Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Robin Snowscar...

So, it took me hours to finish. I started it in art as my teacher just said 'Hey, you need a break from drawing flowers. Do what you like.' I know! We just sat there like 'Um, OK...' and then started drawing what ever. My GCSE class is funny sometimes...

So, I got home and finished it and POOF! Here it is... I hope you like it! ◕‿◕

This will probably be the last picture I put on here - instead they'll go to my DeviantART account! 



That's all for now!

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Monday, 30 January 2012


Here I am doing you a favour! DO NOT GET A 'NEWBREED GIRL' BAG!

I got one for Christmas...

 And it broke within 2 weeks. I replaced it and got the same style, it broke within 1 week!

So I got another one, 
Newbreed Girl, and it broke - AGAIN! Within 1 week. They kept changing them at this shop as they are very nice but still! TO MUCH HASTLE! I now have a very good bag -

 This but on a bag! I ❤ it!

That's it for now...

Lynxia x

P.S. I had no control over where the pics were!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Crystal Darkflair, Robin Snowscar and Flame Phoenix. (WHO IS EATING MY APPLE!)

Just some pics I did of Flame's new story that I don't think he has named yet. I drew them when I was half a sleep so they're really crap! Oh well, see what you think...

 My new bracelet!

 Crystal Darkflair...

 Flame eating MY apple!

 Flame about to get hit by 
me because he threw me through a WALL!

 Robin Snowscar. Now you see why I 
don't normally do faces...

↑ Sorry! Some of them are to the side... ↑

But anyway - they're from Flame's new story. I did use some colour (so unlike me!) on Robin's hair and fire in her hand and from her sword to show she's, well, Robin, I guess...

Lynxia x

Friday, 27 January 2012

The Straight Jackets!

Look at the coat of arms I made for us! You like?

Thank you Sparky! Here is the coat of arms on the Straight Jackets site! 
Yes I am listening to the AMAZING My Chemical Romance on iTunes in the background as well as on Blogger! I can multi task!

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 3, Part 1 - Sometimes You Just Need A Quick Escape...

       Luca Salzar was a tall stocky boy in my year. He was very thick and thought he was the best. He leaned over me, looking down on me which I did not appreciate, with one hand on the white wash wall he had cornered me against. His black hair was greasy, his skin a horrible yellowy waxy colour and his eyes were brown, mud brown. His breath smelled like Mortal liquor. "What do you want, Luca?" I asked looking straight into his yellow face.
       "I want to ask you something." he said in a voice with a thick French accent.
       "Depends what it is." I replied making it very clear I dislike him.
       "Will you go out with me?" he said, his thuggish friends grunting with laughter.
       "Er, no." I said and ducked under his arm and started walking away.
       "Why not, Fia?" he said grabbing my arm. "We'd make a lovely couple." By now a crowd was forming.
       "One, Luca, I hate you. Two, I already have a boyfriend." I tried to get out of his grip but he held on closer.
       "I'm better than him though." he said smiling now. That's it, I thought. I brought in his arm, elbowed his stomach and pushed him away. He charged at me but I tripped him with ease. He came at me again and for some reason I knew what to do. I flung open my arms and a sonic boom rang around the plaza. Luca was swept back off his feet and landed with a heavy thud. He didn't get up. The crowd gasped. I felt a mixture of happiness and guilt. I stared at my hands. They looked normal but a haze seemed to be coming from them.
       Whispering broke out in the crowd. "How did she do it? She's under sixteen." I heard one say.
       "I know." replied their neighbour.
       "The Chains, some came through the chains." this sent vibrations of muttering through the crowd. It all stopped, however, when Mistress Pennyfeather showed up, quick as a flash.
       "Don't you all have classes to go to?" she barked. Everyone hesitantly turned and headed back to their next Lodge classroom. I started to go too but Mistress Pennyfeather placed a claw like hand on my shoulder. "Not you." she said almost kindly "You are ready."

Dum dum daa! What will happen? This I do wonder...

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 2, Part 2 - CWCA, Where Boredom Reins Supreme...

