -
Listen to the words. Don't really need to watch the video.

Elaisse - What can you say? She's a heartless bitch who's only purpose is to make Lynxia's life Hell. Whenever Lynxia is thinking something you can bet that Elaisse is there doubting her and saying that if it fails then her friends will die. Naturally, Lynxia hates her. If Lynxia needs help then Elaisse is happy (well, as happy as you can be when you rejoice in killing your host's friends) to help but always tries to kill a friend in the process. More than anyone, she hates Zath as his True Name form is Nagier, the only person to ever fight against her and win - needless to say she loathes him and always wants to kill him. If ever Lynxia is about to be killed then she appears and kicks some ass until Lynxia claws back to the surface, also if Lynxia gets too angry to control Elaisse then she surfaces. However, some emotions do reach Elaisse so she has a slight crush on Nix and thinks of Robin and Sparky as sisters but she would never admit that killing them might cause her some pain. So, yeah, she lives to be powerful and thinks the only way to break Lynxia, making her the one in control, is to kill everybody she cares about.
In music terms -
Again, listen to the words. Especially 'I'm everything you can't control'.

That is about it for this very odd post that I just felt like putting up. Now I'd better go do my homework - which is to read a book about a paedophile priest. Fun...

Lynxia x

Saturday, 12 May 2012

One For You, Two for me..., Chapter 9, Part 2 - Secrets Revealed...

       Linden's smile was sweet but evil seemed to wrap, curl, dance and play among her features. 
       "Li-Linden?" Sheldon stammered, repeating what he had said when we had first seen Linden in the building except this time it was in horror, not pleasant surprise.
       "Yes Sh-Sheldon?" Linden said, looking innocent.
       "How could you do this? Don't you... Don't you love me?" he asked, shock being replaced by a hurt look.
       Linden laughed, a tinkling laugh that should not have belonged to her. "Love you? Who could love you, Sheldon? You're weak, mindless; a sheep and you should be dead. I never loved you. I acted and played along and you sang like a bird and what I couldn't get out of you I simply took from your mind. To me, Sheldon, you are a book. A very boring book, granted, but a book nonetheless." she finished giving Sheldon a mocking wink but his face had gone from hurt to an empty, emotionless feature and his eyes were hollow, barren and unfeeling.
       "Aww..." said Vengeance "I see I've messed with your life like I have done with everyone else's." she smiled then made a false shocked face. "Oops. I shouldn't have said that." she laughed again.
       "What do you mean, Vengeance?" Flame said, narrowing his eyes suspiciously.
       "Well..." she said, sighing and rolling her eyes. "Who do you think was responsible for your, how do you put it? Ah yes, incident, Star?
       Robin, how do you think Lightning knew what to do and who do you think helped those witches control their demon blood?
       And Zathract, Vathrasi was too stupid to do anything by himself. I orchestrated Ragikk's death. very fun, actually. He was insanely clever and a crazily good sorcerer."
       Zath's eyes flared and he started forward but Eve held him back as Vengeance smiled a little more and continued.
       "Ivy, Ivy, Ivy... Where can I start with you? Messing with your life was very fun. I guess I should just say that it was I who planted the seeds of doubt in your family's minds when they discovered your magic. All it took was a few calls, a letter and a lunch date. You did the rest."
       Ivy lunged for Tallulah but Sparky managed to tackle her and hold her down.
       "Cece and Florence, my dears, your father wasn't very nice to you was he? I'll give you a hint, he owns this building." she winked and Cece and Flo looked at each other then ran from the office.
       "Nicholas Daniels. I'm surprised to see a mortal here but I did pull the strings so you would be. Who do you think your father ran away with, leaving your mother in depression with two daughters and a son? It was easy really. He was very easy to manipulate and as soon as he'd served his usefulness..." she ran a long finger across her throat and giggled. "Insanely fun." Nicholas stood and the look on his face showed that he didn't want to believe it.
       "As for you, Nixion, you were supposed to be Lynxia's replacement but, well, we can see how that turned out. You could have been so much more but you had to away didn't you. And kill a lot of people in the process, I might add." she shook her head as if exhausted while Nix stood to shocked to move.
       "It's such hard work pulling the strings. Oh Lynxia, my perfect little Lynxia. Your loss of memory is like a black stain on a otherwise white hall. If only you'd-" Vengeance was cut off by a man walking in from a door on the left. He was fairly tall with pale skin and white-blonde hair that flopped over his eyes which were hazel brown. He wore simple jeans and a T-Shirt but scarred hands were visible underneath the hoodie arms.
       "It's time, ma'am." he said with an Australian accent. Linden had started brushing her hair with her hands and smiling at the newcomer.
       "Already? Oh, time flies when you're having fun I guess. Linden?"
       "Yes? Oh, right." Linden said coming back into focus and looking at us all. "Bye." she said an a white flash filled our vision.


