Saturday, 25 February 2012

Drawings and stuff...

OK, so a few pics...

Yeah, bet you can tell who this is. Actually - I will re-do this and edit it on my laptop. Make it a proper cartoon. Took me ages last time I did that. Wish me luck this time...

Lizzy drew this and she thinks it isn't good. What do you guys think? I'll show her the comments and prove she is good!

This is something Rosie drew. It's a alien thing. I don't know what to call it, but here it is.

Also, my Zazzle store is now open. I'll put up stuff from my stories and T-Shirts with the Sims 2 pics there. I didn't come up with the prices so I'm sorry if they're high.


Anyway - will post the cartoon Star later.

Lynxia x

Update 25/02/12 17:43

The cartoon Star, as promised...

Hope it's OK.

Lynxia x

Friday, 24 February 2012

Stuff doesn't usually happen round here...

So, today whilst at the bus stop a fight breaks out. Over by the Subway, three guys round on another and call him a few names. A few punches are thrown and two of the attackers - shall we call them that? Well we are now - run down the hill and the bus stop and disappear into the woods and among the few houses in town. No idea what happened to the third but now the one who was called a few names, that I shall not repeat, has a tree branch and is running after the other two hoping to put it somewhere it shouldn't be. Somebody called the police and it turned into a full scale chase. And the bus came and I travelled seven miles and here I am now typing up what happened.  (OK, it's not that exciting but nothing EVER happens around here so let me have this one.)

And because I'm feeling nice, some more of my story... (Not Wilting Rose, sorry. I can't find my plan so I'll look for that over the weekend.)

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 2, Part 1 - I'm Arrested, Again...

       We drove down to the police station and when we got there he put me in those stupid mortal hand cuffs and took me in. I was put in an interrogation room and waited for half an hour before he came back with another older guy who I presumed to be his boss. The old guy sat at the table and faced me. DI Daniels went and stood in the corner.
       The old guy placed some notes on the table with pictures paper clipped to them. "You are Lynxia Lost, is that correct?" he asked.
       "I am." I replied, short and sweet, well, maybe not sweet.
       "You killed these people?" he asked and indicated to the photos, of which there where many.
       "Yes, but you didn't get all of them. There was the guy in the ditch and that family in the burned out house too. They were some of mine."
       "And this one," he held up a picture of a man with long blonde hair and my sign on his cheek "You do realise you face the death penalty in America for this one, right?" 
       I nodded.
       "We will deport you." he said, and it sounded like a threatening tone. I didn't like being threatened, and I didn't respond well to it either.
       "Deport me then. I'll slip through their grasp just like I've done with you on many occasions." I smiled.
       He was fast turning red. "Look here, you are no great person. We can knock you off your ass as easily as a knife can cut through melted butter." he was a leaning over the table now, pointing in my face.
       So I leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "I would like to see you try." And I was thankful for his hand being so close because I reached out, touched it and heard the fingers break. I also noticed that the single bare bulb cast lots of shadows in the room. It must have been my lucky day.
       He cried out and I flipped the table so it landed on him. I took hold of the shadows and grabbed DI Daniels and knocked him against the wall and he fell. I kicked the door and it blew of its hinges. I looked left and right and ran. Down the left hand corridor and I was already at the back door when the alarms started to ring. 
       I scaled the fence and ran. 
       I ran to the apartments. I got in and started to pack stuff at the speed of light. My cats came in and stood in front of me. I tapped the sigil on my wrist, the one sigil I had ever needed and the only one I had ever carved into my skin, it glowed a deep green. I faced my cats, held up my wrist so they could see it and spoke clearly.
       "Revert." Instantly they grew. I had no idea what they heard but it did the trick. Night grew into a sleek black panther and Mist into a large, grey European lynx. "Guard the house. Do not let anyone within fifteen metres. When I leave the building. Follow me but out of sight." They slunk off and I turned and got my bow and quiver. "This will be fun." I said to myself "I haven't done this in months."

He he he! Kick-ass.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

New things!

I woke up this morning to find a mild day - slightly warm; gentle, cool breeze; the last of the snow melting to reveal the green grass - and then I remembered it was Thursday and got thoroughly depressed. Thursday is the worst day of the week for me. Here is my timetable for Thursday...

8:40am - 8:50am - Registration
8:50am - 9:50am - Maths
9:50am - 10:50am - Maths
10:50am - 11:10am - Break
11:10am - 12:10pm - English
12:10pm - 1:10pm - Chemistry
1:10pm - 2:00am - Lunch
2:00pm - 2:10pm - Afternoon Registration
2:10pm - 3:10pm - Art
3:10pm - 3:20pm - Assembly

How bad is that! On Thursday I only really like Art and English!