       Mistress Pennyfeather was a tall thin woman. Her white hair was tied into a bun held together with a butterfly clasp leaving only two strands of curled hair falling on either side of her face. Her eyes were a dark brown that was slightly fading due to cataracts. Her lips were pulled into a constant disapproving pout and her eyebrows always slanted inwards giving her a constant scowl as well. She was head mistress and she accepted no excuses If you were late by a second she would screech 'Detention!' before you could blink. Her voice was harsh and cold and she disliked everyone, no wonder she never got married. She tapped the microphone and spoke over the roar of the sea just beyond the cliff behind her. "Good morning students." she said, with a face like she was sucking a lemon.
       "Good morning Mistress Pennyfeather." we grumbled back at her.
       "Now that won't do." she said tartly "Good morning students." she repeated.
       "Good morning Mistress Pennyfeather." we chanted back, like the good little students we are.
       "Now, welcome back. I hope you had a nice holiday. I would like to say welcome back on this, fine" she said the word glancing at the sky " Winter Solstice." I know that you mortals have your big holidays in summer for the top half of the equator and winter for the bottom half, at least I think that's right - but who pays attention in HS (Human Studies) ? Certainly not me! Our big holidays are in the winter. Two months of relaxation! They don't even give us homework! "And as it is the Winter Solstice we must send our graduates to Raltazar to for fill their positions for the Arc Angel." she turned to the five girls and five boys standing behind her, on the edge of the cliff. She clapped her hands twice and spread them wide. Gold dust came from her hands, drifted around the graduates and became thick. When it blew away with the wind, they were gone. "And now to other important stuff. Madame Galeshaw has retired..." and the rest blurred. I paid very little attention and got up when everyone else did, got handed my timetable and went to my first class.
       My bag was fairly light because I didn't have any of my books but it did ring with bells. Every winter since I was four we had visited Earth for a one week holiday. Same place every year, did the same stuff. But if it's one thing about you mortals I adore - it's your voodoo dolls! You know the little ones you get on a key ring, made of wool with a bell on top. Well I got one of those each year and now I had thirteen. My latest one was 'Pin Head' and he looked like a skeleton with a bunch of pins in him. He was my second favourite. My favourite was the angel one. It had black hair, white wings, red dress and was crying. Her name was 'Scarlet'. I trudged over to Lodge Four for Latin class. We had the new teacher who had replaced Madame Galeshaw. Her name was Miss. Falton. "Hello." she said cheerfully and wrote the day's title on the board. Omnis diei vita. A translated it easily as Every day life. If it was one thing I'm good at, it's languages. I could speak our native Angita before I could walk, English, French and German before I was five. Latin, Ancient Greek and Spanish when I was seven. Everybody else sat there looking at muttering trying to figure it out while Miss sent the books floating out to us. I, personally, couldn't wait until The Chains were lifted. The Chains are when you are under sixteen so you can't use your powers but your powers can show, you can be good at something are a little will escape when you're angry or scared but all I'm good at is languages... You just have tolearn the theory and then have to practise in-job for two years under supervision, well, unless you were a Seeker. If you were a Seeker then you had no supervision, you were left to do what you saw fit. 
       I wrote my name on my book and waited. Miss. Falton called the register but stopped, as new teachers do, when they got to my name. "Oh." she said "I see we have a Latin named student in the class." Everyone turned, once again to me. "Can you say it then translate it for us?" she said, clearly trying to catch me out. 
       I sighed. "Fiducia Astrum Umbra. Trust Heaven's Shadow." I said in a voice that clearly stated that we'd been there, done that and got the T-shirt.
       "Very good." she said. "Are you fluent?" I felt like saying 'It's my name! Of course I know what it means!' but no. I like showing up the teachers. Even my peers enjoyed it. They could, now at least, understand most of what we were saying, after many times...
       "De cursus!" I said with mock horror. The class tried to conceal they're laughter, once more, at the look on our new teacher's face. It was shock mixed with jealousy. I doubt she ever met someone under sixteen who could string to Latin words together before. 
       "Bene, quod est bonum." she said, her lips becoming a pout.
       "Etiam, is iustus est." I replied smiling and leaning back. Miss. Falton was clearly marking me down as one to watch, I think she didn't like the fact I could speak Latin.
       Miss. continued to talk about Latin and how formal is different from casual and blah blah blah. 
       I gazed out of the window all through the lesson. I know! I'm a model student. I was looking at the sun dial in the main plaza, by the dorms. The shadow moved over onto the X meaning ten and the gong rang from Mistress Pennyfeather's office. I packed my bag and left before Miss. Falton could call me back. I was heading towards the HS department when I was cornered by Luca Salzar. Joy.

