Thursday, 1 December 2011

Blood and Water, Chapter 3 - The Cavern...

       The drive took forever in her mind, and all the while Cole bored her with long boastful stories of how great he was and how he smites down the people who get in his way. When they finally reached the building it looked like a house, a normal house but with bordered up windows and doors. He took her round the back were stood a lonely picnic table and deserted swing that was swaying eerily, all by its self. Cole forced her onto the bench which slowly sunk into the ground. When it stopped she was in a chamber with orange marble walls and ceiling and with a shiny oak wood flooring. On the walls were passages from the books 'approaved' by the High Wisher. She read some of them, 'And thus Wishers were sent from the sky in rays of light to protect and guard the human race.' She recognised it as part of The Wishers Way - a book saying how good all wishers were and no evil can be done by them. Ha, she thought, you can tell that was written by an old fool being paid by Lyle. But before she could read any of the others she was pulled roughly through a white marble door into the main area of The Cavern.
       The walls were a made of black stones of different sizes held together by white wood. The floor was a complete mirror that reflected the ceiling showing the night sky. Doted around were wooden benches with people sitting on them waiting for appointments with Lyle or with the doctors. The woman at the reception smiled as Cole dragged Clare over.
       "This is her?"she asked not evening glancing at Cole.
       "Sure is,"he sneered, a slight smile in his voice.
       "Good," and with that she punched Clare in the face, knocking her unconscious.

Because I wrote this is a lesson, this was all I had time for, so if you want me to carry it on please say or I'll just scrap it. Thanks! ;)

Lynxia... x