Anyway... I now have a Zazzle store! I'll be making T-Shirts with quotes on from my stories. I'll give you the link as soon as I'm sure it's up and running!

That's all for now, I think...

Lynxia x

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The End Of The World and a new story...


If you can't tell, I'm happy... I'm reading it now and I've already finished it once and I got home at 15:32 and it is now 16:06. I'm happy. I will probably be reading it for the next week or so as to digest it and memorise it... Fun!

Anyway, something new... Hope you like...

One for you, two for me..., Chapter 1, Parts 1 and 2, Hello, Welcome To My Life...

       I stepped over to the man on the floor. I took an arrow from my quiver and nocked it. "Any last requests?" I asked sweetly.
       "Yes," he said "Please don't kill me, Miss Lost." You'd be surprised how many times I hear that in my line of work. I fired the arrow and hit hit the middle of his chest. Blood started to seep from the wound and his eyes still had their last look of terror in them. I removed the arrow from his chest, the point was not broken so I placed it back in my quiver, no point wasting it. 
       I pulled a black Sharpie pen from my pocket. I drew two fancy L's and a kiss, x. This was my signature, so they knew I'd done it. Well I didn't want anyone else taking the credit - I would not get paid.
       I stepped over the body and heard sirens outside. "Lynxia Lost," came a male voice through a crackling mega-phone. "We know it is you, come out with your hands up."
       Not bloody likely! I thought and gathered the shadows and shadow walked back to my apartment.
My apartment was on the ninth floor of the apartment building. I walked through the door and my two cats came over. One was a grey colour with yellow eyes, she was Mist and the other was black with dark brown eyes. She was Night. The curled round my feet. I reached down and stroked them. "Hello, I've been working all day, let me finish and I'll get you something to eat."
       I walked to my glass spiral staircase. I had bought the apartment above and made it into my second floor. I walked up and into my study. I closed the door and switched on my laptop. I clicked on the screen button and the badly scarred face of Hanson McKreen appeared on the screen.
       "It is done?" he asked in a low gravely voice.
       "Yes, the police are there now but they don't know you had anything to do with it." Hanson was a big-city banker and needed his nephew taking care of, he knew something. I don't pry, though, so what he knew that needed him dead was a mystery.
       "Excellent, how much did we agree?" he knew exactly how much but I still told him.
       "We agreed on three hundred and fifty. Will I get my money?" 
       "Yes, I wouldn't double cross someone like you, Miss Lost." I wasn't sure but I nodded and closed the laptop. I decided to take a knife with me to get my money tomorrow, just in case. I got up and placed my bow and arrow on the wall. I got changed from my black top and white skinnys into my striped top, black skinnys and slippers. I went downstairs as if I just had a normal job and got out the cat food.

I walked into the library and handed in the copy of A Merchant In Venice I had been reading. Shakespeare isn't that bad. I headed over to the Nature section and was looking at the covers when a man in dark clothing came over. "Miss Lost, I have the money" he turned and opened a briefcase - what a cliché! - and in there was my money in twenty and ten pound notes.
       "Excellent," I said "Hand me the money and we can part ways."
       "Not going to happen, I'm afraid." and he pointed a gun at me. Jerk. I lashed out with the knife and slit his throat befor he could blink, gathered the money into my coat packets and walked out of the building.
       I walked to my car. It was exactly where I'd left it. However there was someone reading a Kindle on the hood. He sat there like it was a park bench, not my car. He looked up as I got closer. He had sandy blonde hair and black eyes. He had high cheek bones and a square jaw. He was fairly handsome. He also had a silver stud in his hose. He put away his Kindle and got up. He held out his hand to shake. "Miss Lost, pleasure to meet you." I looked him up and down. Gold earring in his left ear. Un-tucked shirt, top button un-done. Black trousers and black All Star deck shoes. I then looked at his hand. I waved it away.
       "Who are you?" I cut straight to the chase, I had no time to waste. I had the package in my pocket and had around three minutes before the alarm bells would ring.
       "I knew you were one to cut straight to it but that was a little rude." His hand dropped to his side.
       "Who are you, I don't have time to waste." I glanced over my shoulder - nothing yet.
       "It is not who I am that matters, it is my employer." He opened the door of the passenger side of my car and offered it to me. My car. I got in and he got in a started the car.
       "Who are you?" I asked for the third time.
       "I am Detective Inspector Daniels and you've been arrested."

Like? Again, I need to stop putting 'Like?'!

