Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The End Of The World and a new story...


If you can't tell, I'm happy... I'm reading it now and I've already finished it once and I got home at 15:32 and it is now 16:06. I'm happy. I will probably be reading it for the next week or so as to digest it and memorise it... Fun!

Anyway, something new... Hope you like...

One for you, two for me..., Chapter 1, Parts 1 and 2, Hello, Welcome To My Life...

       I stepped over to the man on the floor. I took an arrow from my quiver and nocked it. "Any last requests?" I asked sweetly.
       "Yes," he said "Please don't kill me, Miss Lost." You'd be surprised how many times I hear that in my line of work. I fired the arrow and hit hit the middle of his chest. Blood started to seep from the wound and his eyes still had their last look of terror in them. I removed the arrow from his chest, the point was not broken so I placed it back in my quiver, no point wasting it. 
       I pulled a black Sharpie pen from my pocket. I drew two fancy L's and a kiss, x. This was my signature, so they knew I'd done it. Well I didn't want anyone else taking the credit - I would not get paid.
       I stepped over the body and heard sirens outside. "Lynxia Lost," came a male voice through a crackling mega-phone. "We know it is you, come out with your hands up."
       Not bloody likely! I thought and gathered the shadows and shadow walked back to my apartment.
My apartment was on the ninth floor of the apartment building. I walked through the door and my two cats came over. One was a grey colour with yellow eyes, she was Mist and the other was black with dark brown eyes. She was Night. The curled round my feet. I reached down and stroked them. "Hello, I've been working all day, let me finish and I'll get you something to eat."
       I walked to my glass spiral staircase. I had bought the apartment above and made it into my second floor. I walked up and into my study. I closed the door and switched on my laptop. I clicked on the screen button and the badly scarred face of Hanson McKreen appeared on the screen.
       "It is done?" he asked in a low gravely voice.
       "Yes, the police are there now but they don't know you had anything to do with it." Hanson was a big-city banker and needed his nephew taking care of, he knew something. I don't pry, though, so what he knew that needed him dead was a mystery.
       "Excellent, how much did we agree?" he knew exactly how much but I still told him.
       "We agreed on three hundred and fifty. Will I get my money?" 
       "Yes, I wouldn't double cross someone like you, Miss Lost." I wasn't sure but I nodded and closed the laptop. I decided to take a knife with me to get my money tomorrow, just in case. I got up and placed my bow and arrow on the wall. I got changed from my black top and white skinnys into my striped top, black skinnys and slippers. I went downstairs as if I just had a normal job and got out the cat food.

I walked into the library and handed in the copy of A Merchant In Venice I had been reading. Shakespeare isn't that bad. I headed over to the Nature section and was looking at the covers when a man in dark clothing came over. "Miss Lost, I have the money" he turned and opened a briefcase - what a cliché! - and in there was my money in twenty and ten pound notes.
       "Excellent," I said "Hand me the money and we can part ways."
       "Not going to happen, I'm afraid." and he pointed a gun at me. Jerk. I lashed out with the knife and slit his throat befor he could blink, gathered the money into my coat packets and walked out of the building.
       I walked to my car. It was exactly where I'd left it. However there was someone reading a Kindle on the hood. He sat there like it was a park bench, not my car. He looked up as I got closer. He had sandy blonde hair and black eyes. He had high cheek bones and a square jaw. He was fairly handsome. He also had a silver stud in his hose. He put away his Kindle and got up. He held out his hand to shake. "Miss Lost, pleasure to meet you." I looked him up and down. Gold earring in his left ear. Un-tucked shirt, top button un-done. Black trousers and black All Star deck shoes. I then looked at his hand. I waved it away.
       "Who are you?" I cut straight to the chase, I had no time to waste. I had the package in my pocket and had around three minutes before the alarm bells would ring.
       "I knew you were one to cut straight to it but that was a little rude." His hand dropped to his side.
       "Who are you, I don't have time to waste." I glanced over my shoulder - nothing yet.
       "It is not who I am that matters, it is my employer." He opened the door of the passenger side of my car and offered it to me. My car. I got in and he got in a started the car.
       "Who are you?" I asked for the third time.
       "I am Detective Inspector Daniels and you've been arrested."

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Derek said hi to me! Yay! I would, however, like to scold him for not saying hi to Robin twice. Naughty Golden God!

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Off to read TEOTW now! Bye!

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  1. Again, I blame Dymocks...where did you get EotW?

  2. Yes, i like. I'm interested. I want to find out what happens next!

    And, more wilting rose, please?

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    I love that comment.)

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  3. I know, right! I love the pictures Mist made for me! He added to that one, it said Eve the ROCK and it had my Cthulhu in the background! Yay! And I now hate you because u have TEOTW.