Saturday, 17 December 2011

Blood and Water, Chapter 5, Part 2 - I am and I am not...

       Clare looked into the familiar eyes of Adrian Harrison. He was part of the Alliance and his powers were Secondary. "Adrian?" she said. "If you help me your cover will be blown, go away!"
       "So, I'm in here saving your ass and you want me to go. Nah. Thomas Everell was meant to be on duty but he's having a nap. Nobody will have known I was here. C'mere Clare let me get them cuffs. Jon's waiting round the back. I'll send you out there." Adrian said this in a smooth whispering one, but only one thing went in - Jon was here. 
       The next few minutes passed Clare in a haze. She was thinking about Jon and what he would say about her being caught, but she didn't care. She just wanted to see him again. When Adrian used his powers and sent her into the blinding light she used her hand and looked around for the car Adrian had described before hurrying off. 'It's green, small and very fast. Jon will be leaning with one foot propped up on it in that I-know-I'm-gorgeous kind of way.' 
       She found it exactly the way Adrian had described with Jonathan Tempestas leaning against it. His shirt was a plain white with no tie and the top button undone. His black skinny jeans fitted him so perfectly it looked like he'd been born in them. The shirt was un tucked too but he still looked smart. The black converse had a polished All Star sign on them and were so clean you could eat of them. On his back you could make out the case of his sword he loved so much he bathed with it, but it was excusable - he is a Sworn, Clare thought. His face looked up as she approached. His skin was pale and shaved so smooth. His eyes glittered, the yellow like-a-hawk eyes still clearly viable from behind his shades. His hair was a brown mixed with red and black and sat neatly yet not neatly on his head. The fringe was a little longer than everywhere else (even though his hair covered his ears) and was covering a fraction of the sunglasses on the right side. 
       He ran and gave her a bone-breaking hug and a kiss on the forehead as she looked into his eyes.
       "You do realise I miss you, don't you?" he said smoothly, not letting go.

I like Jon - he's nice. Thank you VERY much to Robin who is letting me use Sworn's in my story! Therefore - Jon is for you Robin...


  1. YAY! You're welcome for the Sworn idea and I'm really happy you posted again :D :D :D 'Jon is for you Robin' I died. Haha. It's really good still though :D and improved by the Sworn :P

  2. I'm glad you liked it Robin! The Sworn has helped, A LOT!Jon's bad ass but is also quite caring and that can be his weakness, as you'll see...

  3. Must be why he's a rogue, he fell in love, to be a Sworn you should have no attatchments. It's not a rule as such more of an unsaid guidline. Some people leave because they find someone and understand more than the fight. Lightning thinks it's stupid 'rule' but I understand it, we can't afford distractions in our line of work. The oath is still in place though, and is for life. Once a Sworn, always a Sworn. He can never consciously fight for evil. Just gradually feeding you information haha. Love the stroy write fast :D

  4. Yes an unsaid rule but you'll learn about Jon's past and why he is in the Alliance...