Derek said hi to me! Yay! I would, however, like to scold him for not saying hi to Robin twice. Naughty Golden God!

Valuable minutes after I updated this blog Derek FINALLY said hi to Robin.

*shakes head at Derek* Valuable time Golden God...

And because I found the link, Zath's pic of Eve...

Real cute.


Off to read TEOTW now! Bye!

Lynxia x

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 6, Part 1 - Training...

       Me and Renna walked out of the courtroom to cat calls. The most mild of which was 'Go cut off your wings and jump off a cliff'. We walked out into the square. Opposite us was the town hall with its white washed walls, like the rest of the city, and bronze bell tour. In the centre of the square was a fountain made of brown marble and a cream coloured stone. On the top was a statue of Arc Angel Gabriel made out of gold. He held a gold copy of the Arc Angel Staff, a long thin dark wood pole topped with a crescent moon made of sapphire, and a stone tablet. It was thicker than the ones used now but I reminded myself that his was around three thousand years older (yes, three thousand even though I know some of your Human religions say two thousand but it was three thousand, sorry). The fountains bottom contained the gold Drachmas, yes Greek money. It's ours, you were bound to get something right, the Greeks thought we were gods and started using the money. I thought about how my father had brought me to the city when I was little to board the Palton to go on holiday and had made wishes by throwing in a Drachma.
       We carried on walking. Imagine an Italian (is that right?) town. White buildings with red roofs and cobbled streets. On our left was a large building with a sign saying 'Madame  Forfair's Departments'. It was a shopping centre and was quite expensive. I heard girls at school talking about it but I'd never been in. On our left was the Garden of Eden. It was a nice place but guarded heavily because if its history. The Cherubs, our police officers; not the little cute things that you've depicted them as but strong tall Angels with short hair - men and women, were holding their flaming swords. We walked through the two cherubs on guard at the gates, a woman and a man. The nodded their heads to Renna and gave me a sceptical look after glancing at my wings but let me pass. Inside was beautiful. We followed the North River down to where it met with East, South and West. In the middle of where they met was an island - Chairman only. On it was a natural spring that flowed into the rivers, fuelling them. Renna flew over onto the island and turned round. She shouted to me.
       "Come on! Come over!"

Like? I ask you this every time...

Lynxia x

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 5, Part 3 - Justice and Maybe My Death...

       Renna stopped reading and put her stone tablet away. "Have you ever heard these lines before, girl?" Asked Gantrov.
       I shook my head, I couldn't trust myself to speak.
       "So what should we do, Arc Angel, if she is, indeed, the Angel of Prophecy then, what shall we do?" asked the one named Heckilm.
       Ganta shook his head. "There is only one thing for it. We must choose one of us to train her."
       Gantrov sat up a little straighter. "Let me," he said, which I was definitely not thrilled about. "I'll whip her into shape."
       "You?" Heckilm asked "Dearest Gabriel, you'd kill her." he laughed.
       "Let him!" one person shouted from the seated Angel's. Again there were yes's and I agree's.
       Ganta held up his hand and everyone was silent. He then moved his hand clockwise until a small whirlpool had formed in mid-air, except it was completley white. "Everyone place in your Thread." Ganta said. He pulled out a long thin golden thread from the locket on his necklace.
       Renna pulled a bright green thread from the laces of her converse.
       The bald angel, who's name I still did not know, pulled a dark blue thread from a marking on her head.
       Heckilm took his white silk handkerchief and pulled the silver thread from around the edge and dropped it into the whirlpool.
       Gantrov took out a red cravat and pulled the black embroidered thread from it and dropped it in.
       The Threads spun in the whirlpool. Threads were a way of keeping your aura safe so if you died it was woven into the outer hall and that was how you got the pictures and names on the walls. I've never really seen the point but if it's important to them.
       One by one the Threads dropped out of the end. First the gold, then the black. Then came the silver and the blue. The whirlpool dissipated and left the green Thread hanging in mid-air.
       Renna turned to me. "I get to decide?" she asked the others while still looking right at me.
       "It seems that way." said the angel next to her who was placing her Thread on her head and it was absorbed.
       "Yay!" Renna said then pursed her lips. "I don't think you're bad so I won't put you to death and I accept to train you."
       I was relieved and scared.
       Not going to be put to death - Yay, I stay alive!
       Train me - What the Hell do you mean, train me?

Like? I hope you do!

A little music...

Sorry for the crap quality. It was recorded on my phone. There is no video, just sound. I wrote and played this myself. Hope you like! ;)

Again, sorry for the crap quality...

I've made a background for my laptop with all the power shots on it, here it is...

