Saturday, 31 March 2012

Kai Oblivion

So Kai has drawn a picture and I decided to edit it on my computer. I think Zath is doing the same thing and it will probably be a whole lot better because I am terrible at computer editing... I won't deny it but anyway - here is the picture...

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Friday, 30 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 6, Part 2 - On The Road Again...

       Ivy pulled the metal spikes out of the man's legs and turned him to face us, his neck cracking as she twisted it. He gasped as the spikes came out as the electricity stopped. He looked at me. "You." he gasped hoarsely "You look like her!" I stood there as everyone else turned to me.
       "Look like who?" I asked.
       "Mistress Vengeance." he said.
       "I... Do?" I asked, cursing my lost memories.
       "Come to think of it, you do look a bit like her..." pondered Eve.
       "Yeah, you-" Nix started. But Ivy twisted the hostage's leg so he screamed.
       "Getting back to information." she said. She looked at the man in the chair. "Tell. them." she said firmly.
       He gulped. "Th-the old warehouse. On the dockland. Number fourteen. That's her warehouse and training ground. I work at the Sanctuary. She pays me as a spy. Just don't let her find me!" he was begging by the end. Tears rolling down his face. He was clenching his fists trying to get out of the barbed wire but it only made it cut him more.
       "What should we do with him? He's a little traitor. I say we kill him." said Robin looking at the man in the chair with disgust etched on her face.
       "I agree." said Zath and Eve together. 
       Nix nodded.
       Flame looked at Sparky and they shared a glance before both saying they agree.
       Nicholas and Sheldon were slowly backing out of the basement as Ivy started to smile.
       Everyone looked at me. "Well?" said Sparky. "Should we?" 
       "Not my call. You're the almighty magic-y people. Not me." I said shrugging.
       "Well we've all said we will anyway." said Ivy, sounding creepily eager to kill him "So I'll do it." She picked the metal spikes up off the floor and jammed them into the man's neck, oblivious to his pleas. She turned the voltage up to High then walked towards us. The man twitched in the chair until his eyes rolled back and he fell limp. Everyone walked out, following Ivy up the steps leaving me alone in the basement with the smell of burning flesh. 
       My head screamed at me that I should have stopped them.
       But my heart told me I had done worse.
       I followed the others out of the house and down towards the river...

He had to be killed, he was a traitor...

Update for Jakro...

Here is the IGG's logo...

Hope that's OK!

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sorry Val (!) and for future reference...

So, this is mainly for me to copy and paste from but here is my OC. Fresh and updated from the old one I posted way back in December...


Name: Lynxia Lost

Age: looks 14/15, is ???

Magic: Adept, Necromancy and bone breaking

Weapons: bow and arrow, 3 knives strapped to belt with lengths of 9cm, 11cm and 13cm.

Appearance: Waist length almost-black hair. Eyes have white iris's but often wears blue contacts in mortal world so as not to freak them out. Wears a stripy black and white top with black skinnys and deck shoes normally but if on a job wears black short sleeved polar neck made of unknown thin material (makes it light :) ) with white skinnys, bear foot.

History: Is the daughter of Tallulah Vengeance, a psycho who killed loads of people before being locked up. Unknown dad. When she was 6 she ran away to Necromancer Temple to train. However, when she was 10 she hit the High Priest because he degraded her in front of others. She then became apprenticed to Tesseract. Now that Tesseract is dead she has taken over his job and recovered his files and took on any awaiting work.

True Name Form: Lynxia's True Name form is Elaisse who is a heartless bitch who's only purpose is to make Lynxia's life Hell. Whenever Lynxia is thinking something you can bet that Elaisse is there doubting her and saying that if it fails then her friends will die. Naturally, Lynxia hates her. If Lynxia needs help then Elaisse is happy (well, as happy as you can be when you rejoice in killing your host's friends) to help but always tries to kill a friend in the process. More than anyone, she hates Zath as his True Name form is Nagier, the only person to ever fight against her and win - needless to say she loathes him and always wants to kill him. If ever Lynxia is about to be killed then she appears and kicks some ass until Lynxia claws back to the surface, also if Lynxia gets too angry to control Elaisse then she surfaces. However, some emotions do reach Elaisse so she has a slight crush on Nix and thinks of Robin and Sparky as sisters but she would never admit that killing them might cause her some pain. So, yeah, she lives to be powerful and thinks the only way to break Lynxia, making her the one in control, is to kill everybody she cares about.
Lynxia's reaction to all this? She goes bipolar.She feels that Elaisse being a very bad person is her fault and if Elaisse does anything bad she is to blame. She absolutely hates Elaisse and only lets her out if she has no other choice or if it is to save her friends. If she could she would kill Elaisse but she can't (Duh!) because they share the same body and such. Before she had the name sealed, she felt like she was lying to her friends and now she hates herself for it. She also feels like Elaisse has 'corrupted' her and that Elaisse is a weight that she has to carry all her life and nothing anyone can say will make her see that her and Elaisse are different people - she sees it as Elaisse is her but without friends. Sometimes, she wishes she was not magic and had had a normal life but she also loves all of the thrills that go with this life. She's a bit of a psycho, well, maybe more than a bit. She swings from extreme to extreme really. One minute she'll be laughing because she's just killed someone and evaded the police and the next minute she'll want to throw herself off a cliff. All of the bipolar-ness started once Elaisse had emerged for the first time.


So... There it is. Everyone who reads this has probably seen the power shots so you know vaguely what she looks like...

As for Val... Sorry. Only really saw the post today where you asked me for my OC. I'm SO sorry. Will copy and paste this on the 'Wow...' post. Hope this is OK...

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Monday, 26 March 2012

Sorry Eve and Poke-nerd-ness...

Okay, so when I did the last video on the post below I do believe I said your name wrong - or that's what you said on Derek's blog... So - NEW VIDEO!!! Again no picture, crap quality and this time I say it Ay-va. That right?

