Saturday, 11 February 2012

Miffment and OC's needed! (You as a person in Blogland, NOT CHARACTERS!!!)

I. Am. Miffed. And that is to put it lightly. What is the problem? I hear you ask, I'll tell you.

I cannot comment of ANY of Robin's blogs!

I'm not happy! I'm still reading your stories Robin I just can't comment on them. Or on The Straight Jackets! I HATE IT!

As you may have noticed I have also changed my display name from Shadow9 to Lynxia Lost. Farewell Shadow9, I still treasure the title deeply...

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 4, Part 2 - Secrets and Lies...

        I stared open mouthed. I was in the same room as the Arc Angel. And he seemed fairly happy. He sat down on the chair next to me as if we had planned the whole thing. I shook my head and looked at the headmistress. She didn't seemed fussed. "Good Morning, Arc Angel." she said and then turned back to me. "You'll be leaving for Raltazar now. Take your bag and the rest of your belongings will be sent along." Questions bubbled in my mind. I wanted to say one but every time I grasped for one it flew away. 
       "But, why Miss?" I said, still totally confused.
       "Because, Miss Umbra," she said lightly "You're special," I gave her a quizzical look "Your Chains have broken early. This means you are more powerful than you know, so powerful that you cannot be bound by the ancient magic of The Chains. This could mean you are the one meant to lift the curse." My mind went spinning off. Words floated round in my head.
       Ancient magic.
       Lifting the curse.
       "Yes, Miss Umbra." the Arc Angel said, as if reading my thoughts. "You're very powerfull but you will need training." He pulled out what looked like a very thin stone tablet and started engraving inscriptions on it with his finger. "Right, we'll leave straight away." He stood. "Well?" he asked, arching his left eyebrow at me.
       "Oh, right." I stood and waited. He waved his arm and I felt a warm sensation building in my toes and growing. It felt like grains of sand were sticking to me and then, just like that, the grains of sand flew off. Taking bits of me with them. As soon as I started to think WTH? my feet touched solid ground and I was in front of the Imperial Dome.
       I looked to my right and saw the Arc Angel smiling at me.
       I felt my mouth hang open.
       Nobody used Shimmer travel under sixteen.
       Under sixteen's' had to use the Paltons, little flying train things, like a long metal snake with windows.
       "No way." was all I said.

Little favour here! I need your OC's for little project I'm doing. Nothing big! (Preferably you as a person from Blogland, not characters...)

Lynxia x


  1. If you want to be in - I'll need links to your OC's.

    e.g. - I'm Lynxia Lost so I will put in what I look like and powers, simple!

  2. Okey Dokey, here's magical me:

    Eve Azure

    She can make herself look like your worst fear, or someone from your past, or anyone or anything, but only YOU will see it. She's a nice person on the outside, but has a thing for revenge. Just little revenges. Light brown hair stopping at her shoulders, blue-green eyes, fair skin, kinda. When in dire need of physical defense, she will resort to her nails and teeth. Yes, her teeth. She spends her time losing herself in bitter thoughts or sharpening her nails and teeth. Yes, her teeth. Likes to let her hair fall in front of her face.

  3. Okay, don't worry 'bout comments! I NEED MORE OF YOUR STORY LIKE ASAP. You know enough about the Sworn to include me if you would like.
    Written in third because it's easier.

    Fire Sworn, weopon is a katana. Oh they don't glow all the time by the way just when they have an intention to fight and their hand has to be on it. Robin's glows red with purple flecks, purple is a symbol of power in the Sworn (Other) World and so only the Originals have the purple.

    Other less important things:
    Red hair tied in to a low spiky pony tail that hangs over her left shoulder. Ice blue eyes ( I use her eyes a lot to show her personality). Easily aggravated, can be mean, doesn't think things through,(If you're planning to break into somewhere she'd walk up to the front door), she is quick to jump to conclusions, will kill things if they're in her way without mercy(lots o' hate built up in there). Hmmm, she is loyal though she'll never betray you once you're her friend. Doesn't suffer fools gladly, takes no prisoners but there is a sort of humbleness there, she is very protective of the Sworn and her friends....

    That'll do for now before I really get into it bye bye now!

  4. Openly mean but inside she's friendly... that's what Robin is in a nutshell.