When we had all managed to get over the dizziness and get up; Linden, Vengeance and the mysterious man had gone.
       "All this time..." Zath was saying, forming fists then stopping himself.
       "Nothing on us though." Sparky said, frowning as she indicated to herself, Flame, Eve and Lav.
       "Strange..." Robin said.
       Conversations started and points were gone over and counter arguments thrown on how she could know all this. Only me and Nix didn't join in. I stood thinking about Vengeance was about to say before she was interrupted while Nix stood staring at the wall.
       "Did you know?" he said, barely more than a whisper.
       "Hmm?" I said, snapping out of my thoughts and turning to face him.
       "Did you know that I was going to be your replacement for something?" he said, looking at me now. "DID YOU?" What little resolve he had broke and this outburst caused the others to fall silent and look over. He took a step forward but I moved to meet him rather than back away which caused a little surprise to cross over some faces. If Nix was surprised it was covered by anger.
       I looked up at him as I was a few inches shorter and let my own anger show on my face. "Did I know? I've got no idea if I knew. I lost my memory, remember? I woke up with no memory of who any of you are or who I am so how the Hell am I meant to know what I knew? Do you think I'm faking, is that it?" I turned to the rest of them. "I'm not the same Lynxia. I can't do what she could, so go get Vengeance by yourselves." I stormed out and almost ran down the corridor.
       Shouts of 'Lynx' and 'Shads' echoed after me but I kept going. They weren't shouting me, after all.
       I reached a balcony and stepped onto it. The cool night air felt good and I closed my eyes and focused on where my memories should have been.
       Still the same blankness. Like a solid shape that you couldn't see or touch.
       I sighed and the anger started to recede but it seemed to claw and thrash as if it wanted to stay.
       Soon, Lynxia. Soon I will have my revenge...

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I'm very bored...

The title is a hint. I'm doing physics right now and it is driving me INSANE!!!!!!!!

So yeah. When I'm bored, I blog. So? It doesn't mean I'm mentally unstable or anything. *looks at iPod* It doesn't right? *nods at iPod* Thank you. My iPod has confirmed it means I am perfectly sane which probably means I'm insane by normal standards. I have no idea where this is going...

Oh! Oh oh oh oh oh! I know! (Legend of Zelda moment!) It's dangerous to go alone! Here, read this!

       Lily walked to her locker.
       God, she hated school. She checked her time table. She didn't have and technology lessons today but she did have double computing tomorrow so that was something to look forward to.
       The form bell rang.
       Crap, she was late.
       She grabbed her English book and ran to the Art room that was her form room.
       She got there just as Mr. Harper was about to close the door.
       "In." he barked and slammed the door.
       The mutual hatred was strong. He hated technology wizz kids and she hated arty farty idiots. He took all the opportunities he could to give her detention but technically, she wasn't late so he had been cheated out of his fun.
       She sat down at the end of the table in the corner and pulled out her phone while he was taking the register.
       She quickly loaded the Hazard homepage and checked the leader board. There she was. Alien at the very top. Over six billion kills and behind her was Ski Man with five billion and ninety six thousand. She would have to keep an eye on him.
       She looked up as sir finished the register and saw Mark looking at her but he quickly turned away.
       He had moved to Newcastle from Long Island Sound two months ago and tried constantly to catch her eye. He was also a techy like herself but he used it to impress not to disrupt.
       She found it all incredibly annoying.
       If he was in Hazard... Oh, if only, she would show him who the tech nut was round here.