I dedicate this to Robin Snowscar as she is having the same kind of problem as me - only being able to comment on a select few blogs. So I know you can read this and just so you know, I'm still reading yours too! *hugs*

1)     Rabies Sceptrum , Nos Postulo Vos Haud Diutius Sanitas!    < This is my suggestion for the Straight Jackets moto! It means 'Madness Rules, We Need You No Longer Sanity!' 

2)     Otherwise I suggest this 'Furor Est Ars Sola Potest Ministros Domini' which means 'Insanity Is An Art That Only Minions Can Master'!
Will you vote on them? Please?

I've changed my picture again! *gasp*



 I think I like my new picture best...

Anyway, that's it for now! 

Lynxia x

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hatred can cause inspiration...

So I have this ginger maths teacher (that is not the hatred part, One of my best friends is ginger - I AM NOT A GINGERIST!) and he never explains ANYTHING! I'm bad at maths already, even though I'm in the top set which I don't understand(...?), and he is not helping! He gave us a surprise test today and gave us 5 minutes to answer, like, TWENTY questions! I hate him so much...

Name : Mr. May
Nick Names : Mr. April, Professor Ginger

So, I wrote a poem in maths to the tune of '1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4...' (You know the song, right?)

1 step,
2 step, 
3 step,
5 step,
6 step,
7 steps more.
Take an 8th and you will see,
Just how dangerous I can be.

You like it? I do! *hums tune*

Anyway... STORY TIME!

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 2, Part 1 - CWCA, Where Boredom Reins Supreme...

       Everyone had come to congratulate Ryan. He had loved it way too much. As if his ego needed any more inflation. We were sent back to our dorms and told to get some sleep for the morning assembly. When I woke the other four girls in my dorm where already awake. There were five girls and five boys in each year at Crested Wing Cliff Academy, CWCA for short. Our Angel population has never been high as each family can only ever have two children. Sometimes you get Angels who come from other countries with fairly large families, of which Tatiana was one, but the rumour was that an old curse was laid on our land so that each of our families could only have two. Nobody had been able to brake it. Some say even Gabrielle tried but not even his powers could do it. 
        I got up and did all my usual things, only when I finished drying my hair realise that I was now in the Gold Wing year. Our school has six years. First year is Stone Wing, then Steel Wing, then Bronze Wing, Silver Wing and then us, Gold Wing. I sighed. This year we had to start our pro-training for when we get offered our work experience later. I had no idea what I wanted to do and if you don't know then you get stuck with a sucky position as Demi or something. Demis were the people who had to stay in Raltazar, our city in the clouds, and just clean and work in the museum of artefacts we had influenced. It would be cool to be a Guardian but for that you had to be strong, my powers still hadn't shown so cross that one of the list, but a Seeker would be cool too, I guess. They were the elite who were sent out to try and find ways of lifting the curse. They hit it with they're powers or tried to weaken it with potions and other stuff. I'm doomed, I thought, I'm going to be a Demi! I grabbed my uniform and pulled it on, five minutes until the assembly.
       The uniform was a sky blue shirt with ruffles by the buttons for girls but no tie so we had our top buttons open, that wasn't against rules, a white skirt with no tights or shoes or anything for us and white trousers with no shoes for the boys. In my Bronze year a boy named Melten Von Draken had mastered making bed socks invisible and had given us all a pair. Probably my warmest year here on this stupid island. We had to have our wings out at school and the bullies favourite game was Pinch A Feather. This was when they would come up and pull out feathers and it hurt, a lot! Especially during moulting season where our wings were sensitive to loosing feathers so we knew what to compensate for. I opened the door and walked to the open air stands. Older siblings were meeting younger ones to sit in alphabetical order like we had to. I sat on my own. I had no siblings, my mother had disappeared after I was born. My father had always said he came to look at me and when he went to see my mother, she was gone. He had remarried but by then he was to old to have any more children. I didn't hate Seren but she could be annoying with all her optimism and happiness, CONSTANTLY!  
       Everyone fell silent. I looked at the stage and groaned.
       Mistress Pennyfeather was walking on to it.

