Saturday, 2 February 2013

Damn internet!!

I'm sorry I'm not on much (that's an understatement, I know - I'm NEVER ON) but I do have a reason!! My laptop's internet is dead, Sally won't let me on the main computer because it's got all her work stuff on it and I can't post comment on my phone, disappearing ones or not. Anyway, I can still type posts on my phone but it takes FOREVER!! I'm on my phone now and it's taken 10 mins just to write this much!!! Anway, I have a little short for you. No real story, just something I came up with at 3am the other day!! Enjoy!! ;D (This is what you get when I listen to Sounless voice and Len's cover of Boulevard of Broken Dreams at the same time... [勝利のために鏡音レン] and playing Amnesia...)

       The girl ran around another tight, stone corner and nearly fell as the slashed rug caught under her feet. Another corridor lay ahead of her so she ran as she heard the laughing echo behind her. By now, she was panting, sweating and her jacket had been discarded long ago due to that fact. She stopped to catch her breath for her moment but the torches went out behind her, the darkness inching a little closer so she forced herself on.
       No matter which door she tried, they were all locked so she was forced to run through corridor after corridor in the maze of a castle.
       After hours she was weak, thirsty and visibly shaking. The girl had collapsed in a corridor, after twisting her ankle as she fled. "What do you want with me?!" she half choked, hald wheezed "Why won't you leave me alone?!"
       "I wish I could, but this is too much fun." The cloaked form of a woman stepped from the shadows, her skin was white, but only her jaw was visible under the black shoal, and her lips were blood red and smiling. Her voice was like two people talking at once - a bass note and a crackling high screech that sent shivers down the girls spine but for some reason didn't hurt her ears.
       "W- Why are you doing this to me??!" the girl shoked again, flattening herslef against the wall as the figure closed in.
       "Because they betrayed me. Broken promises. They offered so much but never gave. Their blood flows in your veins and for that you will pay. Everyone will."

Yeah, I know, it sucks but it was 3am, okay??

Lynxia x