Just a tad more of Rogue. Not much, but some! ;)

Oh, and...

Hey Luna!
Just before you get creeped out like 'Aggrrhhh! Who the Hell is this mentioning me!!!?!!! Go away you randomer!'
I'm from Derek's blog! Here, have a pie. *offers apple pie*

And... I'll try translating it from memory, no need for a dictionary or translator. (Wow, GCSE German is coming in handy.) Please excuse any spelling mistakes!

He Luna! Nur, bevore Sie draußen geschlichen werdem, wie. ‚Aggrrhhh! Wer die Hölle diesere Erwähnen mich ist! !!?!!! Verschwinden Sie zufälliger‘! Ich bin vom Blog von Derek! Haben Sie hier eine Torte. *Anbietet Apfelkuchen*

Anyway, I can't put of my physics any longer. If I don't return to the blog, I have died of boredom.

Lynxia x

Monday, 7 May 2012

One For You, Two For me..., Chapter 9, Part 1 - Secrets Revealed...

       "So..." said the woman with the dark hair said in an American accent. "What have you been up to? This is Cece and Florence, or Flo as she prefers, Shade, bye the way."
       "Well..." Sparky said and explained what we had been doing over the past few days, with everyone adding some stuff. Even me although they explained who they were first. After Sparky's de-brief Star and Lav hugged everyone (except Ivy, naturally). Even me although they explained who they were first. 
       Nix came back from a corridor on the left with a small green notebook and some rope.
       "Hi Keyboard Face!" Star said, waving at him Nix half growled, half sighed. 
       "I thought we settled this. My. Internet. Failed." he said through clenched teeth.
       "Right..." Star said arching her eyebrows. Everyone was trying not to laugh. Except me and Nicholas because we were just standing there wondering what the Hell was going on. Star noticed our confusion and said "Nix fell asleep at his computer and woke up with the keyboard stuck to his face." 
       This pushed everyone over the edge. Laughter rung like church bells in the quiet corridor.
       Nix tried to remain calm and said "Let's just get this over with."
       "Whatever you say. Keyboard Face." Star smirked and followed laughing silently
       Nix sighed heavily.
       As we walked down the corridor Robin whispered to me "The twins," she said "They're Sworn."
       I only vaguely knew what Sworn were.
       What I did know was that they were magic warrior people who place their 'aura' or 'spirit' into  a weapon, usually something with a blade. Also, any here without Robin's go ahead, here as in our world not their world in some other dimension (still trying to get my head around this part), as her voice now indicated was a bad, bordering on apolitically bad, thing.
       "We can still hear you, you know." the twins called from the back of the group in chorus.
       Robin reddened slightly.
       "Well, are you?" she asked.
       "No," Cece said, the one without the freckle.
       "Half Sworn. Our father was one." Flo explained.
       "He left without your permission. Got dear old Momzie pregnant then scurried off somewhere else." Cece continued.
       "The search for him merged with the search for Vengeance and eventually we met Lav and Star." Flo finished looking slightly superior. A mistake that would not be forgotten.
       Robin muttered and carried on walking, clenching and unclenching her fists and her head down.
       We reached the end of the corridor and were faced with white painted wood double doors.
       Nix pushed his way in and we followed. All fourteen of us stood in a large office with a view of the London skyline at night.
       And who would be sitting at the glass desk filing her nails? 
       Why Tallulah Vengeance, of course.
       "Took yo long enough." she said, putting down the file and looking at us as though disappointed. "Six minutes and thirty two seconds. I am disappointed. And here I was, thinking you all wanted my head on a spike." she sighed theatrically.
       "Give Lynxia her memory back." Eve said, cutting straight to the point.
       "Astrid!" Tallulah exclaimed, using Eve's Taken Name. "what makes you think it was me?" she said with an innocent tone and round eyes.
        "Well," Zath said "Do you want all the facts?"
        Tallulah sighed and rested her elbows on the desk and placed her head on her hands. "No, not from you anyway. Linden?"
        "Linden?!" me, Sheldon and Flame said at the same time.
        Linden picked Sheldon' arm from around her shoulder and went and stood by Tallulah behind the glass desk.
        She shrugged.
        "Crime pays." she smiled.