I quite like this one. Not as depressing as B&W but still fairly depressing, don't ya think?

Last plea of the day...


Change the style back! The blogs are dying! We all hate it! There is no more competition to be first which is always really funny! People hate it! Look at Derek Landy's blog! Not 3000 comments any more! Just over 300! Where's the other 0? Everyone has gone! You have destroyed it! Maybe the whole 2012-end-of-the-world thing was not the world but Blogger world! It is dying! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!

A little rant is always fun...

Lynxia x

Monday, 16 January 2012

Ingestre and amazing ideas...

So, all weekend I have been at Ingestre hall doing music and having fun! It's in the middle of no where in the Midlands. Maybe one of you out there was there... But it was fun, we dubbed it - Ingestre, Hogwarts for Muggles! Because of all it's secret passage ways and stuff... It's good!

So, as you will all know - Blood and Water has finished. I know, it's terrible. *comforts Robin* But I do have an idea for a sequel called 'Me, Myself, and the Gun at My Head' which is going to be very fun but I'm still drafting it. However to fill the void I will be doing a story called 'The Wilting Rose' it is about evil angels and Hell and lots of good gothic things that I find interesting... So, here it is I guess...

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 1 - Love's boundaries...

       It had been two months. I stood on the cliff edge looking out at the cruel sea. He had promised and now he was an hour late. Typical. You could not trust Ryan with anything. The wind rustled the trees around me and grazed my back. I was itching to spread my wings but I needed to wait. Suddenly the ground behind me trembled and in a flash of golden light Ryan was standing there. Blonde hair swept back of his face which was slightly tanned with dazzling emerald green eyes. "You're late." I said, a smile inching onto my face. 
       "Has that ever bothered me before?" he asked taking a step on the red leafs on the ground which crackled under his bare foot. His white trousers fluttered in the wind and his bare chest looked as if the sun had hugged him and made him like the perfect biscuit, golden brown. 
       "No, I guess it hasn't." I said, keeping eye contact "But this will." and I spun him round and pushed him off the cliff. He was falling but he snapped open his pure white wings and hovered.
       "Come and join me!" he shouted up to me. I laughed. With my red hair flying, dark blue tank top slightly to small, denim shorts and no shoes it could have been summer but the sky promised snow so I jumped and spread my black wings. It started to snow as soon as I caught the wind and, honestly, there is no better feeling than flying in the snow. I don't know if you'll know it but... It. Is. Amazing! We headed towards the most northern point of the cliff where a cluster of houses stood alone, trapped by forest and water. 
       "So how was your sixteenth birthday party upstairs go?" I asked pointing at the sky.
       "Quite good, wait until it's yours. Ganta even smiled!" Ganta was the Arc Angel and rarely smiled. "Can you believe it?" Ryan carried on. And, truthfully I couldn't. "Wait until you get your Angel's license, I've got to get my stuff and then I've got to go to my first assignment. I can't believe I got chosen as a Guardian Angel, can you Fiducia?"
       "Kind of." I said gliding on currents of wind.
       "You're way to nice to me. I thought girlfriends where meant to be nasty!" he said half serious.
       "That's wives, at least that's what my step mum says." We both laughed and landed on Crested Wing Cliff and other winged figures came to congratulate Ryan.

My name is Fiducia Umbra.
I am an angel.
And this is my story...

So, what do you think?

Lynxia x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Comment Style...

I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS! Have you seen the new commenting style? It takes forever to get to were the other Minions are! I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger! If you are seeing this! CHANGE IT BACK! It's doing my nut!


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I think that's everything - for now at least...


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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Blood and Water, Chapter 14 - An End or a Beginning...

