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Crescent, Chapters 13 and 14...

Chapter 13 - Power Control...

       Everyone looked at Probe and he held up his hands.
       "I'm not on the Plane." he insisted.
       Jinx closed her eyes, both hands held to fingers to her temples. "It's Probe! Get the Hell after him!" she roared, pointing frantically up the staircase.
       "What about the hostages?" Quake rumbled.
       "You stay and shoot if anyone touches the inner door." Flee comanded and then reappeared at the top of the stairs. "Oh crap." he muttered and ducked as Beam threw a jet of light at him.
       "Go!" Beam urged.
       Void teleported to Quake and kicked the gun from his hand and he threw her into a wall but she bounced back and landed several kicks.
       Kyle and Jess vaulted the staircase and tried to back the hostages away from the woman Philip didn't know. Jess shot a vine from her hand but the woman batted it away as if it were a small fly and reached out to the pair. Suddenly, both Kyle and Jess were screaming and clutching their heads as if they were going to crack open.
       Jinx splayed her hands and five hostages got up and charged up the staircase with dull, dead eyes while Jinx nodded to Flee.
       "She's told him the code mentally, go Falcon, we'll take care of the rest!" Probe urged him and ran down the stairs.
       Philip vaulted and concentrated on getting to Flee quickly. He flattened his arms to his sides and tried to be aero-dynamic. Philip crossed the lobby in a matter of seconds and had no time to slow down so he crashed head-first into Flee sending them both sprawling.
       Flee acted on instinct, reaching out for Philip and teleported to one of the higher floors, followed up by a strong punch to Philip's left cheek and a kick to the stomach.
       Philip stumbled back but his time in Hayfield High had taught him not to go down, that would be catastrophic, so Philip brought up his arms, ducked his head slightly to protect his face, and shot out with his right elbow and it cracked into Flee's nose cauaing him to clamp his hands to his face. Something about his eyes seemed familiar now, not the shock or colour but something else...
       "I've had enough of you, you little prat." Flee snarled, pulling his hands away from his bloody nose and feinted to go for Philip's face making him raise his arms, exposing his already brusied stomach which is where Flee actually landed his kick, sending Philip stumbling backwards, landing painfully next to a large window overlooking the skyline.
       Flee broke the glass with a chair then picked Philip up by the front of his suit. "They still rely on children to do a man's job then, I see." he said and held a limp Philip out of the window. Smiling, he let go and Philip began to fall.
       His stomach hurt, his lungs refused to take in air and his head spun while the world twirled arouned him. Concentrate, he yelled at himself. He thought of when his mum had made him a giant cake for his sixth birthday covered with superheroes. How ironic, he thought but found himself slowing down. He thought hard and demanded himself to stop. Just when he thought it wasn't going to work and he was going to land on the people below, he came to a stop only inches above the crowd.
       "Oh my God!" someone cried pointing up at him. Other people's gaze followed her's and soon everyone was looking at him, some clapping, some wooping but everything was directed up at him.
       Philip smiled, despite himself, levelled and flew through the revolving door. The new woman had her back to him so he flew stright for her, flipped and kicked her in the back.
       She stumbled slightly but turned to face him.
       "No, Falcon! Don't!" Void screamed from behind her, her voice weak with pain and fear that was also shown on her face..
       But it was too late, the woman raised her hand and pointed at Philip, and evil smile gleaming on her lips.

Chapter 14 - Paranoia...

       Philip was confused at first but then he felt a stinging in his mind which grew until it was unbearable and, before he knew it, he was gripping his head in fear it would crack open.
       "So, you're Felcan, I expected more." the woman said in a thick accent which was a mix of heavy Russain and German.
       "Who- Who are you?" Philip managed to gasp, falling to his knees.
       "Me? I am Paranoia, loyal ayccompleece of C'ptain Shade." she said and Philip barely understood because of the pain and such a mix of accents. "And you shoodn't be ayble to speak." Paranoia continued and turned her hand as if turning a dial and Philip screamed which rose in pitch the more she turned her hand and she laughed as his fingers dug into his head, drawing blood.
       "Falcon!" he heard someone shout but it was far away and muffled.
       His head swam and he felt like he was going to die, like he was on the edge of a cliff and about to fall but never falling.
       Suddenly, Paranoia was thrown off her feet and a pair of hands materialised and helped him to his feet.
       "Are you okay?" Chameleon asked.
       He nodded slowly, rubbing his head.
       "Good, c'mon, we've gotta get outta-" too late. Just as Chameleon was closing a pair of shackles around Paranoia's wrists, amid insults in fifteen languages, the doors burst open.
      "Get down! This is the poloce!" a man at the front of a squad of fifty men and women roared, holding a pistol.
       "Crap, armed devision." Chameleon muttered.
       "Stand in line with your arms in the air." he continued.
       Other members of the squad began helping up the ex-hostages, one man went to help the woman, who had re-claimed her child, to her feet. "What are you doing?" she demanded. "They saved our lives!"
       "They are a threat to society if they are who I think they are." the squad leader snapped. He was clean-shaven with short, grey-black hair and cold blue eyes. "Who are you?" he asked of Beam.
       "We are HATE, I'm Beam, next to me is Probe then Void, next to Void is Shimmer and Chameleon. That's Morph and Focus, then Pixel and Falcon." Beam said calmly.
       "See, ma'am, HATE, they caused the Thames Disaster." he rumbled.
       "That's a load of rubbish! They've only ever protected us!" she retorted. "Long live HATE!" she yelled and the other ex-hostages took up the chant.
       "Well, they're still wanted so they're coming with us." the leader said as Pixel's arm swayed into Philip's.
       Philip was about to move his arm away as the plastic was quite hot from the machinery in her suit when suddenly they were on the roof of the bank.
       "Get in!" Beam yelled, pointing at the helicopter as two press ones drew closer.
       Everyone boarded the machine and it took off as Philip strapped himself in.
       "Looks like we're back in the spotlight, internet mentions of us made today are at three fifty and rising." Pixel said.
       "This will either make us or break us..." Chameleon muttered as they flew away.

