Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am determined to enjoy to day because my good-for-nothing now EX-boyfriend broke up with me over TEXT last night. This is what he said.

'I do luv u but i wanna move on.
 hope u understand. 
plz dont be mad.

Ash x'

Total. Git. 
Don't be mad? I'm going to be ******* furious! When I see him on Monday I'm going to kick him in places boys should NOT be kicked.

Anyway. Back to YOU, my loyal followers.

Are you doing anything special and/or exciting today with someone you love?

I know I owe you action shots but today is about love. So when/if I get Sparky's OC - I'm gonna do a nice shot of her and Flame with a rose in his mouth because that would be funny... *laughs*

I asked a big favour of Robin, here it is...

Me, Myself and the Gun at My Head, Chapter 1, Part 3 - A Plan...

       The Sworn stood there facing them, waiting for them to make the first move. Clare felt the iron around her and waited to pull it in. Jen pulled the light and shadows in around her hands. Left controlling shadows, right controlling light. Clare tapped her phone in her pocket. Sending a message to Jon telling him where they were.
       "We don't want to fight you." Jen said in a calming voice. "Drop your weapon and I'm sure we can sort something out." The Sworn looked tempted when a portal opened at the side of the alley. 
       Clare thought Jon would step through but instead came a young woman, no older than twenty. She wore jeans and a plain white T-shirt but had a black metal breast plate over it. She was bare foot and had long bright red hair that was over her left shoulder. Her eyes were ice blue and had an unforgiving look. She turned and saw the Sworn. She tilted her head and looked as though she was reading a book. The Sworn got on his knees and bowed down in front of this new woman.
       "Get up." she said in a crisp voice like the cracking of ice, and just as cold. He got up and she pointed at the portal. "Go."
       "But what about-"
       "I will sort your family now go." he went through the swirling mass of grey and purple and it faded. Jon sprinted round the corner and stopped. He looked at the woman and got to his knees, head bowed.
       Who was this woman? Clare thought.
       "Excuse me, but, who are you?" Clare asked.
       "Me?" the woman asked like she had just been chosen out of a huge group of people. "I am Robin Snowscar."

And because the Latin needed correcting and has been done so... The Straight Jacket coat of arms!

Thank you to Author-To-Be for correcting the Latin!

That's all for now, though...

Lynxia x

Update 14/02/12 15:57

Can you tell what this is? I really hope so!

This is Flame on the right in a tux with tails and a rose in his mouth singing to Sparky over on the left in a bright yellow checked dress. There are also swans on the lake with a waterfall as well. The fish are there but don't pay them any attention. 

This is for Valentine's Day as that is what day it is here in England right now. I hope this is OK. I wish I could see the look on Flame's face when he sees this...

Bye bye then!

Lynxia x


  1. AW SH*T!

    *slaps forehead*

    I completely forgot!

    Sparky has long, straight brown hair, traditionally in a ponytail. Green eyes, freckles, pale skin. Wears a jackets like Val's in the first book, cargo pants, red shirt, boots, belt with Makhaira hanging from it.

    That's it, unless you want charictaristics.

  2. Ass. Kick him once for me too Shadow;)
    *Is elated and dancing*
    The picture's cute*n'awwws*

  3. That goodfornothinglittletwerp. Beep beep beep! When you see him next, tell him next time he wants to break up with someone, he can do it in person. (for instant ass-kicking) He didn't deserve your awesomeness anyway.