I left it at its original size, it's pretty big, anyway. It's got my name in the corner. Feel free to save it from here and insert your own name instead of mine.

That's all for now... I think...

Lynxia x

Friday, 17 February 2012

Power shots!

OK, the last of the power shots - just like I promised. I'm a girl of my word! ;)

In this one Ivy Animosity has killed us all. Yes, that is a scythe she is holding and she's looking rather smug, isn't she...

Everyone knows Eve likes to eat live chickens and here she is being tempted. So many...

Yeah, this is about a small argument that was on Blogger this morning. I told Eve Sparky would get her. And she did, with an axe.

In case you can't tell, this is Sparky holding a blood stained meat cleaver. I don't know why it's blood stained, it just is - she looks rather menacing doesn't she?
(That's Ivy playing piano in the background! :]  )

Nixion Strange (on the left) fighting Zathract Mist on the right. They're holding swords if you can tell.

Robin chucked a water balloon at me in game so I took a pic. Just wait and see what happened to you after Robin...

Sparky came to my aid and electrocuted Robin. Funny, eh?

And because that is all the pics here is all of us waving good bye - very cheesy, isn't it?!

And because, in Blogland, we don't wave good bye, here are all of us in fighting positions - again!

Hope you liked the rest of the pics. I think that's all of them, unless I find any more bouncing around in my Pictures folder, and if I do - they'll be here!

But for now, bye bye!

Lynxia x

Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 5, Part 2 - Justice and Maybe My Death...

       We reached the cleared area at the top of the courtroom and the Arc Angel went to sit in the empty chair in the middle, leaving me alone. Every person in the courtroom was quiet, waiting to see if I was going to be put to death or strung up and tortured or something like that. I stroked my left wing like I always do when I'm nervous. "What is your full name, child?" asked the bald woman.
       "Fiducia Astrum Umbra." I said clearly. It felt like a lifetime ago I had said those words in class and shown up our new Latin teacher.
       "Cool name." said the girl with bright blue hair who had, finally, stopped talking to her nails. "It's not an Errnight name though." she said to the others.
       "You can't trust them. She could be a spy. Given an Angitian name and sent to live among us and give them our secrets." said the one with the cold face. "Who are your mother and father?" he snapped at me.
       I was about to give him a face full when I remembered he had the power to execute me. "My father is Thanton Geranade Umbra, my birth mother is Demelza Jena Ilyato and my step-mother is Seren Halton Oomat." I said.
       "None of them were Errnights, Gantrov, need I remind you of that? Her mother had black wings but you know she was no Errnight, you knew her family." replied the second man in a honey voice to the older man named Gantrov.
       "Yes, I may have known her family but it does not tell us where her roots were." snapped Gantrov.
       "Gantrov, Heckilm - stop it." said Ganta. He was rubbing his brow. "All we know is that the Cursed Lines said that an Angel under the age of sixteen will have wings of night and a heart of gold. Kelcatrine, bring it up." 
       "I've told you, call me Renna." said the blue haired angel.
       "Kel," said the bald one "It's a sign of respect to refer to people by they're last names."
       "Whatever." Renna grumbled and brought out a thin stone tablet. She drew on it with her finger and then read aloud.

'An angel with wings of the darkest night,
Will lift your curse when she takes flight.
Her heart is of purest gold,
With powers that cannot be for told.

In her eyes you will see your life,
She will grant you prosperity or eternal strife.
Her hair blazeth with deepest fire,
And when a chairman is lost you will call her sire.'

Three words went through my head. What the Hell?

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Story, book covers and power shots...

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 5, Part 1 - Justice and Maybe My Death...