Well?? I'm really starting to enjoy writing this now. I've basically stopped everything to write this. I'm really getting into it. I've laid out my plot twists, I know what's gonna happen and what should shock you, heck, I've even got favourites and that's not a safe thing to do with my stories because there's always a traitor. So yeah, I love writing this!!

I've added a search gadget over there so you can find the other chapters. >>>

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Crescent, Chapter 12 - HATE To The Rescue...

       Tasha looked up and Philip followed her gaze to find himself watching Beam on a large screen clamped to the wall.
       "We've got accounts of disturbances downtown; the Lawson Bank's main building. A possible hostage situation so get up here." the screen went blank.
       Tasha looked at Philip. "Typical, but you'll just have to work on instinct. If you suddenly feel you should get in the air then you get in the air. Understand?" Philip nodded. "Then go!" she gave him a small push back towards the elevator and then she turned and ran to the other end of the hall, towards a large control panel. Pixel grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the elevator, running all the way.
       When they got to the elevator, Philip noticed no scientists had joined them but they were all at the other end of the hall. "Pixel, why haven't the others joined us?"
       "Huh? Oh, they'll go up to the Control Room, we're going up to the roof." she said as the lift shot upwards with alarming speed.
       Morph was practically dancing. "First field mission!" he exclaimed and Shimmer gave him an icy glare. 
       "Shut up, Morph, this is serious! People could die!" she snapped.
       Philip was starting to get concerned. "Why the roof?" he asked.
       Pixel stared at him. "To get on the helicopter, of course." 
       Philip stared and then the elevator doors opened onto the roof. It was windy and high enough to see most of the business sector through to downtown which was on his left. Straight ahead were a few smaller skyscrapers, a few mansions which housed bankers and then the river with the ugly concrete flats of Hayfield on the other side. The sky above the city was mostly blue with a few lazy clouds trickling lazily through it. The sun was a pale disk just emerging from over the top of a building to his right. On the roof were Probe and Void with Beam in the front of what was behind them; a large, black helicopter with two rings on the top which both held two sets of spinning propellers. The noise it was creating was loud enough so that it felt like knives were being driven into your ears.
       Probe was motioning for them to get in so they piled on while Probe joined Beam in the front. 
       "Strap yourselves in!" Void shouted and each of them gripped the race-car-style seatbelts. Inside the helicopter were two rows of seats, six seats with their back to the pilots and six who could see them through a small window.
       When everyone was clipped their belts together, Void hit a button next to her seat at the end of the row with their backs to the pilots and the belts tightened across their chests.
       "We should be there in about six minutes, given the air currents, Pixel?" Void asked.
       Pixel's eyes clouded for a second. "Only moderate breezes mostly but with a fairly strong wind from the south so that should carry us most of the way." she reported.
       Void knocked on the window and gave a thumbs up. A moment later the helicopter was rising into the air and off to the left.
       All the way there, the cabin was filled with an air of anticipation with a small twinge of fear for what they would find.
       Nobody spoke.
       Too soon for Philip's liking, Probe's voice filled his head. "We're going to need a scout to go in while we we land to see what's going on. Do not engage, that's an order." he said.
       "Are you mad?! He's a child! I'll go!" Void shouted.
       "No, Void, they'll expect you. It has to be Falcon."
       "No but's, Void, Falcon is going." Beam said over the microphone. 
       Void grumbled but didn't say anything more about it. "Under your chair." she said and he reached under and pulled out a mask.
       "No way." Morph breathed and reached under his own chair and pulled out a mask and everyone else did so too.
       Morph and Focus's masks were simple and black, just covering the top of their eyes. They were still quite effective in disguising their faces, though.
       Pixel's was black with the same green pattern as her suit. It was fuller than Morph's and Focus's so it covered her forehead and cheeks but when it reached her nose's bridge it split into an upside down V, leaving her nose and mouth open. Her eyes were covered by a translucent material that glowed faintly green and meant you couldn't tell where she was looking.
       "Awesome." she mouthed.
       Chameleon put on hers and its design also matched her suit. In shape, it looked like Morph's but with spikes of material underneath her eyes which stretched down her cheeks.
       Shimmer's was white and the same style as Morph's but with two spikes of material coming out of each side.
       Jess's was more like two yellow triangles put point together with a smaller triangle covering her nose.
       Kyle's was the same kind of design but his nose wasn't covered and the triangles had one curved edge each on the outside and was a deep red.