Okay... There's the video. See it? Don't see it? I can see it but some people say they can't, sorry...

And because I am a slight bit of a Poke-nerd. Here are some Pokemon related gifs. I got bored, don't judge and you know you loved that time in your childhood when some guy came up to you in class and this happens...

Random Child - Bet I have better Pokemon than you!
Me/You - I seriously doubt it.
RC - Why?! What do you have? A level 5 Pidgy? *laugh*
M/Y - No, I have a level 100 Arceus.
RC - *glares at you like BITCH!!!* *storms off*

Okay, so maybe I am a little sad for going to the convention in London, dressed up just so I could get said Pokemon but it is still really funny when that happens ^^^ Nobody can deny that...

In case you don't know Gary - it's Professor Oak's grandson and he always has to be better than you - he is pretty awesome though but that makes me hate him more...!

Grrr... Everyone hates Zubats and being in a cave with no more Repels...

Who likes Magikarp? Who invented it? When it evolves it's Golden God damn awesome but, seriously. Tackle at level 10? Why?

Inception is confusing... Took me a couple of viewings to understand! (Well, I say a couple - more like 7!!!)
Basically they have this thing to control dreams and you can appear in other peoples dreams and change them and blah blah blah... Darkrai makes it easier to understand. He controls dreams and nightmares. Full stop!

I'm still trying to understand this one. It's f***ing weird!!!

Finally, for my fellow Potter-nerds!

And aslo, before I forget, as we have gone sssooo far back on Derek's blog I still think we should leave the competition post free as Derek requested himself that we do not use it for idle chatter. I believe we should respect his wishes...

'Tis all! No story because I've had so much music-y stuff to do as of late, will right more over Easter holidays, but for now...

Lynxia x

PS - Just because I can I changed my Favicon to this... Let's hope t works...

Feel free to save it and set it as your Favicon and show some Poke-nerd pride!!!

PPS - I'm embracing my full nerdiness today, so...

^^^ My Fandom stuff! ^^^      XD

Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Poem for Nixion...

The water rushes, a calming sound,
Yet never as sweet when you're not around.
The trees here remind me of you,
Strong and tall, standing through and through.

I walk between the tangled roots,
I hear them crunch beneath my boots.
I appear in a clear, warm meadow,
I this where we had talked long ago?

I hear your voice, just a memory,
I try to remain standing calmly.
I can feel you arm around me again,
Will you come back? I don't know when.

I turn my face and there you are,
Standing tall against the stars.
You smile and look straight at me,
Just as it is meant to be...

Also, you wanted to know what I sounded like so here...

Again, so picture, just sound...

Really crap quality too. At one point I say Nagier and it sounds like Natier because of the phone... Sorry!   X(

Lynxia x

Saturday, 24 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 6, Part 1 - On The Road Again...

Mild torture scene in this. If you've ever seen the film Taken, it's a bit like that...

       I went back to the room I had woken up in and picked up the bow. It was a dark ebony and felt smooth in my hand. My fingers fitted perfectly with the grooves. I picked up the dark cloth quiver and strapped it to my back. It fitted against my spine like it had grown there. I knew now that I had been a good archer. I counted the arrows. Twenty five and another with a red crusted end. It looked like blood. I decided to ignore it but it still kind of made my skin crawl to think that probably wasn't my blood on there. 
       Just as I was about to open the door to get onto the landing my vision wavered and in stead I saw a man with frightened looking eyes and an arrow being aimed. Before I could get a good look, however, it faded and I realised that the picture I just saw must have been a memory. Something that the magic memory wipe had misssd. I resigned to think about it later and went downstairs. 
       The others were waiting in the hall andwere looking from Sheldon to Ivy. Ivy nodded and everyone linked arms. They let me into the circle and the room spun. I felt like I was being squeezed through a tube and then we were in an alley with people rushing about at either exit.
       I resisted the urge to be sick but Nicholas still through up. 
       "Will you stop that?" said Robin, more demanding than asking. "You do it every time!" Nicholas stared at Robin but didn't say anything. 
       He was a pale green and looked like he didn't want to open his mouth, just in case. 
       "So... Where are we?" asked Eve. Going to the end of the alley and sticking her head into the street so people glared at her as they moved round her.
       "London." replied Ivy, smiling evilly "We found a... Lead, you could say. He was reluctant to share information at first but soon got going." she chuckled darkly. 
       We all shared glances but decided not to say anything. 
       Ivy walked past Eve with purpose and weaved between the mortals carrying briefcases and dressed in suits. Many were talking on phones. The buildings that lined the streets were either old, red brick or shining, grey metal. We reached a squared old building in the outskirts of the main city and went in. 
       Inside it was damp and dark. There was barely any furniture but Ivy walked over to the power bow on the wall and pulled the leaver. Lights flicked on and a scream came up from the basement. 
       "Oops." Ivy shrugged "I guess I forgot to 'unplug' him." 
       "'Unplug?'" echoed Sparky but Ivy was already going down the steps. Down in the basement we all looked at the man in the chair. 
       He had metal spikes in his hands which were connected to the electricity. He was strapped to the chair with rusted barbed wire that had cut deep gashes in his skin. His face was slick with sweat and he looked half starved. A little water dripped through a tube into his mouth. That was what had kept him alive five days. He was still screaming himself hoarse.
       Ivy walked over to him and he looked at her in horror and stopped screaming and just gritted his teeth but she just smiled. "Tell my friends here what you told me and I might think about letting you go." she said sweetly.

Don't forget to click the buttons! I don't need to put a question here any more, so weird...

Anyway, this post is dedicated to Nix because it is his birthday on Tuesday and I don't know if I'll have time to post so...


*hands over giant cake*

That's all...

