Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 5, Part 3 - Justice and Maybe My Death...

       Renna stopped reading and put her stone tablet away. "Have you ever heard these lines before, girl?" Asked Gantrov.
       I shook my head, I couldn't trust myself to speak.
       "So what should we do, Arc Angel, if she is, indeed, the Angel of Prophecy then, what shall we do?" asked the one named Heckilm.
       Ganta shook his head. "There is only one thing for it. We must choose one of us to train her."
       Gantrov sat up a little straighter. "Let me," he said, which I was definitely not thrilled about. "I'll whip her into shape."
       "You?" Heckilm asked "Dearest Gabriel, you'd kill her." he laughed.
       "Let him!" one person shouted from the seated Angel's. Again there were yes's and I agree's.
       Ganta held up his hand and everyone was silent. He then moved his hand clockwise until a small whirlpool had formed in mid-air, except it was completley white. "Everyone place in your Thread." Ganta said. He pulled out a long thin golden thread from the locket on his necklace.
       Renna pulled a bright green thread from the laces of her converse.
       The bald angel, who's name I still did not know, pulled a dark blue thread from a marking on her head.
       Heckilm took his white silk handkerchief and pulled the silver thread from around the edge and dropped it into the whirlpool.
       Gantrov took out a red cravat and pulled the black embroidered thread from it and dropped it in.
       The Threads spun in the whirlpool. Threads were a way of keeping your aura safe so if you died it was woven into the outer hall and that was how you got the pictures and names on the walls. I've never really seen the point but if it's important to them.
       One by one the Threads dropped out of the end. First the gold, then the black. Then came the silver and the blue. The whirlpool dissipated and left the green Thread hanging in mid-air.
       Renna turned to me. "I get to decide?" she asked the others while still looking right at me.
       "It seems that way." said the angel next to her who was placing her Thread on her head and it was absorbed.
       "Yay!" Renna said then pursed her lips. "I don't think you're bad so I won't put you to death and I accept to train you."
       I was relieved and scared.
       Not going to be put to death - Yay, I stay alive!
       Train me - What the Hell do you mean, train me?

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  3. Sure print it and read it and share it at school - I don't care but tell them that I know where they are and if they take it, it's copyrighted and if they say they made it I will hunt them down and torture them, otherwise feel free.

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