       Void put on hers and at a glance it looked like a mirror but when you looked at the images, it became just a shiny white. It was like Pixel's in the sense that it covered her forehead but, under her eyes, it was like Morph's.
       Philip looked at hiss and found it the oddest shape out of all of them. It was like someone had got a rectangle, squished in the top and the bottom and rounded the sides outwards and it had triangular slits for the eyes. It was the same colour as his suit.
       "Get it on and get going!" Void yelled, pulling open the door.
       Philip strapped on his mask and, before he could change his mind, jumped.
       At first, he was simply free falling but he clamped his hands to his sides, directed his head down and kept his feet together. The wind beat against his skin and the noise from the helicopter started to fade and, before he knew it, the people on the street weren't tiny dots any more.
       Time to concentrate, he thought and focused on a happy memory and levelling himself out. To his surprise, the effect was almost immediate and he was now flying ten metres above the heads of people on the street. 
       Flying! He was flying!
       He laughed despite himself and heard shouts as people saw him over their heads. 
       "What was that?" one shouted.
       "Dragonfly?" another yelled hopefully.
       "No, he wore blue and he hasn't been seen in years." someone snapped back.
       Philip bared right and headed towards the grand building almost directly in front of him.
       The ground floor through to the third floor were made of smooth, cream-ish sand stone which then gave way to an added ten floors of made of shining steel. The blend was odd but, for some reason, it worked. Above the overly-large, revolving door was a sign with 'Lawson Banks Ltd. - Sudbinam Branch' in large silver letters. A gun shot echoed from inside and the people who were gathered around, of which there were over a hundred, flinched back in shock.
       Philip floated for a moment as more people started to crowd around the main door then propelled himself upwards and caught a ledge of an open window on the first floor. He climbed in and went in, crossed to the door and listened: there was nobody directly outside.
       He opened the door and found the corridor completely trashed, Files, documents, pens and other desk debris littered the floor with obvious drag lines in it. Philip moved to his left, towards muffled shouts. After about six metres he reached the top of the marble staircase which curved down to stop just outside the main door to its left. The cashier cubicles were across the large floor. Above the centre of the room hung a giant, golden chandelier with an elaborate decorated circle in the marble beneath it. Directly across from the staircase were four large windows overlooking a road with the King's Gardens on the other side. Through the glass he could see people peering in with looks of shock and anger. 
       Philip counted four people despite the sixty plus staff and visitors. One had bright pink hair, a round face and wore a white leotard with a long cloak that was also white but with a black, swirling pattern and she also wore a thick, black belt but no shoes. Jinx.
       Five of the hostages had been picked from the rest and lined up in front of the door; two men, two women and a small baby. Holding them at gun point was none other than Quake, wearing the same clothes as when Philip had first seen him.
       Flee was also there wearing a black jumpsuit with a large, white collar that flicked up with matching boots. He was sitting lazily on a desk.
       There was another person there who Philip didn't recognise. Her hair was black and fairly long with light, ghostly green eyes. She also wore a leotard but it was black with long black gloves and thick, knee high boots. There was a spiky, white P on her chest.
       "Get back!" Quake yelled at the people outside. "Come any closer and I shoot." he roared, his gun pointed at the crying baby on the floor.
       "No!" a woman screamed. "That's my child!" she sobbed.
       "Shut up, I'm working." Jinx hissed, her attention on a man in front of her wearing a suit. "Just tell me the code to the vault and we can bypass the un-pleasantries." she continued.
       "No." he spat.
       "You should have just probed him from the start." Quake muttered.
       "I wouldn't do that because, unlike you, I'm not a barbarian." Jinx shot back at him. "However, now he leaves me no choice." she said coolly and calmly then placed two fingers from each hand to her temples. A few tense moments dragged by and then the suited man clutched his head and screamed. 
       Philip reeled and was relieved to see the others jogging up.
       Probe was wearing a mask but it was a black sash with eye holes and tied at the back in stead of what the others wore.
       Beam was at the front of the group but he didn't wear a mask, but a black, gleaming helmet. It was a simple dome that stretched down the back of his head, leaving his ears open but with a slightly curled piece of metal in front of each. In the middle of the front of the helmet was a long, rectangular piece of metal about three centimetres wide stretching down to the bridge of his nose and also a slightly raised ridge along the edges.
       Probe nodded to Philip and they waited, Beam signalling a countdown from five on his hand.
       "Flee, I've got the code," Jinx said.
       "It's two-zero-" she stopped suddenly.
       "Wait a minute..." she breathed.
       She looked at the stairs alarmingly fast. "There's another telepath here."