       I walked into the Imperial Dome to find myself in a hall way. There were pillars running at one metre intervals down both sides of the hall. Every two pillars were white stone doors leading off to, what I expected to be, more offices, court rooms and hallways. The floor was white marble with gold in patterns along the edges of the room. They were just straight lines but looked at for long enough they seemed to form pictures that moved. The walls were plain white with silver threads running along the walls forming names and pictures of past Arc Angels. There were no statues. That was what I noticed first. I wanted to ask why but it seemed like breaking the silence would result in death. At the end of this hall were a set of double doors. They were four metres tall but did not touch the ceiling which was around ten metres above my head. The doors were white wood with big glass panels and flower engravings and trees etched into it. The Arc Angel raised his hand and the door swung open revealing the room beyond.
       The building got it's name from the main courtroom, which I was now standing in. The dome of the building was white wood with glass panels set in now showing a clear blue sky. The floor was gold and shimmered like a liquid. There were five seats raised on steps at the edge of the room. Other seats sat in rows looking at the raised ones. Four people sat in the raised seats. Two women sat on the left side. One was fairly young. No older than twenty five. Her hair was bright blue and so were her wings. Her eyes were completely black. And I mean all of it, not just the pupil and iris. All of it. But for some weird reason I could still tell were she was looking. She sat side ways on I her chair. Legs over one arm and her leaning back on the other. She was slightly tanned and wore a Paul Frank white T-shirt and shorts with green fish net tights. She was wearing bright red converse All Stars and seemed to be talking to her finger nails. I decided I liked her, she seemed cool.
       The other woman sat bolt upright as if she had been shocked. Her sky blue dress seemed to float around her feet which were in white sandals. The dress was strapless and embroidered with silver swirls at the bottom. Her skin was the colour of coffee with powdered cream. Her eyes were a deep green and twinkled with a mischievous gleam. She was completely bald and in stead had white markings on her head. Her wings were a deep gold that almost matched the floor.
       On the right side were two men. They wore matching black silk suits with no tie and crisp white shirts un done at the top button. There shoes gleamed and reflected the whole room. There faces were very different though. One had a face with black hair that came down to his shoulders. He had brown eyes that reminded me of a warm fire and chocolate cake. His face was death pale but kindly. The man sitting next to him, though, was very cold in his appearance. His white-blonde hair was turning grey and his eyes were the grey of snow clouds. He sat there looking down with a slightly wrinkled nose. I didn't like him. The men both had grey wings.
       One of the first things I noticed was that I was the only one with black wings.
       I saw every other colour. Green. Blue. Yellow. Striped. Even white with black names, what do you mortals call it again... Oh yeah, tattooed on.
       As soon as we walked down between the chairs, all of the people in them started murmuring. Only the ones in the raised chairs were still.
       "Look at her wings." one muttered.
       "Why are they that colour, Mummy?" asked a little girl.
       "They shouldn't allow her kind in here." said an old man loud enough for his row to here.
       This was met by a wave of yes's and I agree's.
       I leaned towards the Arc Angel. "What are they on about?" I whispered.
       "You have the black wings of the Errnight Clan. They were rumoured to be the ones to put the curse on us." Yeah, can you imagine what I thought?

Yes truly amazing. By the end of the day there should be some power shots on the end of this post. That will be fun... Sparky - I can't get the right sword so you are just throwing axes and kicking ass, is that OK with you? 

Late entry-
Nixion Strange: Male. Thin, fairly tall. Is 14. Brown eyes. Black jacket and jeans. Boots and sword.

Book Cover - Every book needs a cover so here is the cover for The Wilting Rose...

You like?

And one for Me, Myself and the Gun at My Head...

Again, you like?

And because I didn't put my name on it before, Blood and Water...

You don't need to give your opinion on this one, really. I just added my name...

Anyway, I do believe that is everything for now...

Lynxia x

P.S. - No, Robin. No more of B&W sequel yet. I don't care how many tantrums you throw, no more yet.
P.P.S. - People seem to think my project is a story, if you want it as a story, say so and I'll do both.

Update 15/02/12 16:22

OK, this is turning into a VERY long post. Anyway - I promised you power shots...

This one took an insane amount of time to make. Getting everyone in  the right pose and place, it took about  half an hour. And then when I got it onto my computer, it crashed so I had to do it again. So not everyone's power shot got done today. I'll finish it tomorrow and Friday. (Probably Friday as I'm going to see the Muppets tomorrow!) 
So, left to right...
Back row - Ivy, Nixion, Me (floating at the back), Robin and Zathract.
Front row - Flame, Eve and Sparky.

So here is Eve and Robin fighting. Robin's holding a sword (Can you tell?) and Eve is crouching.

This is Flame surrounded by fire and that is a fireball in his hand, not an orange! And, yes, he is floating. Don't ask why - I just thought it would be funny.

This just had to go on here! Flame will kill me when he sees this, but in my self defence, I went to get some Angel Delight, I came back and his Simself was doing this of his own free will, I had to put it up.

For this picture my colours where a bit dodgy. This is me summoning shadows and stuff, not lumpy mud!

Some of the girls got into a pillow fight. Just out of the camera shot was everyone else cheering it on. It was very funny!
Left to right - Eve, Robin (hidden behind a pillow), Sparky and Me.

That's all of the pics I got today, I promise I'll get everyone else before the end of the week!

Lynxia x

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am determined to enjoy to day because my good-for-nothing now EX-boyfriend broke up with me over TEXT last night. This is what he said.