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Friday, 23 March 2012

Happy Hunger Games!!!

And may the odds be ever in your favour...

^^^  Wow, I just sounded like someone from the Capitol... Heh heh heh...    :P

So... I went to see it after school and it was EPIC!!!

At nearly 3 hours long they got most of the stuff from the book and if you have read it, GO AND SEE IT!!!

If you haven't read it, GO AND SEE IT ANYWAY!!!

Anyway, me, Caroline and Tamara turned up in full fancy dress. I was a Peacekeeper, Caroline was a mocking jay (yes, she actually went dressed as a bird!!!) and Tamara went as Katniss. So we turned up in full fancy dress and everyone was looking at us like 'WTF???' until one girl who had gone to the showing before us saw me and ran. I laughed... Ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, you want to see some awesome pictures? You know you want to...

That is a stick man picture. It is amazingly awesome. This one is more finished...

I will get one of it when it is more finished. See what you can pick out of the picture though...

Hint: Iron Man and Pac-man are there...


Gentlemen Eye!!! It has a moustache, top hat and walking stick...

This was Tamara's Valentine's Day poem in French (^^ translated with pics), she took that in stead of German which me and Caroline took.

It says...

'You are my tar grill, and my water of strategy.
You are my cactus selotape, my unleaded petrol.
You are my irritating toilet,
My stainless steel sink.
You are a bucket, my love.'

It rhymes in French but English... It's just weird...

And because I was bored in Maths and we were using calculators...

That is all for now...

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 5, Part 2 - Love's Twisted Heart...

In answer to your question Lorelei, it was leather so it was obvious it was magic. Or maybe it wasn't that obvious then.....

       Over the course of three days the others made different attempts to retrieve my memory. Robin's were jumping out from a cupboard and screaming 'BOO!' and hitting me over the head with a wooden plank. They didn't help. I heard Sparky saying one evening to a troubled Eve that they were wasting time and should just go. I was starting to get incredibly annoyed. Nobody was saying anything to my face, always behind my back. Everyone tried talking to me about simple things though, food, their day - well, everyone except Nix. Every time I saw him we would lock eyes for a moment and then he would walk away. I had caught him a few times about to knock on the door when I was actually on the stairs but he never did.
       As the fourth day passed I was ready to do anything to get out of the house so I went to see Sparky in the study. She sat there looking through a thick book with frail, yellowing pages. She turned round as I came in. "What is going on?" I asked, keeping eye contact "I want to know everything. This magic you talk about. What I was like and what the Hell a Necromancer is." I took the other chair and sat.
       She sighed. "You're not gonna leave until I tell you are you?" she asked.
       I shook my head.
       She sighed again. "Fine. Lynxia, you were, well are, a really good friend..." And she went on. She explained how we had met in somewhere called Blogland. She also explained my past, or what she knew. How I had grew up in a Necromancer Temple and trained in the Necromancer art. Then she said that I had hit the High Priest and became apprenticed to an assassin named Tesseract who had taught me the Adept discipline of bone breaking. She went through books as well telling me things I had known and lots of different stuff that I seemed to absorb. She didn't, however, touch on the subject of me and Nix. Maybe I had imagined that conversation I had heard but this still did not explain why Nix wouldn't talk to me.
       "So, how can I still do Necromancy and this bone breaky thingy when I can't remember them?" I asked.
       "Because the Surge locked you into the powers. Try it. Form a fist in front of you and think about the shadows curling round it." Sparky replied.
       I tried it.
       My hand became laced in curling and coiling streams of shadows. Dense enough to break something but light than air. It was an odd feeling.
       I stared at Sparky. "How - how can I do this?" I stammered.
       Sparky pulled back the left sleeve of my striped top and there on my wrist was a black bracelet with silver beads on it. The shadows seemed to jump from one bead to another like they were alive. I laughed. "I don't think I should try out the other thing though." I said, forming shadows into different shapes.
       "I think you should." she pulled out a chicken bone. "Eve let me have a leg." she said shrugging. Then her eyes grew wide Oh, you wouldn't remember. Eve eats live chickens."
       "Live?!!" I asked.
       Sparky nodded. Then held out the bone. I touched it and it broke in to two halves. "Wow." I breathed staring at my finger, to the bone and then to my finger again.
       Sparky smiled. "Well that's it. I've told you everything I could think of so," she smiled a little wider "We can hit the road and track down Vengeance."


I need to get a 'like' and 'dislike' button - I really do...

I've just been through and I can only add a 'Like?' button because I don't know how to add more buttons... I'm sure I'll find out how soon...

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Monday, 19 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 5, Part 1 - Love's Twisted Heart...

So this is one of the more sad parts. Nix, in this part you're... Well I can't describe it. Hysterical? Maybe you could say that but not hysterical funny. But, just read...

       After the meeting in the kitchen/dining room I went back upstairs while the others talked. Bits of conversation floated up to me. Stuff about magic, words I couldn't understand and and me forgetting everything. I heard the front door open a number of times, probably the others going to get more 'leads' as Robin had said. Robin had come to see me again, back in that plainly furnished room and asked me questions like 'What was my favourite colour?' and 'When had I first fired my bow?'. All of the answers were a series of 'I don't knows's and Robin went back downstairs. I looked at the bow propped against the wall. I realised this must be mine and a sense of longing drifted through me.
       Later, when the sky had turned deep indigo, I realised I was hungry. I went down to the stairs. Some of the others were still out but I hoped at least one person was still in who I could ask. I went to the kitchen door and pressed my ear against it to hear if anyone was in there. 
       "Just calm down Nix." it sounded like Flame.
       "Don't tell me to calm down! I hoped that we might get back together, but how can that happen now her memory is gone? Hmm?" Nix sounded angry, hurt and miserable.
       "Maybe she had moved on by the time she had come to get you. It has been nine years remember." Flame said in a calm voice.
       "I know that, but I still love her and I hoped she still loved me." he replied, in a forced-calm monotone.
       "And I'm sure she does. And as soon as she gets her memory back you'll be the first person she runs too." said Flame.
       "And what if she has moved on?" asked Nix, in nearly a whisper.
       "Then we'll deal with that when we come to it but for now, let's focus on getting Lynxia's memory back, shall we?" replied Flame soothingly. Something stirred in the little memory I had. Robin had called me Lynxia. 
       They were talking about me.
       I ran back upstairs and into the plainly furnished room, all thoughts of hunger lost. I dropped onto the bed. Nix loved me and I had loved him. Should I tell them I heard? No, they would think I was spying on them. But would I be able to look at Nix now? Now I knew the truth, I didn't think I could.
       I felt like crying but something told me that was not the kind of thing Lynxia did. And after all, I was Lynxia. Or at least I had been.
       When my door opened later and Robin stepped in, I rolled onto my side, faced the wall and refused to talk.