I do have two other chapters to type up but I don't have time, I really need to get on with my homework. There is fighting in the next one and I'll type it up when I can. It had smashed the record held by One For You for longest story, too. One For You has 13 chapters and Crescent has 14 and 1/2 at the moment and it's barely got going. Some of the stuff might also make you a little shocked so if you've been startled by anything so far, you might want to sit on the floor for some chapters. I'm really having fun writing this now. I can't wait until you see the new woman's power!!!!

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Yes, read the title. Reeeeeaaaaad it and let it sink in!! 


#I just met Derek!
I just met Derek!
I just met Derek,
And I'm so happy!!!!#

Yeah, I'm happy and after the week I've had I can safely say I deserve it.

So, I got to the WHSmith in Hanley at 9-ish and there was another girl who had been queuing since  ten to eight because she thought people would have camped out. Sounds like fun... Seriously, it does. So we talked about the books and blah blah blah. By half nine we had been moved out of the shop and there were a few people. Ten o'clock arrived and the queue was now fifty people long. Then Derek's agent turned up and we were all like 'She looks official...' then they moved the sign and that did it, I was jumping up and down and squealing. Others were sitting down so we told them and it spread down the line like fire, with everyone jumping to their feet. We thought he'd come through the back of the shop so we were looking past the barrier (yes, they had to put a barrier in front of us) but what we least expected happened, Derek came through the shopping centre. He got to the main door and said 'hello' to me and this other girl (who shall remain anonymous as she isn't a Blogger) and I practically died!! I was just like O_O and then it dawned on me and - cue fan-girl mode - I was squealing again.

We were given little sticky notes to write our name on and stuff so I wrote 'I'm Lynxia Lost, from Blogland. Do you remember me?? :D <3 the books! *hugs*' and he did remember me!!!!! ^-^ I got a hug too and I got a picture with him which I will include in the blog post!! I also told him he had to mention Luce in a blog post because she's my sister who's awesome and didn't have the chance to meet him so it's the least I could do.


 ^^ Me with Derek!! ^^

 ^^ My little sticky note thing (yes I know it's a heart!!! That's all they had!!)!! ^^

^^ My signed copy of KOTW (I also got DB and DD signed!!)!! ^^

Oh, and I promise the next post will have story in. Please don't kill me Robin!!

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Crescent, Chapters 9, 10 and 11.

Chapter 9 - Captain Shade...

       The lights in the room faded as a projection screen unwound from the ceiling, lowering into place behind Beam.
       "So, after the business in London, Domito and McGregor have come to the conclusion that Shade has an Aquanan, someone who controls water." A picture of the Thames river appeared on the screen, except all the water was gone. "This picture was taken two months and three days ago. We believe the next target is Sudbinam and then off around the world. We've pulled you all out of missions all over the world, Void in America, Probe in France, Chameleon in Scotland and we've even had to halt training to some extent while also picking up some new hands. Our fellows around the world are getting worried, water was no where to be found in London for five weeks and if any passed through to the city in instantly vanished, no explanation so the government pointed the finger at us. Over three million died, and while London had a population of eight million and it was utterly decimated by a misused power. Now, compared to other cities like New York, Paris, Berlin and Sydney, London is tiny. If Shade does have an Aquanan, he can cut off whole harbours and even whole sections of countries, in dry places this is going to get very bad. This is going to go beyond bad and wave goodbye to catastrophic." The image changed and now they were looking at a thermal projection of a storm.
       "This is tropical storm Rachel and is fast approaching the east coast of America whilst nearing hurricane speed. If Shade does have someone who can control water we're betting this is his next target and if he gets to this, we're stuffed basically. We think it's someone young who doesn't really know what they're doing so Shade has been able to warp their mind. This just adds to the- Yes Falcon?"
       Philip had raised his hand slowly. "I know I'm gonna sound like an idiot, but do we know what this guy looks like? I mean, it would be pretty stupid to be chasing someone if we didn't know what to look for."
       Beam clicked the small remote and the image changed again, now it was a blurred picture of a man.
       His chin was rather large and slightly pointed with a white scar running from his right to left diagonally down on it, his nose was fairly upturned but quite flat, his cheekbones were high and like protruding slashes, this added to the effect that his sunken, gleaming, light grey eyes were in hollowed caves. His lips were thin but he seemed to be sneering in the picture while his hair was fairly short and gelled into place on his head.
       "This, is Captain Shade. He can control shadows and has been number one on HATE's Most Wanted list for ten years. It started out with petty crimes and then grew, he even kidnapped a member of the Royal Family but it was smoothed over. He's built up a following now of Exceptions and of normal people but this latest crime spree, it's his kind of thing." Beam said. "We also have a list of his top people in his following he calls the Chaos Army." he continued and a picture of a man Philip recognised glared out from the screen. "Quake, physically very strong but, er, challenged a bit mentally." he grinned and a slight chuckle rose from the people in the room. The picture changed again and now two women looked out. Both were fairly young but one seemed a few years older. They both had round faces with small, sharp noses. The younger one had a rather small, thin mouth and black hair while the elder one had a full mouth and dark auburn hair but they both had the same dark, shimmering blue eyes.
       "Echo," Beam gestured to the younger one "And Phantasma, the most powerful Soundsans in a century. They've been with Shade ever since he started to gather forces." Another picture now, a woman with dark pink hair and light blue eyes. The picture showed her kind face smiling and a few freckles were sprinkled on her cheeks."
       "Jinx, a dangerous telekinetic, possible psychic powers but we're not sure yet as she's a new recruit. She was a normal college student until this time last year when she suddenly showed up with Shade." The picture changed again, a man this time. His blonde hair was long and tied back in a simple pony-tail. His face was good natured and tanned, his eyes were dark and inky while the main structure of his face and his eyes suggested one of his parents were oriental in origin.
       "Another newbie, this is Shift and he an change the molecular structure of anything with a touch. Don't let him touch you, last time he changed a living thing... Bad things happened." Everyone grimaced while Philip looked at Probe, an eyebrow arched.
       "Beam's hand was a potato for three days until another shifter from New Zealand arrived and changed it back, it's a rare ability." his voice said. "It wasn't pretty when he tried to move it. Lots of blood."
       Philip grimaced too as Beam started talking again. Another picture. A woman with violet eyes and bleached-blonde hair, her face was angular and smooth while her eyes were big and her lips full. "Chase, don't be fooled by her appearance, her super speed makes her dangerous and her fighting skills just add to it. She's faithful to Shade after he some how convinced her we were plotting against her. She was our best fighter, but power made her paranoid. We lost a good person that day." Beam said, his eyes turning sad.
       "The last one we've got a name and full-ish details on is Shade's right-hand-man, Flee." The image of a young man showed. His eyes were a light grey, his black hair short and spiked and his jaw was the same as Shade's. "Like father, like son." Beam sighed. "We got a DNA sample of Flee last time we met and he's a half match to Shade. We believe powers are passed on through DNA so his mother was either a teleporter or he had teleporter blood. He's been trained all his life to hate us and he knows his power well." Beam clapped his hands once. "So that means you have to know yours too, go train. You all know your rooms and the scientists you need to track down if they're not already there." He pointed to Shimmer. "Be nice, Professor Graham hasn't been well and he's even more edgy than usual."
       Shimmer smiled. "I'm always nice, it's not my fault if he gets in the way."
       Beam narrowed his eyes while a small smile tugged at his lips. "Go on, all of you."