'I do luv u but i wanna move on.
 hope u understand. 
plz dont be mad.

Ash x'

Total. Git. 
Don't be mad? I'm going to be ******* furious! When I see him on Monday I'm going to kick him in places boys should NOT be kicked.

Anyway. Back to YOU, my loyal followers.

Are you doing anything special and/or exciting today with someone you love?

I know I owe you action shots but today is about love. So when/if I get Sparky's OC - I'm gonna do a nice shot of her and Flame with a rose in his mouth because that would be funny... *laughs*

I asked a big favour of Robin, here it is...

Me, Myself and the Gun at My Head, Chapter 1, Part 3 - A Plan...

       The Sworn stood there facing them, waiting for them to make the first move. Clare felt the iron around her and waited to pull it in. Jen pulled the light and shadows in around her hands. Left controlling shadows, right controlling light. Clare tapped her phone in her pocket. Sending a message to Jon telling him where they were.
       "We don't want to fight you." Jen said in a calming voice. "Drop your weapon and I'm sure we can sort something out." The Sworn looked tempted when a portal opened at the side of the alley. 
       Clare thought Jon would step through but instead came a young woman, no older than twenty. She wore jeans and a plain white T-shirt but had a black metal breast plate over it. She was bare foot and had long bright red hair that was over her left shoulder. Her eyes were ice blue and had an unforgiving look. She turned and saw the Sworn. She tilted her head and looked as though she was reading a book. The Sworn got on his knees and bowed down in front of this new woman.
       "Get up." she said in a crisp voice like the cracking of ice, and just as cold. He got up and she pointed at the portal. "Go."
       "But what about-"
       "I will sort your family now go." he went through the swirling mass of grey and purple and it faded. Jon sprinted round the corner and stopped. He looked at the woman and got to his knees, head bowed.
       Who was this woman? Clare thought.
       "Excuse me, but, who are you?" Clare asked.
       "Me?" the woman asked like she had just been chosen out of a huge group of people. "I am Robin Snowscar."

And because the Latin needed correcting and has been done so... The Straight Jacket coat of arms!

Thank you to Author-To-Be for correcting the Latin!

That's all for now, though...

Lynxia x

Update 14/02/12 15:57

Can you tell what this is? I really hope so!

This is Flame on the right in a tux with tails and a rose in his mouth singing to Sparky over on the left in a bright yellow checked dress. There are also swans on the lake with a waterfall as well. The fish are there but don't pay them any attention. 

This is for Valentine's Day as that is what day it is here in England right now. I hope this is OK. I wish I could see the look on Flame's face when he sees this...

Bye bye then!

Lynxia x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Thanks guys!

OK then. I have 7 people for my little project. The maximum in 8 so I think we did pretty well! As a prize, you don't get some of Wilting Rose but something that will drive Robin nuts! Enjoy...

Me, Myself and the Gun at My Head, Chapter 1, Parts 1 and 2 - A Plan...

       The board room was covered in maps and red lines. Tech Kloud was going over something but Clare Thorn was not listening. Her eyes strayed to the ceiling. It was full of elaborate designs and mosaics. In one a handsome man was defeating a red devil. She wished this would really happen for them, to be able to find and destroy the ominous Lady Cressentina. It had been six months since they had faced Lyle and heard his puppet masters voice. Someone shook her shoulder and she looked at Jonathan Tempestas and his yellow hawk-like eyes. "Hmm?" she said looking around to see they were all looking at her.
       "What do you think about the possibility of London?" Tech said looking over the top of some notes which he had picked up off the table.
       "Oh, erm..." she looked at the notes begging for something, anything, to say. She saw it - just a snippet - but it was relevant. "No, I mean look at this." she passed around the piece of paper around and there were muttered agreements. Tech looked older like he had aged six years in six months. He had started working out and had become a strong leader, nothing like the shy man she once knew.
       "Yes, I guess this shows she could be in New York but then again, she could be in most cities." Tech said. Everyone nodded, including Clare.
       "She had an English accent but I couldn't place it." Jon said beside her. She knew this to be true, even though this made her look stupid.
       "So," Tech said, standing up "We go to London."
       "Does anyone have contacts in London?" asked Leona Dantwith, a captain in The Alliance.
       "I do." said a normally quiet girl, aged around nineteen putting her hand up. Although she was cute she was powerful and not afraid to use it. "I hope you don't mind criminals." she said, blushing underneath her black hair.

