Saturday, 4 February 2012


Finally! After many promised snow storms one has actually arrived! The lake by which I live has a sheet of ice on it! Yay! I still doubt my school will close as it never does and I was told the other day that wearing black and being a girl is... How did my head teacher put it?... Oh yes 'Giving your soul to the devil'. At this point I just stared her down, not hard seen as she's smaller than me. Then I just walked away with her yelling that I'm unholy behind me. You know what I thought? Kiss my quiver! (Best line from Percy Jackson! I love it! And I can use it because I do archery! *fist pump*) So SNOW! Yay! Anyway this time I'm just being a bit rambly because I'm hyped up on Skittles! Anyway! TEAM TIME! Have you read Percy Jackson? If you haven't, you should or I will get you! I am Team Nico and if he was my age I would be all over him but... The Fates hate me so I think he's three or four years younger... 

I few of my favourite pics concerning Percy Jackson! Courtesy of DeviantART! 

My lovely Nico!

 This made me laugh! (Link ~

 I hate Twilight! 
(Link ~

That's it for now I think!


Lynxia x

P.S. - I had no control over the picture places again! Curse them to Tartarus! (Sorry I have a little Percy Jackson obsession going on at the moment...)



    Ahem. Team Zoe if you please.

  2. Sparky, Sparky, Sparky... Team Zoe isn't on here because it was who you'd DATE if they were real and your age!