Chapter 10 - Part Of The Computer...

       They filed out of the room and Philip was stumped. The others went either left or right down the corridor without looking back. Pixel was six metres away when she looked back at him.
       "Nobody told you were to go, did they?" she asked, smirking slightly.
       He shook his head. "No."
       She sighed and muttered. "Someone should have told you." She placed her hands so they made a rectangle in front of her and then stretched them out. As she did, the air shimmered and turned blue then Philip was looking at Pixel trough a shimmering blue screen and two back-to-front lists. Pixel scrolled through the lists and tapped rimmed buttons on the side and after a few minutes she announced "You're with Tasha, try to keep your eyes in your head, and in Block D, corridor four, room nine E."
       He gave her a blank look as her arms fell to her sides and the screen faded.
       "Oh, right - take the corridor behind you and keep going past three crosses in the corridors, then on the fourth, take the corridor on your left, keep walking until you reach a fork and go left. Keep going until another cross and go right, then it's the third door on the left." she said.
       "What are all the rooms for?" he asked.
       She shrugged. "Just research and stuff. Most are labs with samples in that you can't enter most of the time because of tests, others are offices and training space. Then all of blocks D though E are specialised ENM rooms." she said.
       Philip blinked. "And you have all this buzzing round in your head?" he asked.
       She grinned and nodded. For this place and everywhere else ever recorded. I link to internet connections automatically and I'm constantly updating and downloading like a computer, so everything on the internet, or a computer connected to the internet, is in my head. If it's password encrypted, it only takes me a few minutes to run it through a code breaker of my choice. Nothing stays hidden from me. I can even see the streams of energy coming from everything so I can tap in, even into the mind, with limited control, because of electrical impulses. I know everything, I can even wipe people from existence on the internet or create fake lives." her grin was smug but her eyes were almost sad. Philip understood now, on a computer, she was a god, but in the physical world she had very little to protect her self.
       "I'd hate to play you in a game of trivia." he said, trying to keep the conversation light.
       She laughed. "Yeah, everyone says that, now I really have to go, I'll see you later."
       Philip tried to follow her directions but he still ended up getting lost twice and having to ask people when he saw them.
       He made it though, finally.
       He knocked and a laugh came from the other side - it was happy and light. The door opened and a woman looked out. Her face was tanned, her lips full and her blue eyes bright while her dark hair was in ringlets that bounced around her face. She was dressed simply in jeans and a T-shirt with a lab coat on top. Philip gaped slightly.
       "You don't need to knock, silly, come in." she smiled and opened the door wide. Inside was a fairly large room which was panelled in shining, white metal. There was, what looked like, a blue dentists chair with its back to him in the centre on the room with wires leading from it to the wall it was facing which had three monitoring screens, switches and a row of buttons.
       "Okay, just take a seat while I start up the ENM." she said, gesturing to the chair.
       "Um, what does ENM stand for?" he asked.
       "ENM stands for Exceptions Nerve Monitor. It just monitors your brain activity which is then sent to the Hub which devises a training sequence and simulation for you." she said, pushing a button and flicking a few switches. "Just lean back it it can start."
       Philip put his head on the headrest and three clasps gripped his head.
       "Don't worry," she said kindly. "They're just to monitor brain activity, heart beat and nerve connections. We've recently devised the theory that the energy passed through the nerves is what creates powers, the most common power is psychic which only has slightly more energy than a normal persons while an Aquanan's is very high." she explained.
       "So, where about would someone's be if they could fly?" Philip asked as beeps and wurrs started to emanate from the machine-wall in front of him.
       "An Arielsaf's would be just under an Aquanan's. It's a very rare ability and we scientists gossip, so I hear you have it." she said, turning to face him.
       "Yeah, Quake tried to kidnap me and that's how I found out."
       "Sounds like his thing. Wait, yesterday? They've got your suit fast, and it is fetching." she grinned as he blushed slightly. "Oh, where are my manners? I'm Tasha Layneson." she extended her hand and he shook it, stretching as to not move his head.
       "Falcon." he said.
       "You passed the fist test, you've got to accept that name as yours. Morph failed and said his proper name. He was a bit of an idiot."
       Tasha laughed again. "Good point."
       Suddenly the wall beeped. "Okay, the Hub's got your signal and the ENM has you saved to it's database." she flicked a switch, turned a dial clockwise and the clamps released. "You can get down now."
       Philip got out and rubbed his head, it felt saw. Tasha hit a green button and part of the wall on his right slid away.
       "Welcome to the Hub."

