Monday, 24 December 2012

Don't forget me!!!!

I'm not dead guys!!!! And you aren't either because the Mayans turned out to be just ancient trolls... Great, I still have to do my GCSEs... So, to remind you all that I'm not dead and that my laptop is just broken (I don't know when it'll be fixed...) I've written a short little story!

       Sparky Braginski sat down with her toast and flicked on the TV. Being part of the Australian Sanctuary was cool, but it also meant keeping up with mortal news. She sighed as another none-story went by on about how falling oil prices is bad for animals. Sparky soon finished her breakfast and was about to leave when a story did catch her eye.
       "... and now we move onto a very odd story from all over the world. Appearances like this first appeared in England a few years ago but they soon disappeared but now they're back. These appearances take the for of what look like assassinations. All shot with a single arrow and bearing this mark on their face."  the news reader said and an image flashed on the screen of what looked like two L's and an x. "These marks started to show up again two months ago all over the world. People are wondering if it's a copycat killer or if the original killer is back. We'll have more on this story in half and hour, but now..." 
       Sparky gagged slightly on her coffee and leaped across the sofa to the phone on the end table. She quickly dialled the number and prayed she would pick up. "Come on come on..." she hissed impatiently.
       The phone clicked and a very annoyed voice sounded on the other side. "Hello?" it asked groggily.
       "Robin!" Sparky shouted. "Did you see the news?"
       Robin Snowscar yawned. "Sparky, it's three in the morning here of course I'm going to be watching the news." she snapped sarcastically.
       "Seriously Robin!" Sparky urged. "Get your TV on or Google the headlines or something."
       Robin grunted the there was a whirring sound followed by keys being tapped. "Right, which headline?"
       "The one about the killings." Sparky said.
       "'Kay..." Robin said, scrolling down the headlines. There was a sharp gasp when she saw the one Sparky meant. "Could it be...?" she asked.
       "I think so." Sparky bubbled. "You'll have to meet me tomorrow. I'll fly over to you."
       "Where about and when?" Robin asked, pen ready to write it on her hand.
       "Erm..." Sparky thought, checking flight times. "Five pm at the riverside." 
       "I'll see you then." Robin hung up.
       "Right..." Sparky said, opening her own laptop and going to the email. She selected everyone in the old group and sent them all an email telling them to meet at Riverside tomorrow at five.
       "You're not getting away that easily." Sparky smirked.


       The setting sun made the river look red as Sparky looked down on it. Robin soon joined her at the river bank, her the same colour as the river.
       Soon, they'd all arrived. Zathract Mist, Nixion Strange, Eve (Sparky wondered why she had no last name...), Flame Phoenix and Ivy Animosity who was, of course, already thinking of ways to push Flame in the river.
       "Did you all read the article I sent you?" Sparky asked.
       They all nodded and Nix piped up. "How do we know it's her?" he asked.
       "Who else carries a Sharpie and is an assassin?" Zath countered.
       "They did say it could be a copycat." Flame interjected.
       Ivy laughed. "What do they know?" she scoffed.
       "They hope it's a copycat." Robin smirked.
       "So let's get right down to it, is Lynxia back?" Flame asked Sparky.
       Sparky was about to reply when a girl of about sixteen walked up. She wore and black and white striped top, black trousers and grey pumps. Her face was angular, her eyes white and framed by dark hair that fell to almost her waist.
       "You bet I am." Lynxia Lost smirked at them.

Just a drabble I wrote up while I was bored the other day. Hope it's okay!!!

Lynxia x