       'I am coming for you and make note, I will find you.' The words still swam in Clare's head. Over and over and over. She sat on the stone steps leading up to the glassed room patio. It was circular and white in the middle of a lake in the grounds of the abandoned manor the Alliance was now using as headquarters. She had moved all the water out of the way to get here. Maybe cheating but at least she wasn't soaked. She sat there in the middle of the lake, in the middle of the forest with the top of the huge house just visible above the trees. The leafs were gathering on the smooth, glassy surface of the lake, dotting it with yellows and oranges and reds. It looked like parts of the lake had caught fire. She liked it out here. It was quiet and only the sounds of the wind and distant birds kept her company. Someone was waving at her from the edge. It was Jon. He was pointing his finger at the water. She smiled, "Swim!" she shouted. He gave her a look and tapped his foot and she laughed as she parted the water for him. He walked across and sat by her with his arm around her shoulders.
       "You OK?" he asked.
       "Yeah, I just want to know who this Lady Cressentina is and why she's after me." she replied. She had no idea who she was or why she wanted her, she only knew she was coming.
       "Come back inside. We never finished the party and I never got my trophy." he said bowing to an audience that wasn't there.
       "We have more important things to think about that fuelling your ego" she almost snapped and pushed him in the lake.
       "Like what? What could be possibly more important?" he answered in mock horror and pulled her in too.
       "I'll get you for this but for now... Race you!" and she pushed herself along with the water.
       She could only faintly here Jon in the distance shouting "Hey! That's cheating!" This lightened her mood but the storm ahead was like nothing they had faced before...

The End?

I'm sorry Robin but it had to finish at some point...

I have just been told I am in The Straight Jackets! WOOP! My title... Lynxia Lost, Commander of the Cheese Sniffing Turtles!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Blood and Water, Chapter 13, Part 3 - What Lies Beneath...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOW2eEz9cYk <------------ Watch! 

       Wyvern? What was Jon on about? Wyvern... Wait! The story... Oh... Now Clare understood perfectly... 
       "I choose my father." Jon said clearly. Cole doubled over silently laughing, a smile even played at Lyle's lips. Lyle waved a lazy hand and the ropes binding Jon's father came off. Cole came and cut Clare out and pulled her out of the room gloating. 
       "He chose his father over you. Ha ha ha ha!" Clare was acting shocked but she counted to ten. "'Oh, Wyvern, please forgive me!'" he did what, he thought, was an impression of Jon but was way to high. Clare reached ten in her head.
       She turned and forced her palm out and set it alight. It struck Cole and gave him a burn in the shape of a hand. "You little!" He came at her but she clamped her eyes shut moving on instinct and knowledge of his fighting style. She twisted, elbowed his stomach, grabbed his waist and rotated him to the wall and slammed him into it. He was cursing now but Clare was working on breaking his jaw. Two punches left, three right, one up and a palm to the chin. It cracked and Cole screamed in pain. He turned, thrashing, and tried to knock her off. She kicked him in the shin and he responded with three punches to her gut. The wind rushed out of her and she kicked out purely by instinct and it found purchase between Cole's legs. He fell to the floor and hit his jaw. The pain became to much and he fainted. Clare went back to the door and listened. Jon was helping up his dad and Lyle was gloating. Oh, how people should not be smug, Clare thought. She went in, fists a blaze. 
       "Boo." she said. She threw the first fireball but Lyle was ready, he used his telekinetic powers to put it out but he was not ready for the fiery bull whip that came at him next. It cut his face and it bled. Jon pooled his energy in his hands and spread them wide and there, hanging in mid-air, was his Power Blade. He grabbed it and slashed his uncle in the side. Blood gushed over his crisp white shirt. Clare summoned a thick green vine and wrapped it around Cole's neck while he was staggering back.
       "Why did you do it Lyle?" she had an opportunity to question him, she wasn't going to waist it.
       "Did what?" he wheezed from the choke.
       "You know what. Killed my parents!" she tightened the choke hold so the man's life, who killed her parents, was in her hands - and she liked it. Seeing him struggle and squirm made her feel powerful and full of adrenalin.
       "She told me to!" Lyle screamed "Her, in my head, always. Telling me what to do!"
       Clare looked at Jon. "What's her name?" Jon asked, narrowing his eyes.
       "Lady Cressentina!" Lyle screamed the name and then squealed and fell limp. Clare looked at Jon. She took Lyle's pulse. There was none. 
       "It was a sleeper hold." Clare said. That was when the voice came from Lyle's dead mouth. It was a woman's.
       "Ha ha ha ha! So..." It laughed and then said sweetly yet oddly cold "You've killed my puppet. Oh well. There are others but he was a useful little thing. But Clare, I am coming for you and make note, I will find you." It stopped and Lyle's lips became motionless once more...

