Friday, 23 December 2011

Blood and Water, Chapter 8, Part 3 - Murder on the Dance Floor...

       The door to Jon's room was smashed open. Clare went in cautiously. Jon was strapped to a chair and had fresh, bleeding cuts all over his face. Clare ran up and untied him. "Jon? Jon? Can you hear me?" she was frantic now, looking round expecting someone to appear and try and kill them.
       "Ugh....." was all she got in return. She left Jon on the bed and ran  back to the sails floor. 
       "STOP!" she shouted over the noise off music, general chatter and the clinking of wine glasses. "STOP!" she shouted again. "Everyone stop! Someone got into the building and overthrow Jon! They could be here any second!" Everyone looked at her but just as people started to panic the windows to her left smashed at ten figures in black jumped through. She recognized them as the Elite Squad. They started to round everyone up and deflecting their magic. The soldier closest to her took of his mask. It was Cole. He smiled.
       "Hello Clare, you're coming with me."

Now it's getting interesting... 

Merry Christmas! I can't believe I got near a computer on Christmas Eve but I have so... Here you go!

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