Chapter 11 - The Hub...

       Tasha lead Philip into a small alcove where the wall had been. She stood still and waited.
       Philip was just about to ask what they were waiting for when the wall dropped back into place and the small room fell with the speed of a bullet. Ten seconds later it came to a stop and Philip stumbled while Tasha gave him a sympathetic look as she remained standing.
       "You get used to it." she said. The wall lifted again and Philip felt his jaw drop. Another metal room lay beyond the opening in the wall but this one was as big as a football stadium and as high as a cathedral. 
       The others were there practising their own abilities. Closest was Kyle and he was throwing streams of fire from his hands and sheets of metal that rose from the floor before falling back again. Philip watched as a sheet of metal rose beneath Kyle and he backflipped to get away before kicking it and burning a whole where his foot had touched. He wore a metal band around his head with a yellow light on the front, now that Philip looked, they were all wearing them. A man in a white lab coat stood with what seemed to be an iPad watching Kyle. A beeping sound came from it and he smiled.
       "Well done, next sequence then." he said and tapped the pad. 
       Tasha was walking again now so Philip did too, nodding to Kyle as he passed who smiled back, mid jump over a piece of metal as a floating sphere zoomed towards him. 
       Next they passed Morph who was shifting into a large dog and attacking a man with one of the police arm wraps used in the K9 division to teach them to attack.
       Then came Shimmer who was enveloping a flashing red sphere in a pulsing, white bubble. The sphere exploded but no sound escaped the bubble. "Good." the scientist grunted. "Go again." and five more spheres floated up from the ground.
       The next section was odd at first. Sheets of metal rose from the ground and a thudding sound came from them and then a dent appeared but no one was hitting it. Then the scientist clapped and tapped his pad and the sheets disappeared as Chameleon faded into view. "Almost there, you'll get it this time." the female scientist said and Chameleon faded again as they passed.
       They passed onto dirt next and Jess shot past supported by a branch from a fast growing tree. She jumped as the tree crashed into the wall. Tasha bent under the branch and carried on so Philip followed.
       On the other side was Focus talking calmly to a man in a chair  "... I'm your friend, of course you can tell me, it'll be our secret..." while an old scientist in a blue lab coat watched.
       "That's Jeff, he has to be special." Tasha whispered.
       Then came Pixel shooting green energy at targets that rose from the floor faster than Philip could say target. An especially vicious shot made the target burst into green flames. The female scientist looked at Pixel over her iPad. "Take a breather." Pixel grinned almost sheepishly.
       Tasha stopped and went to the wall.
       "Where are the others?" Philip asked.
       "Hm? Oh, they've finished their training so they'll be helping look for the Captain or figure out the identity of the Aquanan." she said, opening a small, square panel in the wall. Inside was an iPad, a large, black button and three switches.
       "Time to train." she said and her finger was three centimetres away from the button when a blaring alarm sounded.

You lucky lucky people, three chapters in one post... Don't expect so much any more, I'm back at school now...
I promise there'll be some fighting in the nxt chapter, if not that one, the one after.

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Monday, 3 September 2012

HP fan fic - A Who's Who Guide...

Some characters aren't actually people but just made by people so I'll list them with (P) for people and (C) for created.