Ooh! Second to last paragraph! I love it!

Lynxia x

You may have noticed but I have changed my profile picture...

My old one...

It's not exactly my old one but it is the top part of it anyway...

But this is the new one...


I like it as my favourite colour is purple and it's a crying angel which just fascinates me... No idea why...

So... Anyway... That's it!

Saturday, 7 January 2012


Blood and Water, Chapter 13, Part 2 - What lies beneath...

       Jon woke with a start. Cole had clearly hit him, more than once. His head felt foggy. "Rise and shine." He said, his face way to close for Jon's liking. 
       Cole grabbed his bound hands and pushed him up and out of the small room to where Lyle was standing against the wall. "Ready? Good." He said. Jon didn't class him as family. He was to cruel and inhumane. They went along corridors but Jon was just thinking of ways to hurt Lyle. They got to a fancy door with 'Lyle' on it. Coming from inside were the sounds of stirring... 
       Jon was pushed roughly in. Clare and his father were bound to chairs in front of Lyle's desk. The rope was cutting their skin and looked sore. Cole grabbed his hair and pulled him by it. It hurt, a lot. Jon also noticed his leg was broken and with every step came shards of pain, the fogginess had only just lifted enough for it to come through. Lyle began saying something that sounded like it was to him but Jon didn't listen. 
       They had Clare.
       They had his father.
       He was going to torture Cole but not give him the pleasure of dying.
       He slipped on the smooth marble surface floor and nearly fell but Cole was there to support him with a good punch. Thanks a lot, Cole, he thought. This fought of the rest of the fog and the room and words being said came into focus. "...We are and I said you need to make a decision so here it is." Lyle was saying "You can save one person in those chairs. Your girlfriend are your father, which will you choose?"
       What? Surely Jon had not hear what he thought he had heard but he had. Only one way out of this came to mind. Years of training helped you put two and two together in situations like this as well as always being ready, or that's what you tell yourself when you're a Sworn. Wyvern. That word swam across his mind. Wyvern. The result of being smug.
       "I'm sorry, wyvern." he said the code word like a name and understanding flickered in the eyes of both Clare and his father.
       "Ahhh." Cole said comically. "Does he have a pet name for you Clare?" He sneered. Oh if only he knew... Jon thought, smiling inside...

Fun! I can't believe we're near the end but it's so fun!

Lynxia x

Update 8/1/12

I, personally, think Skulduggery should drive this car! i know Derek says Bentley but... LOOK AT IT!

Don't you think he should! Comments from ALL followers would be nice but I doubt I'll get it...

Lynxia x

Call the whole thing off...

A few words will suffice, Robin and Flame (Phoenix Nightslayer, Ash Willowisp) have called it off - that's it. Done...

Friday, 6 January 2012

Blood and Water, Side Story - Wyvern...

'Wyvern' means dragon and is a code name used by the Alliance for this story. You'll see the significance... I hope...