I told you some of it was a bit sad... 
This part isn't very long but dramatic and a little linking part. Very important!
I also have no draft for this so I'm constantly rewriting so the plot may change half way through and totally shock you. I'll try not to but I'm just making this up as I go. So unlike me...

Anyway, are you getting the 'Conflicting Errors' page when you try and comment on Derek's blog? I am and it's really starting to annoy me!

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 4, Part 2 - Happy Families...

       I woke to a blinding light coming through the window. "Come on Shads, time to get up." A woman with red her stood over me. She was smiling like we were old friends.
       "I'm sorry, do I know you?" I asked, completely puzzled.
       "Come on Shads, we don't have time to play games. Ivy and Sheldon came back with some leads." she said and pulled me out of bed.
       "Who are you?" I asked again then thought about it and asked "Who am I?" I couldn't remember a thing, only that I'd woken up fully dressed and in a room somewhere.
       The woman's smile faded then disappeared all together. "Lynxia, don't play this game" she was shaking her head now.
       "What game?" I said, again very confused. Then another woman appeared in the doorway. She had brown hair.
       "What's taking so long? All you had to do was wake her up." she was looking at the woman with red hair.
       "Sparky, she says she can't remember me, where she is or even who she is." her voice shook as she said this.
       The one named Sparky looked at me. "Lynxia? Do you remember me?" she asked calmly, yet slightly commanding.
       I shook my head. "She's been wiped." Sparky said. "Come on." she grabbed my hand and lead me down stairs. The downstairs had creamy walls and a dark wood floor. Doors led to different rooms while we went to the back of the house into the kitchen and dining room. The floor was black stone, the walls white and with orange oak cabinets and table with chairs. At the table sat five men and two women. One woman had black hair and pale skin and her eyes were a deep indigo. The second had pointed teeth and claws instead of finger nails. She had short brown hair.
       The closest of the men had black hair that was slightly long and a tired look about him. The second had bright orange hair and blue eyes. Next to him was a brown haired man with dark eyes. Then one who seemed to shrink away from the brown haired one. He had sandy hair and a stud in one ear. Next to him was a faded looking spindly man with light brown hair. They all looked up as we came in.
       "Lynxia, glad you could join us." said the orange haired man. They all seemed startled when I didn't reply.
       "Someone's wiped her memory." Sparky said. I sat down feeling nervous while the others looked at me. Sparky and the red haired woman sat down as well. "This is Eve," she pointed to the one with short brown hair "Ivy," then to the woman with black hair "Zathract," the man with black hair "Flame," he nodded his head "Nixion," he smiled slightly "Nicholas," the one with sandy hair jumped at the mention of him name "Sheldon," Sparky had a slight distaste in her voice as she said his name "And I'm Sparky and that's Robin."
       I blinked.
       "Don't you remember any of us?" asked the woman named Eve.
       I shook my head.


Saturday, 17 March 2012

We all know this website because of its awesomeness and now I have joined! I will try and upload new lolz when I can but for now... Here are a few I made earlier...

My key.  Don't make me mad... 

I was never actually there... I'm a figment of your imagination... 

If Dog wants this spot,  He'll have to go through me! 

OMG!  Did I really do that with Ash last night?!? 

Take one.  I dare you... 

They're what I've made so far. Like?

Anyway, here is the like to my page there....


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One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 4, Part 1 - Happy Families...

So, I lasted around a week with a few slips, not very good. However, I am back and to say sorry for leaving - some more fan fic...

       "So..." Sheldon said "Do we have a leads but more importantly - can we crash first?" he yawned to emphasise his point.
       "No, not me and you Sheldon. We're going to England. We'll get the leads." said Ivy.
       "What? You a teleporter too?" he sounded shocked.
       "No, but I can." Ivy teleported behind Sheldon and back again in blobs of blue light. Sheldon stared but Ivy poked him and disappeared so he followed suit.
       "Can we crash though?" yawned Robin.
       "It's morning." Sparky exclaimed.
       "Not in England." Robin in grumbled. "Please?" she whined. 
       "Fine, I guess we can crash at our place." Sparky said.
       "Hold up!" We all looked at DI Daniels.
       "What?" said Flame impatiently.
       "You told me not to ask questions but I can't help it! What the Hell can you do. I want to know." he was looking at us all and pointed at Flame.
       Flame sighed. "Control of the Elements, leans towards fire."
       "Control of electricity." said Sparky "Also I can make you think what I want, only mild though. Some people can do it in a stronger form but..." Sparky trailed off.
       "Control of the Elements, again, leans towards fire. Also have a sword that I keep my aura in." Robin.
       "Bone breaking. I touch you, your bone breaks. Simple" Said Nix.
       "I'm not telling you!" Eve said, looking shocked. 
       Zath rolled his eyes and said "Elemental."
       "Necromancy, control of shadows," I said at Nicholas's face "Bone breaking like Nix too and a sigil on my arm with which I control my cats, they also share my memories and are impervious to magic of any kind."
       "You still have them?" Flame asked, arching an eyebrow. I nodded.
       Robin yawned half way through asking Nicholas if he would shut up now so we made are way back towards Sparky and Flame's house. Inside it had a polished dark wood floor with yellow-white plastered walls. It had a curved staircase upwards and we all climbed. The house had many spare bedrooms so we had one each. Mine was simply furnished and with calm colours. I was exceedingly tired so I flopped on the bed and just managed to pull the covers over me before sleep snatched me away... 