       The Underground made Clare's skin crawl. She didn't like being in a confined space with so many people standing around. Jen Dalton sat next to her. Humming and twisting her black hair around her finger. Clare leaned in. "I don't like this." she whispered.
       "Not many people do." said Jen and she just carried on looking out of the window at the walls flying past.
       Clare was sure the man opposite her was staring at her.
       Yes, he was definitely staring.
       He shifted in his seat.
       Clare caught a glimpse of a glowing red dagger.
       Damn. She thought.
       She tried to act casually but it was hard. He seemed different than other Sworn she had met. He had look in his eye that suggested that he wasn't friendly and that something big depended on him killing her. She liked that part least.
       They got off near the centre of London. He followed them. They walked for a couple of hours. Clare, Jen and the strange Sworn following them. They don't trust big groups, Jen had said. Nobody knew about her past, and nobody really went into it. All we knew was that one day she turned up at their old office base shaking and begging for refuge. 
       They turned down an old alley by some warehouses when the Sworn made his move.
        He stepped in front of them and drew his dagger. It had a pointed tip that was black instead of silver like the rest. If Clare knew one thing, it was defiantly do not touch the end of that dagger.
       "I can't let you pass," he said, in a gravely voice. He took off his wool overcoat to reveal a muscular man in just normal jeans and T-shirt put his face was scarred and sad with fly-away grey hair. "Me and my families lives depend on this." A tear welled up in his eyes but beside that was also hatred.


OC's so far...

Ivy Animosity: Female. Indigo eyes. Pale skin. Black hair. Looks around 15, is ???. Dark clothes, casual. Slim sword. Unknown.

Zathract Mist: Male. Long black hair. Emerald green eyes. Black clothes. Boots and shades. Two daggers and a pistol. Necromancy and Elemental magic, hasn't chosen a discipline yet, he's 15.

Eve Azure: Female. Short (ends at shoulders), choppy, light brown hair. Blue/green eyes. Fair skin. Resorts to finger nails and teeth for weapons... Adept - Can turn into anyone or anything, e.g. Someone from your past or your worst nightmare and only YOU can see it. Hair falls in front of face.

Robin Snowscar: Female. Red hair. Often over left shoulder. Ice blue eyes. Slightly tanned. Sword. Sworn. Usually wears just jeans and a T-shirt. Looks around 16, is ???.

Flame Phoenix: Male. Red hair. (Not like Robin's bright red, though!) Blue eyes. Pale skin. Normal clothes. Elemental, main power is fire. Sword or whip. Looks around 16, is 100+.

Sparky Braginski:

Lynxia Lost: Female. Dark brown hair. White eyes but often wears blue contact lenses. Normal clothes. Necromancy and bone breaking. Pale skin. Looks 17, is ???. Bow and arrows dipped in poison.

Just waiting on Sparky and then we're good to go! Hopefully will put the pics here before the week is out!

That's it, I think...

Lynxia x

Update - 13/02/12 13:42

Lynxia Lost.

 Zathract Mist.

 Eve Azure.

Robin Snowscar.

 Flame Phoenix.

 Ivy Animosity.

I'll post the action shots when I've finished them! But for now I've just done the basics. The other weapons except my bow and arrow haven't shown up because they're in game things. Don't worry, you'll still get your guns and stuff though!

Lynxia x

P.S. - Sparky, I'll just do you in the action pics.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Miffment and OC's needed! (You as a person in Blogland, NOT CHARACTERS!!!)

I. Am. Miffed. And that is to put it lightly. What is the problem? I hear you ask, I'll tell you.

I cannot comment of ANY of Robin's blogs!

I'm not happy! I'm still reading your stories Robin I just can't comment on them. Or on The Straight Jackets! I HATE IT!

As you may have noticed I have also changed my display name from Shadow9 to Lynxia Lost. Farewell Shadow9, I still treasure the title deeply...

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 4, Part 2 - Secrets and Lies...

