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One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 8 - A Plan and Old Friends...

Wow, I'm so sorry it took so long to get back on wi-fi! Anyway, here it is - Chapter 8! I hope you like it! All I need to do now is type up the chapters and post them but that might take a while... 

Anyway, I'll shut up now and let you read...

       From the warehouse we headed back to the house where Ivy had kept the, now dead, man prisoner. When we realized where Ivy was taking us Sparky stopped and looked at Ivy.
       "I'm not going in there until the body's gone." she said.
       "But I don't want to move the body." Ivy whined "Killing is fun. Hiding the body is boring!"
       Sparky looked at her, stone etched into every feature.
       "Fine." Ivy sighed and went down to the basement. She came back up with the body and left. During the half an hour she was gone everyone checked out the house. Two bedrooms, 19th century, wooden.
       Falling apart.
       When Ivy came back Sparky archer her eyebrow at her.
       "Well?" she said.
       Ivy sat at what once was a cosy kitchen table and put her feet on it and leaned back in the chair.
       "He's gone for a swim." she said, cracking an evil smile.
       Sparky sighed, rolled her eyes, smiled slightly and went back to counting the crushed crackers in the crumbling wooden cupboard.
       I went upstairs, avoiding the broken steps, and went to check the walls leading to the other houses to make sure the neighbouring 'mortals' could not hear us or see us and such.
       I got to the landing when Sheldon stuck his head out of one of the bedrooms.
       "Hey Nix!" he called to the other bedroom across the landing.
       "Yeah?" Nix called from the room.
       "This place is more of a dump than yours." Sheldon called, smiling gleefully.
       "One day..." Nix grumbled followed by a stream of unprintable language.
       I heard laughter from downstairs that was swiftly cut off and followed by the sound of trying not to laugh.
       More unprintables came from the room Nix was checking. The mildest of which was 'I'm going to shove my sword up Sheldon's ___ one day.'
       "So..." Zath called when he could keep a straight face. "What're we doing? Staying here until, when was it, Thursday?"
       "Guess so." replied Flame.
       "But there's only two bedrooms and one thing that could be classed as a sofa." Nicholas said as I was covering a hole by the stairs.
       "You're sleeping on the floor then." Robin said, a smile in her voice.
       "But what we really need is a plan. Not bickering over beds." said Sparky, silencing Nicholas with a glance.
       "Yeah, and I think I've got one." Flame said, a thinking look on his face.

