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Okay, so because I've kinda been neglecting my blog as of late, I'll just post some PJ fan fic, it's not very good but it's filler while I perfect the next few chapters of the Chronicles.

PJ Fan Fic - Chapter 1

(This starts a little earlier than the actual fifth book does. Seen as it's PJ I also get to use words like candy and mom!!!)

       I woke to find Travis Stoll poking my cheek. "Hey!" I complained and swatted at his hand.
       "Get up." he whispered.
       "Why?" I asked, glancing round I saw Conor was the only other one awake and the rest of Hermes Cabin was dark. "What time is it?"
       "It's three in the morning so be quiet, we need help with some revenge." he said, a mischievous glint in his eyes.
       I sighed, they always came to me for revenge, just because I was the daughter of Nemesis. I got my nickname from that too - Nemmy, it started out as Nemesis Junior but then it was just shortened to Nem or Nemmy. My real name is Valerian Richmond but that's always sounded too fancy.
       "What now?" I groaned, sitting up in my sleeping bag.
       Conor produced a bag of eggs. "Athena Cabin is gonna pay." he smiled.
       "No, I'm not trashing a Cabin. Forget it." I lay back down and rolled over.
       "Please?" one asked.
       "No." I said into my hoodie/pillow.
       "But it's revenge! I thought you and your mom were into that kind of stuff!"
       "Not at three am." I grunted.
       "What's going on?" Another voice whispered from above me and on my left. I recognised it as Abi's. She was my best friend here at Camp and had been here since I first came.
       "Nemmy won't help us trash Athena's Cabin!" Conor whined.
       "What time is it, like three am?" Abi asked.
       "Yeah." me and Travis said at the same time.
       "Well of course she won't, it's too early!"
       "Why are you up?" Rebecca Utanae chimed in.
       "Nemmy's being a cow." Travis said.
       "Shut up!" I snapped quietly and hit him.
       "Ow" he complained.
       "What was that?" Lance Williams had woken up now.
       "This is your fault." Abi snapped at Conor and threw her pillow at him.
       He took it to the face and went down, squishing his eggs. "Hey!"
       "Are we having a pillow fight?" Adam's voice sounded from near the door.
       "PILLOW FIGHT!!" Lance shouted and the Cabin erupted into chaos. I was hit with Abi's egg soaked pillow and I hit Travis in the face with it.
       Conor began pelting people with half-smashed eggs and before long everyone was screaming and covered in egg.
       "Freeze!" Adam shouted.
       Everyone froze and looked at him. He pointed to the window on the left of the door and a shadow of a harpie was stopped outside.
       Everyone shared worried glances, if we made a noise she'd rush in and probably eat us or something. Eventually the shadow moved and there was only a moment before eggs started to fly again.


       Eventually, we did stop attacking each other with eggs and pillows and sweeped all of the eggs under the bunk beads and headed towards the pavilion when the horn sounded. We all crowded round the Hermes table for breakfast. There were always loads of people in Hermes so I had to sit on a small, plastic chair at the end of one of the benches.
       Breakfast passed with the normal hub-bubb of noise, laughing and passing round of food plates but it all seemed fragile. There were less people than ever at Camp and we all knew what had happened to some of them, Percy had told us all of the Princess Andromeda where Luke was raising his army of monsters and turned demi-gods - including my brother, Ethan.
       I realised I wasn't eating but Abi poked me and I jerked back to my senses. "Come on, we've got sword practice with Jackson." she said and pulled me towards the arena.
       Inside we lined up against the back wall while Percy was demonstrating some moves we'd been practising this week. Then he called people up to practice fighting.
       I, meanwhile, day dreamed, like I always do.
       "Don't let your guard down!" Percy shouted but still got Adam in the ribs. "Sorry, dude. Bad luck."
       "Gods damn it." Adam muttered and stepped round to the edge of the arena to wait with the rest of us.
       Becky sighed. "He's so cute when he's fighting."
       I rolled my eyes. "He doused himself in seawater first, I can smell the seaweed from here."
       "I don't care." A dreamy look crossed her face as Percy started training with Neil. After a few strokes, Neil was down but Percy helped him up.
       "You're getting better." he said encouragingly.
       Neil muttered something about hating sword fighting and walked to the edge of the arena to wait with the rest of us.
       Percy called out to me. "Hey Nem, you haven't been up yet, why don' you come up?"
       I gritted my teeth but Abi pushed me forward. I gave her a death glare but stood in front of Percy with my sword, a heavy scowl on my face.
       Percy took the first swing but I leaned out then slashed at his arm making him turn. I brought my sword back up and managed to make a small cut on his shoulder.
       He gasped like he hadn't been caught out in a fight in a while then did a full turn and engaged me again. Pings sounded as our bronze swords clashed again and again, our feet pressing forward or skipping back to avoid the other blade. I pushed forward again when I saw a dark shape in the entrance to the arena. Nico di Angelo was leaning against the wall as if he had just melted up from the shadows.
       I'd let my guard down and Percy managed to push me down with the hilt of his sword. I glared up at him but accepted his hand and he helped me up.
       "Hate to interrupt but we need to talk." Nico said to Percy. He had been doing this since the summer session started, turning up, talking to Percy and each time Percy came back, he seemed even quieter and desperate.
       Percy broke a smile. "Yeah, sure." then he clapped me on the back. "Keep practising  you're getting better." he said then followed Nico out of the arena.
       "I threw my sword point down in the dirt. "Stupid Nico." I muttered. "He had to show up then, didn't he." I grumbled.
       Abi smirked at me. "Admit it, you're not sore you lost, you're just sore he didn't speak to you."
       "Shut up." I snapped and kicked my sword.
       Abi laughed.

Like? Anyway, these are the main three characters for my fan fic.

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Happy (late) Halloween, guys!!!!

Sorry this post hasn't been sooner but I've been away from home a lot... Anyway, just wanted to show you my Loki cosplay outfit that I wore for Halloween this year. It's not as good as some of the others that I've seen, heck, it's the WORST!! But for under £10 I think I did okay... Ish...

I know I look like a complete idiot but I don't care!! It took me forever to get my hair to stay like that...

Anyway, 'tis my Blog-day tomorrow so I'm going to upload the start of my PJ fan fic, promise!!! If I don't, you have permission to beat me up with brightly coloured lollies.

Lynxia x