Thursday, 29 December 2011

Blood and Water, Chapter 11, - A Web of Lies...

       The next few days flew by for Clare. They were lost in thoughts of what other things had Jon kept from her and deceit and others that seemed to grow in the back of her mind and come out to play when she was sitting alone. She didn't eat or sleep or anything, she was a shell. Lyle came in every now and then but Clare couldn't hear what he said. Guards teased her, she didn't here it. All she had heard was Jon saying 'I didn't want you to know. I'm nothing like him!' He had been pleading. Occasionally he would come and sit next to her and talk but she didn't listen.
       Days turned to weeks which turned to months. Every hope of escape vanished along with Clare. Slipping into nothingness...
       "Clare? You still in there?" she turned her head and saw Adrian. Maybe he was here to save her again. "Look what happened to me, eh? Got chucked in here with the rest of you." he laughed a little, she turned her head away again. He talked to the others about how she was slipping away. He could see into minds - that was his Secondary power. Clunking noises came from the other cell. Then murmurs and a cry of "Rona? Is that you?".
       A loud clunk filled the air and a calm voice saying "Who else Nerdy?" Then a woman appeared in front of their cell. She had a short pixie cut hairstyle and her hair was brown with a bright purple and orange streak on the fringe. She wore a T-Shirt with a big pac-man on the front eating a banjo playing worm and bright blue skinny jeans. Up her left arm she wore bracelets and rubber bangles up to her elbow and on the other seven different coloured watches, each showing a different time and a piece of paper with a city name on it. Her feet didn't have shoes on but odd bed socks with the suction cup things on the bottom and on her back were two twin fencing swords, only sharper. How this woman had got into the Cavern was a mystery to Clare. 
       "Come on then." she said "Stand back." And she pulled out one of her swords that had, what seemed like, veins of a glowing red colour. She was a Sworn. 
       Everyone stood back and waited. Rona Kloud swiped at the bars three times until they shattered. She walked over to Clare and offered her hand. "Hi," she said "I believe you know my annoying little brother Tech."

Getting closer to the end and it's going to be sssooo good!

And yes I do own a T-Shirt with a giant pac-man eating a banjo playing worm on...

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