        I stared open mouthed. I was in the same room as the Arc Angel. And he seemed fairly happy. He sat down on the chair next to me as if we had planned the whole thing. I shook my head and looked at the headmistress. She didn't seemed fussed. "Good Morning, Arc Angel." she said and then turned back to me. "You'll be leaving for Raltazar now. Take your bag and the rest of your belongings will be sent along." Questions bubbled in my mind. I wanted to say one but every time I grasped for one it flew away. 
       "But, why Miss?" I said, still totally confused.
       "Because, Miss Umbra," she said lightly "You're special," I gave her a quizzical look "Your Chains have broken early. This means you are more powerful than you know, so powerful that you cannot be bound by the ancient magic of The Chains. This could mean you are the one meant to lift the curse." My mind went spinning off. Words floated round in my head.
       Ancient magic.
       Lifting the curse.
       "Yes, Miss Umbra." the Arc Angel said, as if reading my thoughts. "You're very powerfull but you will need training." He pulled out what looked like a very thin stone tablet and started engraving inscriptions on it with his finger. "Right, we'll leave straight away." He stood. "Well?" he asked, arching his left eyebrow at me.
       "Oh, right." I stood and waited. He waved his arm and I felt a warm sensation building in my toes and growing. It felt like grains of sand were sticking to me and then, just like that, the grains of sand flew off. Taking bits of me with them. As soon as I started to think WTH? my feet touched solid ground and I was in front of the Imperial Dome.
       I looked to my right and saw the Arc Angel smiling at me.
       I felt my mouth hang open.
       Nobody used Shimmer travel under sixteen.
       Under sixteen's' had to use the Paltons, little flying train things, like a long metal snake with windows.
       "No way." was all I said.

Little favour here! I need your OC's for little project I'm doing. Nothing big! (Preferably you as a person from Blogland, not characters...)

Lynxia x

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 4, Part 1 - Secrets And Lies...

I know I haven't put up some of this in a while so here. You deserve it!

       The head mistress marched me up to the offices.
       There were six floors and I'd only ever been to two of them. Ground floor was the reception like if you're an inspector you have to come here to get your 'Visitor' badge. It was in a small room that smelled like coffee. The rest of that floor was lost property and cupboards. Up on the first floor was the attendance office where you sign in if you're late. Second floor is the exams office where they mark test papers and make exam time tables. (I hate all of them, they gave three exams in one day once!) Third floor is normal time tables and printers. All the printers are there because we one had a... Er... Incident where someone hijacked the printer in Mrs. Jolten's room so all it printed were posters with big red letters on reading 'I was printed in a room with a hag in it!' That wasn't what is said exactly, but you get the gist. Fourth floor is finance office where you pay for school trips and flying lesson when you get to Steel Wing Year. Fifth floor is staff room and right at the top, looking over all the grounds and watching everything we do, is Mistress Pennyfeather's office.
       The elevator was bronze with red silk walls. The floor was a complete mirror and the ceiling was a moving image of the Milky Way, showing every little supernova and star. The doors opened with a ping and a smooth female voice said "Office six, Mistress Pennyfeather." The walls of the office were a very light blue and the desk was painted white. Everything in the office were light blues, greys and whites. One of the first thing I noticed was that everything had its place. Even the potted plants and white rose on the desk looked afraid to droop.
       "Sit down." Mistress Pennyfeather said in that calm and nice voice she had suddenly acquired. I sat and crossed by legs and arms. Why the hell was I here was one of the first things that spread through my mind. Was I in trouble for hitting Luca with that blast. If so why was she being nice. If you'd done something wrong she usually just shouted. "Do you know why you're here?" asked Mistress Pennyfeather.
       I shook my head.
       She sighed. "I knew this would happen. Your mother was the same." This struck home and I wanted to know more.
       "The same?" I repeated "What do you mean?"
       "She had great power. You're the same. She broke her Chains just as early. Yes," she said as my eyes widened "Your Chains have broken and now we need your help." As she said this the elevator doors pinged and an old man in white robes and gold trim walked into the office. His white hair was cropped and he looked as if he had had a shave that morning.
       "Fia, this is Arc Angel Ganta."

Shocking - am I right! I finished my plan recently and the end made my cry! Anyway...


Lynxia x

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Finally! After many promised snow storms one has actually arrived! The lake by which I live has a sheet of ice on it! Yay! I still doubt my school will close as it never does and I was told the other day that wearing black and being a girl is... How did my head teacher put it?... Oh yes 'Giving your soul to the devil'. At this point I just stared her down, not hard seen as she's smaller than me. Then I just walked away with her yelling that I'm unholy behind me. You know what I thought? Kiss my quiver! (Best line from Percy Jackson! I love it! And I can use it because I do archery! *fist pump*) So SNOW! Yay! Anyway this time I'm just being a bit rambly because I'm hyped up on Skittles! Anyway! TEAM TIME! Have you read Percy Jackson? If you haven't, you should or I will get you! I am Team Nico and if he was my age I would be all over him but... The Fates hate me so I think he's three or four years younger... 

I few of my favourite pics concerning Percy Jackson! Courtesy of DeviantART! 

My lovely Nico!

 This made me laugh! (Link ~

 I hate Twilight! 
(Link ~

That's it for now I think!


Lynxia x

P.S. - I had no control over the picture places again! Curse them to Tartarus! (Sorry I have a little Percy Jackson obsession going on at the moment...)