       We were on the twelfth floor of the HQ of McKreen Banks Ltd. We had discovered, on arrival that the dress code was formal - and here we were in dark clothing and weapons strapped to our belts. Perfect for dark corridors, not for the brightly lit offices and function rooms of the skyscraper.
       So, that explained why we were in the cupboard looking for shirts, jackets or anything that could be viewed as normal. I was also looking for shoes as, apparently, I 'hunted' (as I used to say according to Eve) bare foot.
       "Here." Robin said, chucking a pair of size nine Doc Martins at me.
       I caught them and placed my bow against the wall as I tied them up. They were three sizes too big so I shoved ripped shirt into the ends.
       It didn't help much.
       Soon we all had jackets to cover our weapons and my quiver and shirts too, for effect.
       "I look ridiculous." Sheldon said, wrinkling his nose at the striped shirt he had pulled over his navy blue T-Shirt.
       "We all do Shelly. Deal with it." said Zath, pushing past him towards one of the function rooms.
       Everyone followed him, Sheldon scowling, into the room.
       Instantly we were absorbed by the crowd, nobody really paying any attention to the oddly dressed people who had just arrived.
       People were laughing, talking, gossiping, clinking their champagne glasses in toast and just mingling in general.
       Sparky had shown me and Nicholas a file picture of Vengeance so we knew what to look for.
       "Remember," she had said "If you see her, come and find the rest of us. Don't go up to her alone." she had warned.
       We were just covering who was looking where when a woman with dark auburn hair, dark blue eyes and wearing a shimmering, silver dress ran up and hugged Sheldon.
       "Sheldon!" she squealed.
       "Li - Linden?!" he stammered, hugging her back.
       "Of course!" she said standing back. "I kind of, maybe, followed you a little when you left. You know, saw your thoughts. I decided to wait in London because whenever Lynxia," she said my name with venom and threw a dagger glare at me "Drags you into trouble, you end up in London." she finished blushing slightly and smiled sheepishly at him.
       "Psychics." he said shaking his head "Just as long as you're okay." he said smiling back now.
       Ivy groaned and pushed between them and walked down the southern corridor. 
       Sparky gave Sheldon an apologetic glance then turned and went with Flame to the northern area.
       Nicholas and Nix went after Ivy, who had disappeared.
       Zath and Eve headed west and me and Robin went east.
       We wandered from room to room looking. When we reached the fifth room, we were just about to go and find the others and tell them she must have heard of us coming and left when we saw the woman in the strapless, crimson dress. It flowed down to her feet and moved like liquid. 
       It was no mortal fabric.
       She had ebony brown hair like mine. The same pale skin but with dark green, glittering eyes.
       Tallulah Vengeance.
       She flashed a dazzling smile and flicked her elbow length hair over her shoulder.
       The man she was talking to moved to his right slightly. He had brown hair, cropped short and scars running down his face. Two on his right cheek. A large one from just above his left eyebrow to the left side of his lip. And one were his right eyebrow should be.
       He looked around and looked straight at me.
       His smile dropped and terror became apparent.
       His eyes widened.
       He rubbed his hands on his trousers.
       He then stammered something to Vengeance and all but ran to another room.
       I looked at Robin, an eyebrow raised. She just shrugged and looked as confused as me.
       I looked back towards Vengeance and she made a 'come with me' notion with her finger.
       Robin pulled out her phone and text the others then started after her.
       "Shouldn't we wait for them?" I asked, holding her upper arm.
       She shrugged me off. "Wow, you have changed Lynxx." she mumbled and pushed through the glass doors into the corridor.
       Within minutes Zath, Eve, Sparky and Flame came from a room up the corridor to the right.
       Sheldon and Linden from a room across from the one we had just come from.
       Ivy and Nicholas from a corridor on the left.
       "Nix should be back soon. There were only three guards." Flame said, consulting his watch.
       "Only three? I thought he would have been back soo-" Zath was cut off by four women entering the corridor from the room me and Robin had come from.
       One had light brown hair with blonde flecks. She also had blue eyes and an oval face. Her features looked kind but at the moment they were set in a look of determination.
       Next to her was a woman with creamed coffee coloured skin and dark brown eyes. Her hair was also brown but with a red-ish tinge. Her face had angular cheek bones and a rounded chin. The affect of which made her look younger than she probably was.
       The last two were clearly twins.
       They both had short, choppy raven hair that was slightly blue in the light. Their faces were angular and pointed with cheek bones so sharp they could probably cut flesh and their eyes were a deep blue. The only way to tell them apart was that the twin on the right had a a dark brown freckle under her left eye.
       All three were wearing dark clothes, like ours under the disguises, and had a feline sort of stance. Particularly the one with dark brown hair.
       They all stared at us.
       We stared back.
       Finally Sparky choked out two words.
       "Star? Lav?" she said.
       "H - Hi Sparky." the woman with the light brown hair said sounding surprised.

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Histories, people, histories!

You, yeah, YOU!

Is your character in One For You, Two For Me? (Yes, this includes Star and Lav, yeah, you too!) Well, I need your characters history! I've meant to ask for a while but never got round to it but I am now so...

Get to it now!!!!! Go go GO!

Go wild. I need if you've ever killed anyone, if anyone's ever tried to kill you. Al that kind of stuff. Make them lengthy. I want ALL the information! And Zath, try to keep it in one post, I don't need that much information. If you don't know what I'm in about, Zath posted about three of four posts on Sparky's blog all to do with history.

Anyway, I think that's it.

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Nick Lang's legs!

You will only get this if you've seen Holy Musical B@man. If you haven't seen it, YouTube it. It's amazing. I've watched it three times so far since it was uploaded on YouTube at 1:15 am my time. Anyway, it won't take long to figure out who Nick Lang plays. So yeah...

Nick Lang's legs.

YouTube it and you'll know!

Just a random post...

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One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 7, Part 2 - Warehouse of Hell...

I've managed to sneak onto the wi-fi so I could update this with the next bit. Hope it's OK!