Scarlet - Robin (C)
Lucy-Anna - Luciana (C)
Phoebe - Sparky (P)
Liz - Hayley (P)
Thalia - Alf (P)
Nathan - Flame (P)
Daniel - Nixion (P)
Aisling - Ivy (P)
Jake - Zathract (P)
Eve Aloe-Vera - Eve (P) [She chose the name...]

And then some other characters are just made up.

Get it now Eve? Good.

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

HP Fan Fic, Chapter 3 - Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hogy, Warty, Hogwarts...

       Our common room is down below the lake with a long rectangle as the main room with large windows showing the murky depths and bathing the room in soft green light. Candles also lit the room and hung in silver chandeliers from the ceiling. On the left was a huge stone fireplace surrounded by leather arm chairs and sofas which were all a matching dark green like crushed emeralds. At the end of the room were black, wooden desks, bookcases and a  large, black grand piano (which I loved). On the right was a small raised platform with white pillars and grey, cobblestone steps to match the floor and walls. This small square of a platform was ringed by wooden doors which led to the dorms.
       Me and Thalia said goodnight to Nath and Dan and entered our dorm. It was the second on the left and was long and thin. There were five beds. Each was carved from dark ebony with wooden snakes winding don the banisters. The duvet and drapes were dark green with silver thread weaving across them. My bed was at the end and closest to the two, thin and tall windows.
       Also in this room, besides me and Thal, were Aisling, Scarlet and Pansy. Thalia occupied the bed next to me, then Aisling on her right, then Scarlet and finally Pansy who was closest to the door. The walls and floor were, again, grey cobblestone but, unlike the common room, five feet above the floor was a row of bricks with emeralds running through it. There was also another door, opposite Scarlet's bed, which led to the bathroom.
       My trunk was already at the bottom of my bed with the empty owl cage. I changed into my pyjamas and climbed into bed. I closed my eyes and was soon lulled to sleep by the soft blankets and the gentle lapping of the lake against the walls. 