       The night was a light one in the middle of summer, a warm one with a slight breeze that swished through the treetops around the man. He stood still and upright, the tail of the dragon tattooed on his arm came out from under his cuffed shirt sleeve. He walked towards the house. This will be fun, he thought.
       The door was locked. He waved his hand and the iron lock fell apart. Only two people were in the house with the long drive. His targets mother, wife and daughter - she was only three, this made the game more sweet. He opened his scarred left hand and three sets of iron handcuffs dropped into it. General chatter came from the front room. The TV was on and the black and white screen gave everything a ghostly glow.
       "When did Frederick say the party would finish?" asked the elderly mother looking up from the lilac scarf she was knitting.
       "I think he said about ten-ish but it's only nine." said the wife sitting cradling the baby whilst watching a programme on cooking. The man walked in and the iron cuffs zoomed and clasped themselves on the occupants, even the child, supported by air.
       "Sit tight and wait." the man sneered at the shocked faces. He walked and sat down on the cream sofa next to the elderly woman who flinched as he brushed her arm.
       The time went by and the clock chimed ten. A few minutes after a car stopped outside. The man went and stood behind the door and when it opened he grabbed the slightly drunk mousy haired man who came through it. The man dragged the new comer into the small sitting room and turned him to face his wife and daughter in one chair and his mother in another. "You can save only one," he half whispered half growled in the man's ear. "Your mother, or your wife and child, technically that's two but," he smiled "I'm the one with the gun so I make the rules." He knew who the new comer would save, his wife and child, his future. The new comer thought he knew everything about that night and what his mother had seen but he didn't so loosing her would benefit the man and the new comer would keep his family.
       "I choose my mother, I'll save her." This confused the man and in that moment of confusion he was beaten down, his chance, his money, his status, his life, his money - all gone because he was smug...

When the next chapter comes out, you'll see the significance...

Lynxia x

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Blood and Water, Chapter 13, Part 1 - What Lies Beneath...

This is part 1 of 3 and the 2nd part is from the point of view of Jon, this should be fun...

       Clare came around to find herself tied to a chair in Lyle's office - for the second time in her life. Next to her, tied to another chair, was Doc. Where's Jon? Was the first thought that broke the still hazy blankness that lay on her brain. Just then the doors opened behind them. Clare turned round and so did Doc, the creak seemed to have awakened him. Lyle came and stood behind his desk and Cole dragged in Jon by his hair. Jon winced with every step and it looked as though his left leg was broken. "Jon, my dear nephew." Lyle said as if he were welcoming him to a party. "You are very hard to kill so I'll give you a choice instead but first let me have a talk with your dear father." Lyle turned to Doc "Changing your last name, sneaky, nice though tempestas meaning storm. I would never have known but eyes." he said pointing at his own.
       Jon nearly fell and Cole hit him in the stomach and the wind rushed out of him. Clare tried to say something but her tongue was heavy in her mouth. "So, here we are and I said you need to make a decision so here it is. You can save one person in those chairs. Your girlfriend are your father, which will you choose?" 
       Lyle smiled. A choice that resulted in one person's death - only who would it be...

I hope you like - it starts to get a bit complicated now but, sit tight! You don't want to miss it! 

Read the birthday one under this too! I didn't mean to press 'publish' but I did. Oops?


It's my birthday tomorrow! I might be on I don't know... I'm gonna be 14! Yay, lucky me - I get to go to school on my birthday. *sarcastic cheer*
I don't know what I'm getting and no, Robin, you can't find me and give me a present because that would be creepy...


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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Blood and Water, Chapter 12, Part 2 - A Suicide Mission...

       The Warrior Wishers stopped a metre away from The Alliance. Cole came a little closer and spoke. "You can either give in now or we'll take you by force, your choice." He said this while inspecting his finger nails. This was what tipped Clare over the edge, just this one action showing he was a heart less moron was what did it.
       She placed her hands palms together and watched as an only-just-visible javelin of shimmering air cam from between her hands and hit Cole on the arm. It tore his skin and opened a big gash which started to pump out blood. "That answer your question? Gatent alten ilyenta!" Clare arched an eyebrow as she said this and then raising her right arm and shouting the battle cry of the Four Stars, the founders of all magic.
       "Have it your way." and with this Cole ploughed into their ranks and started to fight. What came next was a blur to Clare. A newbie, by the looks of him; small and not very well trained in Elemental magic, came at her and she easily blasted him aside with a stalagmite that grew from her hand. All emotion left her and she just became a machine, with only one purpose;

To win.