        In the office it was furnished like it was a modern bank. It had a white marble floor with granite columns and black wood furniture. It surprised me how much stuff they could fit into this small office or through the small wooden door we had come through, but they had managed it and it was not cramped inside either.
       Flame went over to the desk and started going through the draws. Everyone followed his lead and went to check draws of filing cabinet.
       I went over to Sparky. “What are we looking for?” I whispered.
       Sparky smirked. “I don't really know. Anything that would tell us where Vengeance is I suppose.” she said, pulling out a notebook that held nothing in it but children's drawings. Each one used the same thick lines, it looked like the same child had done them all. Sparky turned it over and her eyes widened slightly but I thought it was nothing to do with me. I turned round to look for a draw or something I could search. But what I saw, however, was a little more helpful. It was a calender. And on the date marked for two days from now was something written in big red lettering.
       “Uh, Flame.” I said, pointing at the calender. “I think I've found something.”
       Flame looked up. He walked over to the calender. “Nine o'clock, McKreen Bank Office Party.” he said.
       “Well that was easy.” Nix said.
       “A little too easy...” Zath muttered.
       “Well, there's no point hanging round here.” Sparky said moving to the door. She opened it and looking back at her was a man in black clothing wearing a matching balaclava. “What?” she said but he pushed past and ran at Ivy. More followed. Pushing past and running at us. Soon there were so many we could hardly move. Everyone had been pushed together. I felt Sheldon grab my arm and Robin grabbed my other. I felt the air vanish and we appeared in the main building of the warehouse.
       “They are incredibly cliché ninjas.” Eve said, laughing at their thin swords and thin clothes.
       “Thanks for that, Eve.” Ivy snarled and lowered into a stance. “Cliché or not, I wanna kick some ninja ass.” With this, the ninjas charged. They moved with each other like black water. Forming rows, they pulled out there swords. Everyone else settled into stances. Flame and Zath with fire in their hands. Nix was about to charge by the look of it. Sparky's fingers crackled with electricity. Robin had her sword out and it was pulsing a faint red. Ivy stood there smiling, she looked murderous. Nicholas had pulled out a pistol and was aiming at the closest ninja. Even Sheldon had settled into a kind of low stance, like a tackle.
       I realised I was the only one not in a fight position and so tried to look like I knew what I was doing. My bracelet felt cool, like it knew what was coming. I realized then what I should do. I curled my fingers and felt the shadows latch on like magnets. The shadows rose in the room and came to me like obedient dogs. I knew now, this was where I belonged. I smiled too, loving the feeling.
       The ninjas charged, lifting their swords. I let instinct take me and charged with everyone else. A roar escaped somewhere to my left but I didn't look over. I used the shadows to punch a hole in one ninja's chest the whirled and kicked another into his colleague. One made a grab for my neck and so he got a slap, amplified by the shadows now streaming over my body. They seemed to have a mind of their own. As I turned around again and again they seemed to know what to do. Yet something in the back of my mind told me not to go too far. Something told me I didn't want to go too far. I continued to turn, kick, punch and, occasionally, bite my way free. When I got the hair out of my eyes, I looked up and everyone was looking at me.
       “What?” I asked.
       Sparky walked over. “Shads, I think you better sit down. Just for a bit.” she said.
       “But I feel great.” I said, confused.
       “That's the point. Please, sit down. Let it pass.” I sat down while Sparky went to help the others move the bodies so they were hidden by machines. Robin walked over and sat next to me on the floor.
       “You did great.” she said.
       I looked at the bodies that had been chopped in half. There were more than a few. “So did you.” I said.
       “Come on. You seem all right now. I think she's gone.” Robin smiled then clamped her hand to her mouth like she had said something she wasn't meant to.
       “Who's gone?” I asked.
       “Doesn't matter. Come on.” she said and we helped to hide the bodies.
       But somewhere at the back of my mind, something was screaming, wanting to be let out.
       “Soon...” Elaisse whispered in my unconscious “Soon...”

Elaisse, by the way, is Lynxia's True name. It's been sealed but Elaisse is... no other way to put it really - a power hungry bitch.
There are some bits with Elaisse in here -
Look for the ones written by me and you'll see what Elaisse is like.

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One For You, Two or Me..., Chapter 7, Part 1 - Warehouse Of Hell...

       We headed down towards the river. Most of the crowds had dispersed now leaving only a small trickle of people. I glanced up at a large clock tower and the time said it was ten minutes past ten o'clock. The warehouses were behind the docks, shielded from passers-by by the cranes. We picked our way through the warehouses until we came to the one which had a large, white number fourteen painted on the door.
       This warehouse seemed abandoned but we went inside. Inside there was a large space in the middle with all the old machinery pushed to the edges. Steps rose to catwalks lining the room and in one corner was the tower which held two offices.
       In the middle, a man stood practising with a sword on a scarecrow dummy. He was talking to himself as he did it. "Ha ha! Bet you didn't see that coming." he would say or "You nearly had me then." as he jumped round it. 
       Ivy smirked and the man fell over. "What? You- You talked... Back!" he squealed.
       Eve was doubling up with silent laughter and Zath and Nix were grinning. I stood there confused. And Sparky, Robin and Flame acted as if they'd seen it all before. Nicholas stood as confused as me and Sheldon decided to end it. He teleported over and took the man. When he came back, the man wasn't with him.
       Ivy scowled. "I was having fun." she said.
       "Too bad." Sheldon said.
       Robin pushed past them and headed over to the bottom office. "If this is their HQ, I thought it would have been guarded better." she said.
        "Me too." replied Sparky, looking round suspiciously.
        Nix walked over to the door. It wouldn't open. "Locked." he said. He tried kicking it. It didn't give.
       In turn Sparky, Flame, Robin, Zath and Eve tried to get the door down but failed.
       "Oh, Move aside." Ivy said, kneeling in front of the lock. "Mist, give me that pen." 
       Zath gave her the pen.
       We heard a series of clicks. "Flame, shut up." Ivy said over her shoulder.
       "I didn't say anything!" Flame said defensively.
       "You're thinking aren't you?" Ivy said, turning the pen in the lock.
       Flame sighed. "I can't not think." he said.
       "Try." came Ivy's reply.
       There was silence.
       "I can still hear you." Ivy said after a few seconds.
       "I didn't think about anything!" Flame replied, clearly getting angry.
       "You were thinking about not thinking." Ivy said calmly.
       Flame growled.
       "Even after nine years you're still winding each other up." Zath said, rolling his eyes.
       Ivy grinned and pushed the door open. "We're in."

