Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 6, Part 1 - Training...

       Me and Renna walked out of the courtroom to cat calls. The most mild of which was 'Go cut off your wings and jump off a cliff'. We walked out into the square. Opposite us was the town hall with its white washed walls, like the rest of the city, and bronze bell tour. In the centre of the square was a fountain made of brown marble and a cream coloured stone. On the top was a statue of Arc Angel Gabriel made out of gold. He held a gold copy of the Arc Angel Staff, a long thin dark wood pole topped with a crescent moon made of sapphire, and a stone tablet. It was thicker than the ones used now but I reminded myself that his was around three thousand years older (yes, three thousand even though I know some of your Human religions say two thousand but it was three thousand, sorry). The fountains bottom contained the gold Drachmas, yes Greek money. It's ours, you were bound to get something right, the Greeks thought we were gods and started using the money. I thought about how my father had brought me to the city when I was little to board the Palton to go on holiday and had made wishes by throwing in a Drachma.
       We carried on walking. Imagine an Italian (is that right?) town. White buildings with red roofs and cobbled streets. On our left was a large building with a sign saying 'Madame  Forfair's Departments'. It was a shopping centre and was quite expensive. I heard girls at school talking about it but I'd never been in. On our left was the Garden of Eden. It was a nice place but guarded heavily because if its history. The Cherubs, our police officers; not the little cute things that you've depicted them as but strong tall Angels with short hair - men and women, were holding their flaming swords. We walked through the two cherubs on guard at the gates, a woman and a man. The nodded their heads to Renna and gave me a sceptical look after glancing at my wings but let me pass. Inside was beautiful. We followed the North River down to where it met with East, South and West. In the middle of where they met was an island - Chairman only. On it was a natural spring that flowed into the rivers, fuelling them. Renna flew over onto the island and turned round. She shouted to me.
       "Come on! Come over!"

Like? I ask you this every time...

Lynxia x


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