Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Blood and Water, Chapter 4, Part 1 - Fermido

       The bright lights dazzled her as she opened her eyes. The dried blood on her face seemed to still be there as if nobody had bothered to wipe it away. She tried to move her hands and feet but couldn't. Oh God, she thought, they're going to inject me with the Firmido Virus!
       The Fermido Virus was a recent discovery, it was injected into the arm and worked its way through to your brain. There it would sift through your memories, select the worst and make you watch it all over again. This would happened every two hours for as many years as sentenced for.
        She tried to say something to the doctor now leaning over her with the blue swirling liquid in his syringe, but couldn't open her mouth. She tried to fight to do anything but felt the syringe go in and release it into her system.
       In a matter of seconds her vision went black and to be replaced by a living room. Wood tiled walls, red carpet, television, chairs, bookcases and a roaring fire. She recognised it but wanted more than anything for it to go away. She knew what was to come but could not stop herself from looking. That's when she heard it. That tinkling voice that represented everything good.
       "Okay, Clare, sweetie. Off to bed."

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