Friday, 9 December 2011

Blood and Water, Chapter 5, Part 1 - I am and I am not...

       The cat flap in the door opened giving Clare Thorn her her only meal of the day. "Here you are, traitor." the guard chuckled to himself as he sat back down at his desk. Clare had become used to the guards regular insults, after all he is paid by Lyle, she thought. This was the regular guard, he was here five days a week and the other two days were guards who just had to bunk up their hours to make sure they get paid. This guard was meant to be clocking off soon judging by how much light was in Clare's room. Only a little slit at the top of the wall was called a window in her cell.
       "Evenin', Ryan." she heard the new guard say.
       "Adrian? Is that you? Wow, I never thought you of all people would have to work extra hours!" he sounded shocked and as though he knew the new guard well even though his personality left much to be desired.
       While Clare had been thinking this the old guard had left and the new guard was taking his usual rounds making sure that all the prisoners in the Moderate Cells were secure. Clare had thought she would have gone to Maximum Security but was only sent to the cells with only one guard outside. She'd tried everything to get out but this cell was grounded. Meaning you could not use any magic inside.
       But what really surprised Clare was that they always checked her cell last. They seemed to think she'll do something drastic and exciting which they can stop and get knighted. Tonight, however, when the guard came to her cell first was surprise number one of that night.
       It was even stranger when the guard came in, untied her hands and feet and said "Okay Clare, let's get you out of here before someone comes."

Like? I do, one of my favourite chapters so far!        ^_^ - Mew, again!


  1. Shadow <3 YAY it's all so cool ;D :D

  2. Oh Robin, can I use Sworns in my story?

  3. Sure, just so long as I get a credit to me shout out :D