In my dream, a woman stepped out of the mist and smiled at me. I knew the face.
       "Vengeance." I said.
       "Is that anyway to great your mother?" she chided "Do I get a hug. You've grown so much since I sore you last which was... When? When you were... Seven was it?" she said calmly.
       "Six. Now what do you want?" Her dark brown hair swirled around her like she was in water. She had the hair and skin I had inherited but her eyes were a deep green.
       "You know too much. I need to make you forget." she smiled like they were discussing their day, not memory wiping.
       "But I've told the others. Wouldn't you have to zap them too?"
       "No. They don't know me like you do. They think I'm erratic but you can see the method behind the madness. I made the mistake of trying to train my own child as my apprentice but, well... We can see how that ended. You ran away to a Necromancer temple then left there to apprentice a Russian assassin." She shook her head the carried on "The only other who might suspect is that Mr Strange but I took care of his memory a while ago." she chuckled while I stepped back in shock.
       "That was you?" I gasped.
       She nodded. "Mm-hmm. I tried to brain-wash him into my apprentice. I chose to force him into bone breaking. He would be your perfect enemy. However, it didn't work. Such a shame." her head bowed slightly. "So now I am just avoiding death. I am coming ever closer. Being an Adept it is almost too easy." she chuckled again "And still I need to get rid of you." she sighed and went on in a calm, commanding voice "Lynxia Lost, my only child. You will fall asleep when I say and when you wake - you will remember nothing. Only survival instincts will remain. Now, sleep." she faded away into the mist waving.
       I wanted to protest, to call out but I couldn't. My head went fuzzy and sleep came, bringing with it a wave of amnesia...

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 3, Part 6 - The Old Gang...

       We appeared in Sydney. "How did you know to come here?" I asked. 
       Sheldon looked at Ivy.
       "You kept in touch?" I asked.
       "I got a few letters. The sending address was from here." I looked up. There were storm clouds over our heads. Currents of dark grey and black. Rain started to fall as I looked at the house. It had its back to the Parramatta river and behind it I could see the opera house. It had white washed walls with a neat front garden with carefully cut bushes and tidy flower beds. The path was made of gravel and led to the big wooden front door and the double garage to the side. 
       I led the way up the path. The door, I noticed, was made of mahogany with a large, ornamental silver knocker. Three white marble steps led up to it. I put one foot on the first step when the door opened. Out stepped a smart looking man in a black silk suit but without a jacket. He had a black leather umbrella under his left arm and locked the door with his right. He turned and looked at us all. His eyes were a deep blue. His hair a bright orange. His skin pale. The face looked slightly grim, and some stress lines were on his brow. That face could only belong to one person.
       "Um..." Flame Phoenix said.
       "Phoenix!" Eve shouted and tackle-hugged him. The umbrella went flying and landed on the ground. Eve got up and Zath helped up Flame.
       "Good to see you." Flame said and shook hands with Zath and Nix. He looked at Ivy, scowled slightly but shook her hand anyway. He hugged Robin, spared a look for Sheldon and DI Daniels and finally looked at me. "Well, what a merry bunch this is, Lynxia." he said giving me a hug.
       "Yes, well. It's important." I said, still averting the big question that hung in the air.
       "Can I ask what it is?" he asked the Question.
       "Not until we find Sparky." I said.
       "Not to hard to find any more, given her job and all. She left just a few minutes ago." Flame said, opening his umbrella. "She should be there by now."
       "Where does she work?" I asked.
       "Sanctuary. Come one. I'm going there now. We'll all go see her. If we can get an appointment..." he mumbled the last sentence.


