Thursday, 22 December 2011

Blood and Water, Chapter 7, Part 1 - Change...

       Clare was still sulking. 'Don't worry,' Jon had said 'You only get deaths when non-Sworns manage to wriggle their way in.' So here she was watching as Jon walked onto the mat on the floor of the basement set out for competitors. Padded out in all their fighting gear they looked quite scary, Clare thought. Jon came out to lots of cheers and so did his competitor. She recognized him as Marshall Courts. He was quite strong but Jon was stronger. They pulled out their weapons. Jon's, a long black sword with a hilt made of finest silver. It glowed slightly green as Jon's major element was Earth. Marshall's was a very thin pointed dagger. His glowed blue as his major element was Water. 
       All Sworns place their energy inside a weapon so it is like a part of that person. They also have a major element; Water; Fire; Air or Earth. They can use the other elements but that one is strongest. Secondarys have all the powers Elementals don't. Mind reading, seeing into the future, dark and light and so on. Elementals however have control of the Ancient Elements, like Sworns, and all of the elements discovered by scientists. Gold, silver, nickle, argon and the others. 
       "I want a fare fight," rang Clyde Pepperman's voice around the room. "This is a fight to see who can hit the most tags. There is one on the chest, one on the back, one on both shins and elbows and one on the top of the head for hilt attacks only." This last one he made very clear. "Begin."
       They swung into action dodging and countering moves other people could only dream of. The noise faded and all you could here was the shing of clashing swords. Clare started to feel dizzy - the Fermido was coming back. No, she thought, I won't go under. And she didn't. She opened her eyes to see Jon and Marshall still fighting for the Agradist Cup - a big honor among Sworns. They were in a draw. Next person to hit the chest tag wins. Jon was moving in. People were shouting support and Clare joined in when Marshall spun and instead of hitting the chest tag, slit Jon's throat. Jon fell to the ground still with his eyes open. "No!" Clare screamed. "No!"
       She felt hand shaking her shoulders but just curled up into a ball and cried. "Clare get up." It was Doc Tempestas but he didn't sound like he'd been crying even though he had been watching. "Clare get up, it was just the Fermido, you've seen it before" At this she opened her eyes.
       "It wasn't Fermido. " she sobbed "Jon's dead. Marshall killed him." At this she fell apart crying in her tight ball.
       "What you think I'm dead?" It was Jon. But how could he be here, she thought, I saw him die. She then heard a beeping noise and knew the Doc was scanning her. Jon was now helping her up and wiping her eyes with a tissue. "What is it? How come I'm 'dead'?"
       "It's changed," Was all his father said looking baffled at the screen of the medical instrument he had just scanned Clare with.
       "The Fermido?" Asked Clare with a voice that was still shaking.
       "Yes. The Fermido." He replied.

Ooooh! A twist! Bet you never saw that coming...

Lynxia x


  1. I was abount to kill you for letting Jon die... the Good physically stops Sworn harming any other Sworn or true innocent (reserved for children, generally) The one thing that the Good will interfere with other than that it's just like a conscience. Then I read on and was like, ah kay, fine. Then I was like WTF? Meaning WHAT THE FERMIDO? So write fast my friend because I'm excited

  2. I'm glad you liked it Robin... But I have something else just before that...

  3. Well I thought I did but my computer lost the pictures so... OK.