       I woke up and clambered out of bed. A slightly ghostly green light filtered in through the tall windows. I crossed the cool, stone floor to the dark wooden door and went into the, again, grey flagstone bathroom. I washed quickly and scampered back into the dorm and pulled on my uniform.
       I finished putting on my thick, rebellious layers of eye liner and prepared to leave when Thalia shook her head at me.
       "What?" I asked.
       "Are you determined to make McGonagall explode? Knee high boots, white tights and eye liner? Really?"
       "I'll be fine." I said and slung my bag over my shoulder.
       Thalia muttered "No you won't." but walked with me to the Hall. We sat at the Slytherin table and were joined a few minutes later by Nathan and Daniel. Nathan sat giggling into his porridge while Dan glared at his eggs like they had tried to kill him.
       Thalia arched a eyebrow. "Do I want to know?" she asked.
       Dan grunted and bit savagely at his toast.
       Nathan smiled evilly. "He tried to fix his robes and, well..." he made an explosion noise and hand gesture.
       I almost gagged. "They blew up?!" 
       "No, but they did catch fire." Dan grumbled.
       Thalia smothered her laugh in her sleeve, I pretended to be too busy eating toast and Nathan dropped his fork to have a silent laughing fit.
       "I hate you guys." Dan muttered.
       Then the owls flew in and we heard gasps from the first years again. A small barn owl dropped a Daily Prophet in front of Thal and she pain it with a small, bronze knut. She flicked through. "Nothing interesting," she announced "Just more stupid Rita Skeeter stuff about how the Ministry is falling apart."
       Snape glided over then and dropped our time tables in front of us. I looked at mine. Astronomy Theory first, not too bad, then-
       "Ugh," I groaned. "We're with the Gryffs again second." We had all taken Care Of Magical Creatures thinking it would be fun but because of Draco, last year had been spent looking after flobberworms. 
       Thal, Nath and Dan groaned too. "Great, another year of Scar versus Snob." Dan muttered and we laughed.
       I carried on checking my time table for the rest of the day. Double Ancient Runes after lunch so that wasn't so bad. The bell tolled from deep in the castle and we headed for the Astronomy Tower. We headed north and were passing the hidden entrance for the Ravenclaw house when a broom cupboard opened and a Gryffindor girl in our year stumbled out. She was tall and thin and... Missing a shirt. She wore knee high socks, black shoes, a red and gold jumper with matching, undone, tie.
       "Hi Lucy." I said.
       "Oh, hey!" she beamed.
       "Luce, where's your shirt?" Thal asked. She looked at her arms and giggled.
       She turned to the cupboard. "Martin, is my shirt in there?" she asked and a shirt flew out. "Tar, gotta go, Herbology." she waved and skipped off, holding her shirt.
       We shared quizzical looks. "Martin... Martin Gonzola?" Dan asked. Martin was a Ravenclaw in his fifth year and he was on fairly good terms with all Slytherins. 
       I shrugged and went to the cupboard. "Martin?" I asked.
       A very flustered Martin came out doing up his blue and bronze tie. "Hey." he said.
       Nath shook his head. "I don't wanna know." he said and walked off. We waved to Martin and hurried to catch up. "She has a new guy every week." Nath said as we filed into Professor Sinistra's class.
       "I know, probably more." Thalia said and I hid a giggle behind my text book.
       "Well, the Tournament used to have a Ball at Christmas so imagine Lucy trying to dance with three guys." Dan whispered as we were now meant to be reading and taking notes on chapter one.
       Nath, however, couldn't help it and doubled over trying to hide laughs but not quite succeeding so the professor sent him and his text book to work outside.
       An hour later we left the tower room, Nath glaring because of an essay on how to behave he had been given to write, and started to make our way down to Hagrid's hut.
       Don't hurt yourself this year." Pansy said to Draco as we came out of the Entrance Hall.
       Dan went cross-eyed and made a hand talking-gesture whilst saying "Nyuh nyuh nyuh." in a high, squeaky voice. We laughed and got a glare from Draco's pet.
       Thalia glared back. "I hate her." she growled.
       "We all do." I said and then remembered I was taking to Thal. "Oh, right." I rolled my eyes and got a scowl.
       We neared the hut and the edge of the forest to find the Gryffs already there.
       "... jus' hatched," Hagrid was saying. "So yeh'll be able ter raise 'em yerselves! Thought we'd make a bit of a project of it!"
       Draco spoke up. "Why would we want to raise them?" he said coolly while dumb and dumber chuckled. Although I hated to admit it, he had a point. The things in the boxes, skrewts, were horrid. They were like long, shell-less lobsters with no heads and way to many legs in way to many places.
       Hagrid looked at Draco and tried to answer.
       "I mean, what do they do? What is the point of the?" he asked, looking disgustedly into the closest box. Pansy stood giggling while Aisling poked a skrewt.
       Hagrid was quiet for a few more moments, thinking, then finally came up with "Tha's next lesson, Malfoy. Yer jus' feedin' 'em today. Now, yeh'll want to try 'em on a few diff'rent things - I've never had 'em before," Brilliant, I thought. "Not sure what they'll go fer - I got ant eggs an' frog livers an' a bit o' grass snake - just try 'em out with a bit of each."
       A Gryff boy muttered something that didn't sound appreciative.
       We all gathered around the boxes with some, er, food and started putting it near the skrewts. It was pointless, they didn't even have any mouths.
       After about ten minutes a Gryff boy shouted "Ouch! It got me!"
       Hagrid blustered over, an anxious look on what could be seen of his face.
       "It's end exploded!" the boy said angrily, showing Hagrid hi hand.
       Hagrid nodded. "Ah, that can happen when they blast off."
       "You might be part skrewt then." Nath said to Dan and got some frogs liver in his face.
       "Eurgh!" winded a Gryff girl. "Eurgh, Hagrid, what's that pointy thing on it?" 
       "Ah, some of 'em have got stings," Hagrid said, his dark eyes bright. "I reckon they're the males... The females've got sorta sucker things on their bellies... I think they might be to suck blood." The rest of us pulled our hands out of the boxes now except Aisling who was even more intrigued and kept picking them up. I'm sure if they could have done, they would have been squealing.
       "Well, I can certainly see why we're trying to keep them alive," Draco said sarcastically. "Who wouldn't want a pet that can burn, sting and bite all at once?" I looked at Aisling, she was practically hugging one now.
       "Just because they're not very pretty, it doesn't mean they're not useful,"  Granger snapped. "Dragon blood's amazingly magical, but you wouldn't want one as a pet, would you?"
       "I kinda would." me and Aisling said together.
       Draco sneered. "This oaf of a teacher would too, I told you he tried to smuggle one out of the castle in the first year." he said.
       "Oh, drop it." Dan snapped and started throwing ant eggs at the skrewts again.
       "Look, Iggy, it's so cute!" Aisling said to me, holding a squirming skrewt in her very burnt hands.
       I looked at it. "Of course it is."
       "D'you reckon Hagrid would let me keep one?" she asked, blue eyes bright.
       "I doubt it."
       "Aw." she said and continued talking to the skrewt.
       At the end of the class, the bell rang and we made are way up to the castle for lunch.
       "Those things were horrid." Thalia said.
       "Oh, come on! They were cute! I want one!" Aisling smiled.
       "Yeah, you, Aisling, you." Dan said.
       "You trying to say something, posh-nose?" she asked. "Jake! Hey, Jake!" she called to a boy in front of us."
       "Yeah?" Jake Spatz asked. Jake was pale with icy blue eyes and shoulder length black hair.
       "Did you like the skrewts?" Aisling asked.
       "No, they were gross and should be killed." he said.
       Aisling's face fell and we laughed.
       "Why?" he asked.
       "Because she wants one as a pet." Nath said.
       "Are you nuts?" Jake asked Aisling, his eyes wide.
       "No, they're cute."
       "They aren't!"
       "They are!" They argued all the way back to the Hall and even over lunch.
       "There's something wrong with her." Nath said, helping himself to chicken.

It was longer than this but I shortened it because A: I couldn't be bothered to type and B: It was just the bit where Moody turned Malfoy into a ferret from my view. It might be mentioned later.

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