We reached a corner shop and went down the alley. There Flame pressed him hand against a brick and a panel opened in the floor. We went down to find an orange stone lobby lit by wall brackets. Five different corridors led to other parts. A skinny woman with her brown hair tied in a bun walked up. She wore a black dress suit and carried a black clipboard. 
       "Detective Phoenix," she said "You've brought... Visitors." she looked at the rest of us like muck. Me and Robin had to hold Ivy back. 
       "They would like to see Grand Mage Braginski." Flame said.
       "And do they have an appointment?" she said looking at her clipboard.
       "No, Flame. Not they, we. You're coming too." I said.
       "I have work to do." Flame said walking down a corridor.
       Robin ran after him and pulled him back in a headlock. "We need you on this, what did you call it Shads? Oh yeah, mission. We need your help and we haven't teleported round the world for you to say no." She let him go but carried on glaring, making sure he wasn't going to run.
       "Well, if you join these... People, I might be able to fit you in." the Administrator said, looking at Flame.
       He nodded. "OK, I'm with them." The Administrator sighed and walked down a corridor, we all followed.
       Nix sidled up to Flame. "So, that's yours and Sparky's place right?"
       Flame nodded.
       "You should have seen Nix's place. Total dump." I said and got a glare from Nix in return. Flame cracked a grin.
       "I can imagine." he said and got glared at by Nix as well.
       We reached a large oak door. The Administrator pushed it open and ushered us inside. It was a circular room with a grey stone, domed ceiling. The floor was a sheet of shining white and the walls were mirrors. at the other end of the room was a kind of stage with three thrones on it. In the centre throne sat Sparky Braginski. On her left was a dark skinned woman with floor length blonde hair and piercing green eyes. On Sparky's right was a man with grey hair and a short grey beard. He had brown eyes and frown lines on his brow. 
       "Wow." Sparky said "I never thought I'd see you all again." she got up and came down to us, hugging us each in turn. Including Ivy. 
       "Grand Mage Braginski. Where are your robes?" The Administrator asked. The other two Elders were wearing theirs but Sparky wore skinny jeans, a purple vest top covered by a black check shirt with black boots. Her Makhaira was strapped to her belt. 
       Sparky shrugged. "I hate those things." she said and turned back to us as the Administrator started to speak. "Why are you all here?" she asked. Everyone looked at me.
       "Tallulah Vengeance is back." Everyone except Nix gasped "I got hauled in for questioning and they placed some photos of my victims in front of me. Only one of them bore the mark of Vengeance."
       "That's not good." Sparky said.
       "Damn." said Flame.
       "Dear Goddess of Wisdom!" Robin said making a sign over her heart.
       "Uh oh." said Ivy and Eve.
       "What should we do?" asked Zath.
       "Hello? Will anyone tell me who Tallulah Vengeance is?" asked Nix. Everyone looked at him. "What? I was locked up as a child, remember!"
       "Well," Eve said "Tallulah Vengeance was around when we were probably around eight or nine. Our parents fought with her but she was also a big killer. She would go after anyone she wanted to. No reason needed. If she didn't like your name, she killed you." Eve finished with a shrug.
       Nix stood looking stunned.
       "So what? You're gonna jump in and fight her? Whole armies couldn't kill her. If she's back I need to prepare the Sanctuary and you two," Sparky pointed at Flame and Zath "Aren't going either. We'll need all the help we can get now." she said. Everyone was stunned.
       "No," Zath said "If Eve's going then I go to. I know where my priorities are." He put his arm round Eve's waist.
       "Sparky, we need to help. Lynxia, where was the body?" Flame asked. I looked at DI Daniels.
       "Where was the body of Helen Merritan found?" I asked him.
       "Uh... Uh... Merritan? Derby, I think." he stammered.
       "Well we need to prepare then. She's not here yet, we have time." Sparky said, sounding urgent.
       "So what? Leave England to die? We need to help them!" Flame held Sparky's hands in his own. "I know you're doing what's best for Australia but what about the rest of the world?" He looked in her eyes.
       Sparky took a deep breath. "OK, let's go."
       "But-" The Administrator started to say something but Sparky put a finger to her lips.
       "Sssh we're about to save the world."

Eh, eh?

As we all know from Derek's blog this Kony 2012 thing is happening on the 20th of April! I'm supporting them, don't know about you but I am. Watch out boating club...

In case you haven't seen the video... Here it is...

That's all for now...

Lynxia x

Monday, 5 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 3, Part 5 - The Old Gang...

I dedicate this to my readers. Mostly Nix and Zath...

Nix - Come back soon. 1 day a week... Tut tut.
Zath - Why threaten something like that?!!!

       We teleported to America. We appeared on a cliff under a cloudy sky and a dark grey ocean. Over on a cliff to our right was a large building. It looked like the typical prisons from films. Grey, made of cinder blocks, watch towers, big walls with barbed wire on top and the big gates and forest of dead looking trees surrounding it. The flood lights were searching the grounds. I turned to Sheldon. "Is it a mortal prison?" I asked.
       He nodded. "I don't know why she'd be here but I can just tell." We started walking up to the gates. I covered us in a veil of shadows so they couldn't see us, kind of like camouflage. Robin snapped the old fashioned padlock with a flick of her sword and we went in. I laced the shadows around the perimeter so we could move freely and started up the winding road. Nix went off the road and onto the field. "I'm as quick as a shadow and as free as a bird." he spoke in a fake-hoarse voice and ran. He stopped and did a sort of karate pose.
       I rolled my eyes and Eve said "And that's a bomb in front of you." she pointed to a slightly raised pile of earth and the smile that was inching onto Nix's face vanished.
       "Bomb?" he almost squeaked, staring at the pile of dirt "How can you tell?" he was whispering now, like it was a sleeping bear.
       "Not really!" Eve said "I'm just messing. It's a mole hill, silly!" we all laughed and Nix stuck his hands in his pockets, glared at us and walked behind us mumbling.
      We kept to the path all the same. When we reached the main building, Zath climbed through the window. We heard a few grunts and banging heads and the doors creaked open. We walked inside to find Zath hiding guard bodies under the guard desk and eating one of the doughnuts from the box on the table. "What?" he said "I like sugar coated."
       We laughed again and even Nix smiled a little. Zath clicked his fingers and a flame appeared in his hand. I raised an eyebrow. "You chose Elemental, then?" I said.
       "Yeah, it's helpful." We walked behind Zath and watched as our shadows danced on the walls. Cells were lined up and numbered and thin, metal staircases rose to meet catwalks above our heads..
       "Right," Robin said "How are we going to find Ivy in a place like this?" she said.
       "Good point." me and Eve said at the same time.
       "Split up?" Nix said going to the closest staircase. "There's five floors and five of us. I'll take top." he said and started going up.
       "Great, leave out me and the mortal. We won't help then." said Sheldon and him and DI Daniels stood by the staircases.
       "I'll take third." I said, completely ignoring Sheldon, and went up after Nix. From below I heard Eve say she'd take ground, Zath say he'd take first and Robin second. I reached the third floor and looked round. A sign indicated the male half and female half. I turned left onto the female rows and looked through each.
       I heard a fight down below. Guards, I'd forgotten the guards! "Nice you warned us, Shads!" shouted Zath. None seemed to be on my level. That was strange but when I got to cell marked 4H I knew why. In there was Ivy Animosity. There was something about this cell that made me feel hopeless. No wonder there were no guards.
       I opened the door with the shadows and went in. Ivy was curled in the corner, staring at the wall. She looked at me with dead eyes as I came in. "Ivy? How you doin'?" I asked. Sitting on the floor beside her.
       "Fine. I like my cell. All mine. Now, anyway." I didn't want to know what the 'anyway' was so I moved on.
       "Why are you in here? You wouldn't be here if you didn't want to be." I said looking at her. She was wearing normal clothes unlike the other prisoners.
       "I got bored. Killing got boring. Same thing over and over. The same screams, the same begging. It all just... Got... Dull."
       "Well we're doing something new. New challenge, just like the old days, you know? Robin, Zath, Nix and Eve are here. We're gonna get Flame and Sparky and then go on a... Mission. Want to come?" I could see the proposition taking root in her mind. Her eyes widened and then the old murderous twinkle returned.
       "Heck yeah!!!" she jumped up. She pointed her hands at the wall and blue light exploded onto it. "Yeah, I still got it." She licked her finger, touched it to her head and went tsss.
       We ran into the corridor. Jumped down the staircases and everyone else grouped round trying to hug Ivy but ended up having to wave instead. Lots of guards lay unconscious on the floor, in various states of being beaten up.
       "Flame next. Let's go!" They cheered and grabbed Sheldon's arms...