       Soldiers after soldiers poured in on them, Clare went through them firing attack after attack, changing her fists to iron and hitting them into chests, pushing her hands against chests so they fly backward on fire. Occasionally fighters would cross her path. She saw Jon fighting twice, once he was fighting two people at once and the other he was slitting he throat of Cole's right hand man, Vincent DeMontae. 
       More soldiers poured in and these were not the newbies' they had been fighting. At least fifty of the best Sworns armed with their Power Blade and other weapons, around one hundred Elementals and the same amount of Secondarys. Sworns were a very rare magic type, if you had one in a group you were lucky - ten like The Alliance, you could rule a country. "Fall back!" Clare shouted. "There's too many of them!" The Secondarys went first through the main entrance, blasting people closest to the white marble door to entrance room 7, the one Clare had come through with Cole. Sworns were next, then Elementals. Cole stood up from the floor and looked at Clare. Shit, she thought and crumpled, barely concious. Jon and Doc came and tried to lift her but Cole got them too. The last thing Clare saw before slipping into unconsciousness was Cole standing above her. Laughing, laughing, laughing...

I dedicate this chapter to Sparky Braginski, 


,as she has won the competition to create a female character for the Golden God. CONGRATS!
So... I hope you like this chapter... It's one of the last! *sniff*

Monday, 2 January 2012

Blood and Water, Chapter 12, Part 1 - A Suicide Mission...

       The footsteps sounded like a stampede through the long corridors. They went from red marble, the holding areas, to green, the hospital, to a yellowy cream colour. This was it, just through those bronze doors was the main lobby of The Cavern. Everyone stopped then a woman, Gelda Kendall, Elemental, spoke up. "Can you hear something?" She was right. A thundering sound of metal on marble and the banging of doors. Clare looked up. The circular lights in the ceiling no bigger than the palm of her hand were pulsing a soft blue.
       "They know we're here." Clare said, shock and anticipation building inside her while her voice remained calm but barely more than a whisper. "Get ready to fight."
       These words took instant effect. Jon, Rona and the other Sworns pulled out their swords. Rona had picked them up on the way to the holding cells. The Secondarys got into groups, banding together. If you were light or shadow you worked together, Tech banded with these as The Alliance held no other technology Secondarys. Clare and the other Elementals formed rows. All of them filled the wide corridor. One of three leading off from the main lobby. Even the children lined up. None of them were younger than nine but Clare still thought they should run. "Should the children go?" Clare asked Rona who was beside her.
       "Not if they don't want to." Everyone had been listening but nobody moved.
       The thundering grew louder and Warrior Wishers poured in from all the joining tunnels. Elementals, Secondarys and Sworns all moving together like a steel clad ocean. And who was at the front but Anton Cole.

We're very close to the end now... Only a few more chapters...

Anyway this was my last day of freedom before returning to school. If this is the same for you, you know my pain and I know yours...

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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Hi guys! I hope you had fun on New Year's Eve! Me? Well I stayed in watched TV, went on blogger and read Death Bringer. As it was spotted by NJ Maverick - Doctor NYE is Doctor New Year's Eve! Ha ha ha ha... Funny...
Robin went out last night, I know that because I'm weird, I know... But what did the rest of you do? Please tell!

So I hope you have a great 2012 and the whole 'End of the World' stuff that's supposed to happen... If it does it does and if it doesn't it doesn't and we get to laugh at the people who thought it would...

So here's to a great 2012! Cheers!

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Blood and Water, Chapter 11, Part 2 - A Web of Lies...

       Clare took Tech's sister's hand and allowed herself to be helped up. Clare and Rona were the same height and probably the same age too. Tech had always said that his sister was a year older than him and he was a year younger than Clare. "OK people. Let us go into freedom! Hoorah!" Everyone laughed and went out of the shattered cell doors to the others.
       Jon waited but Clare held up a finger saying "One minute." Clare turned to Rona. "How the hell did you get in?!"
       "Secret tunnels. Duh!" she said this like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Except they were one way so we'll have to get out through the main entrance."
       Clare narrowed her eyes. "We'll what?"
       "We'll have to go through the main entrance. But come on," she said looking round "We can do it!"
       Everyone looked at her as though she was mad. Then Jon stepped forward "OK, I'm in." he pulled out his sword and stood there looking ready for battle.
       "Me too." Tech stood up and tried to look brave but gave up. Then the air filled with 'I'm in's and 'Count me in's. 
       Rona looked at Clare. "What about you?"
       "It'll be suicide but we might as well batter the Cavern and the Wishers as we go down. Let's go!" Clare said going through the door into the marbled corridors...

Ooh! A dot dot dot... 

What will happen?