Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Blood and Water, Chapter 10 - Blood is thicker than water...


       They were all squished up in one of the communal cells. They held around twenty each but the other ten from the office were in the cell next to them. Tech wasn't in their room but the one next door. You could here him trying to raise moral with camp-fire songs as that room was the 'family room' as the guards called it. All the families on the run came to the Alliance and they housed them within the office walls and found jobs for the adults in the Alliance and former teachers would have taught the children. Every now and then the guard from Clare's old cell would be on duty and he just loved to taunt her. 'Here again?' and 'Is the food that good?' were just a few of his favourites.
       And he was here tonight. "Hello Clare, we've got a special visitor for you!" he said clipping the end of every word. "Don't know why he's bothering with scum like you though!" he smiled at this, she had no clue why.
       "If he can waste time with scum like you I'm sure he has time for me." she replied sweetly and politely.
       "Why you little shit!" and he reached in and grabbed her neck.
       "Quite enough, Bennson." came a voice from a shadowed figure in the door way but nobody needed to see the face to recognise the voice. Everyone went still and quiet as the figure approached Clare's cell. Jon and Doc backed away with the others but Clare just stood there and looked Dragen Lyle in the face.
       "Feeling brave Clare? You know what I could do right? Or do you just want to be shot like your father?" he said through the bars.
       "Don't you dare say anything against my father you piece of scum!" she shouted back.
       "Cole was right we do have to teach you some manners." and he grabbed the scarf attached to her dress and started to tighten it.
       "Leave her alone!" Jon roared and  hit Lyle's hands making them spring open. Clare stumbled back coughing.
       "Jon. Long time no see! Don't you miss your uncle?" Clare gasped and the whole room seemed to listen, walls and all. "What? Jon didn't tell you that his father and I were brothers? I am disappointed..."

Another twist... I hope you like - it's starting to get interesting...

Lynxia x


  1. I'm. Going. To. Go. Die. Now.

    Write more Shadow :D

  2. I'll write more soon... Maybe I should do it now...?