Sunday, 4 March 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 3, Part 3 - The Old Gang...

       We took Nix's car, which had a mysterious red stain on the dash board, out on to the country roads. Nix spoke to me whilst driving. "So where have you been all these years?" he asked.
       "Around." I said. He knew what I meant because he'd used that word when we asked him where he had been when he was a serial killer.
       "So, I see Sheldon's squirmed his way in-"
       "Hey!" came Sheldon's voice from the back.
       "-but who's the other guy?" Nix asked glancing at DI Daniels in the mirror.
       "I'm Nicholas Daniels. Who are you?" said the DI before I could respond.
       "I'm the person who's gonna have their fist in your face if you speak to me like that again. Got it?" growled Nix, turning round whilst still driving.
       The DI nodded and looked out the window. "Where are we going?" I asked Nix.
       "Zath and Eve's place. They live in the country and Zath does off-the-beaten-track jobs for the Sanctuary." he said, taking a right past a black lake and into a forest.
       "You kept in touch?" I said.
       "No, but when I last got arrested I looked at the papers in the filing cabinet after knocking out the guard." he cracked a grin. I shook my head, rolled my eyes and looked out the window. The trees were flying past. We'd been travelling the whole night. I could see a grey tinge on the horizon of the plains when the forest ended. We were travelling through farm land now. No artificial orange light like in the city. Just the light from the moon, the scattered stars and the greyish line on the horizon. Just when I was starting to nod off an outline of a farm house appeared in the middle of a field. Nix took a left onto a tight lane and drove through the fields. At the back of the house I could see an over-large chicken pen. 
       Yes, this is Eve's place, I thought.
       We pulled up by the house and I went to the door. It was red with a brass knocker. I knocked twice and I heard a shot gun click behind the door. "Who is it?" Eve's voice called sing-song like behind the door.
       "Lynxia Lost and Nixion Strange." I called back.
       "Miss me out then." grumbled Sheldon.
       "OK, I'll open the door." The locks clicked and the door opened. I ducked and used the shadows to snap the axe that came down. Eve looked at me and smiled showing her pointed teeth. "Yes, you are Lynxia." She came up to me and hugged me. "Shads! Good to see you!"
       "Is it them?" came Zathract Mist's growl from upstairs.
       "Yes, it is. You can come down now." Eve called back. Zath appeared at the top of the stairs putting on a jacket the wrong way round. He noticed and righted it. He came down and stood in front of Nix.
       "Nixion." Zath said.
       "Zathract." Nix said. They shook hands. "Long time buddy." Nix said.
       "Yes, a very long time." They stopped shaking hands.
       Eve shook her head. "Men. You don't know the meaning of the word hug do you?"
       Zath decided to ignore that and elbowed Nix in the stomach when he tried to respond. He turned to me. "Why are you here? It's been nine years, round about, and suddenly you turn up on our door step with Nix, a should-be-dead teleporter and a mortal. What's going on."
        "I can't tell you now. We need to find the others first." I looked away and could feel the looking at each other. Eve decided to break the silence.
        "Who's next then?" she asked whilst doing the awkward Nyan Cat.
        "You're in?" I asked, shocked.
        "Yup, now - who's next?"
        "Robin." I replied.

Yay! Lots of fun and violence to come!

I've been begged for Part 4 so here it is, to me it just seems to be lacking something... If you think so too tell me - it's getting on my nerves!

