Friday, 23 December 2011

Blood and Water, Chapter 8, Part 2 - Murder on the Dance Floor...

       Cole was sitting in the armored truck with nine of his best men with him. "How thick can you get?" roared Cole. He was happy. That new Fermido also contained a tracker and they were watching as Clare's dot moved towards Jon's room. "When she gets there she'll free him and they'll head back to the sails floor to warn everyone else and that's when we strike." They had gone over the plan many times and still found it funny she wouldn't save her own skin, I mean, they would.
       "But sir," It was the newest member of the Elite Squad, young but viscous. "What if she doesn't go back?"
       Questions like this really annoyed Cole. "Of course she'll go back. Wants to be a hero doesn't she!" They all laughed but stopped quickly in order to strike.
       Clare's dot reached the room's door...

What did I tell you? 

Lucky - another piece of the story. I've got to stop giving you two pieces in one day...

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  1. *bounces with excitement*
    You should stop giving me two pieces in one day we should go for three pieces :D