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I couldn't just drop it...

Most of you know that I did the Power Shot things last half term. Well I couldn't just leave it. So look who joined the party...

Yup, It's Star Inkbright!

I'll post some more pics later and over the week.

For now...

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Update 09/04/2012 17:46

Another picture. This is one of Sparky and Flame's Blog wedding. You have no idea how long this took. the CC I had to download or the amount of annoying things the Sims were doing whilst I was trying to get them to sit down or stand up straight. Enjoy...

Yeah, that is phoenix podium. You'll see what it's for in a minute, hopefully...

Until I update again...

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Update 09/04/2012 17:58

Last pic...

Yeah, Ivy's giving a speech. Me and Sparky find it funny and Flame is looking bored. I wonder what she's saying...

Last update so...

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The neglected story Wilting Rose and book covers...

OK, first of all - story time!

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 6, Part 2 - Training...

       I flew over to the island. It was fairly big and spacious with green fruit trees, small beaches and assault courses. Yes, assault courses. Renna smiled at me. "You fly well, that's for sure. Come on. Time to train."
       And so I trained. Over assault courses. Flying whilst carrying Renna on my back. Hovering for as long as I could, which kills by the way. I trained for a long time because by the time Renna told me to stop the sky was an inky black and the stars. We repeated the training regime for one of your human weeks and at the end of the eighth day Gantrov landed on the beach just as Renna was hauling me out of some mud.
       "These silly little games won't teach her anything." he practically spat at Renna. She looked at him with a look of menace and then grumbled something we couldn't here. "What was that?" Gantrov snapped at her.
       "I just lost The Game!" Renna said looking quite upset, "I hadn't lost it in two days and now I have. Humph!" She crossed her arms and stamped her foot. By this time I was thoroughly confused.
       "Er, Renna. What is 'The Game'?" I asked.
       Her eyes lit up. "Well, it's a human thing where -"
       "We have no time for human things." he cut across her. "Ganta said she must go to Cydonia now." he smiled now "The situation is getting worse."
       Renna gasped. "After only seven moons of training he plans to send her out? And how could it get any worse?"
       "Yes he plans to send her now. And as for the situation getting worse..." he pulled out his stone tablet "Look, you know her?" he showed me a picture of a woman tied up. Her deep red hair was matted and uneven. Her brown/orange eyes looked defeated. Her tanned skin was cut and bruised.
       I gasped. "Mother?" I whispered. We were identical. Except my skin was a milky white like my father's and I was slightly taller. Otherwise, we could have been the same person. She seemed to be unconscious, in some kind of mud hut. She was tied to a wooden pole that rose from the ground and her feet were nailed to the floor meaning she could not sit. "She's in Cydonia? What is Cydonia?" I asked, not taking my eyes away from the picture.
       "Cydonia, Umbra, is the city of the Errnight clan. She seems to be in one of their Heat Huts. Where they boil people alive." he explained at my confused face. "It's past the Gates of Hell. Nobody who has ever gone has ever returned. But Ganta seems to think you can. I'm just giving you the message." With that he flew off.
       I turned to Renna. 
       I made a noise that was half scream, half  squeak. "I don't want to go. Anyone but me. I can't do this!" I was shaking now.
       "You are ready. You will be fine. I can tell. Go get some sleep and in the morning will get you suited up." Renna gave me a slight push down the beach. I took off and headed for Crescent Avenue, where our house was, wondering - What did she mean by suited up?

Wow, I haven't wrote any of this in ages...........

Book covers for Zath and Nix...

^^ Remaining ^^

^^ Infection ^^

I've had to shrink them otherwise they were huge... Ah well, that's that...

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