       When Eve had said goodbye to the chickens that ran away from her, everyone linked arms. "I feel so stupid" Sheldon said.
       "Nobody cares." snapped Zath.
       "Humph. England here we come." Sheldon replied and we found ourselves standing on a moor with the sun going down. Down the moor was a valley. And at the bottom, fighting a demon, was Robin Snowscar. Her sword was out and just as we landed she killed the thing and it crumbled into ash. She turned, wiped her red hair out of her eyes and stared. We walked down to her. She was standing by some boulders with the new ash pile at the bottom.
       "Robin Snowscar!" I laughed. "Where've you been." we hugged.
       "Here and there." she laughed back and hugged Eve. "Same question to you." she went to hug Nix and Zath but they stepped back and looked at her sword warily. "Men." she muttered.
       "Places." I said and smiled. It had been a long time since I had seen Robin. She had been one of the first people I had met when I had gone to Blogland and had definitely been one of my first friends.
       "So why are you all here?" she asked looking round at us all.
       "Lynxia won't tell us." Eve said watching Nicholas stagger back to the group after being sick again.
       Robin turned to me. "What is it?" she asked.
       "I need the others otherwise we'll fail. I'm sorry." I said.
       Robin shrugged. "Okay but I want to be the first to know." she said.
       "So you'll come with?" asked Nix elbowing Sheldon so he'd stop staring at Robin.
       "I will but I'll need to leave a message." Robin said looking through her pockets.
       "Who for? There's nobody out here." said Nicholas.
       "Yeah, no mortals but those ashes are gonna go back in a few minutes." she said pulling out some paper "Have any of you got a pen?" Robin asked.
       Zath pulled out a green pen and handed it to her. "Who is the message for?" he asked.
       "The Sworn. Otherwise..." she shivered "I've got no idea what would happen. I'm their leader, they need me." She finished writing and placed the note on the ashes. She stepped back and the ashes vanished in purple fire. "I hope they'll be OK." she muttered.
       "What... What, how'd you.... What?!!!" DI Daniels was looking at where the ashes had been with an open mouth and staring eyes.
       "Just accept it. No question, just accept it." Nix said clapping him on the shoulder.
       "So, Shads, you said you were getting everyone back together. Who's next" Robin said, coming back to the group.
       "Ivy Animosity, know where she is?" I said, hoping we could get a trail.
       "Last I heard she was in some prison called St. Anne's in America. We could try there." Robin replied.
       Great, I thought, a prison break....

Saturday, 3 March 2012

From Sims 2 into a story! Hope you guys like!

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 3, Part 1 - The Old Gang...

       I turned and ran to my door. I opened it and found myself face-to-face with DI Daniels. He looked like he'd ran all the way here and was in a mess.
       I glared at him.
       "What do you want? If you're going to try and arrest me again, don't bother."
       "I've... They've... They think... Me helped... You." he panted.
       "They think you helped me to escape?" I laughed "I don't need anyone's help."
       "They're on their... Way." he said, collapsing against the door frame.
       "Shit." The symbol on my wrist pulsed green, someone was in the perimeter. I grabbed his hand and shadow walked into an alley a couple of streets away. Mist and Night slinked up and DI Daniels turned and was sick on the side of a heavily graffitied building. I looked down the alley. People were walking to the sound of police sirens but no one looked down the alley. I pulled out my phone and dialled a number.
       "Hello?" came the voice at the other end.
       "Sheldon, get your ass here. Now." I said.
       "No can do, Lynx, old buddy." Sheldon said.
       "Sheldon, that wasn't a request. I'm calling in the favour. I saved your teleporting ass from the Diablerie now get up here."
       "I can't. I'm... Look I'm on a date on a warm Australian night, so no. Not now." he replied.
       "Wait. You're in Australia? Good. Round up the old gang. I want them all here."
       "We haven't seen each other in years, though. How would I know where to find everyone?" I seemed to be getting his attention now.
       "But my date!" he was whining now.
       "I don't care. Do it!" I snapped.
       "Who, exactly?" he asked, sighing with defeat.
       "Flame Phoenix, Sparky Braginski, Robin Snowscar, Ivy Animosity, Eve Azure, Zathract Mist and Nixion Strange."  I said. How many years had it been since the camping trip? Seven or eight. Possibly nine. We saw each other last then and had not spoken since. Would they still remember me? I wondered.
       "Right. I'll get you first." And as the phone went dead a spindly man appeared next to me. "Your hand my lady." I grasped his hand. Waved my hand to my cats who dissipated in the wind and grabbed hold of DI Daniels.
       "Go." I said and the world vanished to be replaced a few seconds later by a dark night and an over grown house. "Whose house is this?" I asked, totally shocked a friend would end up like this.
       "This was the last know dwelling of Nixion Strange." Sheldon said as DI Daniels through up in the bushes.

This is the story set a few years after the power shots. Referred to in the story as 'the camping trip'. This story is meant to be about how friends can be close but float away. Kind of sad in parts too...

OK, I'll give you Part 2 because I'm feeling generous...

       We walked up to the door and knocked. It started to crumble away where we had knocked. I walked inside to find it was dark. No electricity, but clean. Everything looked cared for - nothing like the Nix I remembered. We checked the kitchen, upstairs and finally came to the living room at the back of the house. The door was shut so I pressed my ear against it. 
       I heard scratching and mumbling. I pushed it open and there writing on a screwed up piece of paper by candle light on a desk, was Nixion Strange.
       I walked over and looked down at what he was writing. It made no sense. It was symbols I couldn't understand but it was not sigils. It was a lot of joined lines surrounded by different sized dots. He was still mumbling, unaware I was even there.
       "Nix?" I whispered. "Is that you?" I saw the candle had bite marks on it. I smiled at the time he'd swapped a photo frame for a candle. Was this the same one?
       "Nix?" I said louder. Sheldon and DI Daniels were now backing out of the room. "Nix, look at me."
       He glanced up at me and looked away. Then turned his head and looked straight at me. He remained silent.
       "Nix, we need your help." I said.
       He looked at me. He blinked once, twice. "Help." he repeated.
       "Yes," I nodded "Help. We need your help."
       "I no help." he said and turned away.
       "Yes you will." I gathered shadows and turned his chair to face me. "You will help."
       "NO!" he screamed and jumped forward. We clattered into the coffee table and I heard glass break beneath me. He was howling now, punching my face. He seemed to have forgotten his magic. 
       I grabbed his wrist and broke it and flipped him onto his back. I straddled him now. "You will help." I was panting now and he cracked a grin.
       "You've kept in shape." he smiled.
       I got off and helped him up. "I hate you." and I slapped him. He turned back to me with a red hand shape on his face.
       "Ow." he said. "Don't I get a hug?" he extended his arms.
       "No. People who play pranks don't get hugs. Go and clean up. Long night and day ahead." I said and pointed out of the room.

Had to put up Part 2, it's fairly funny.