Monday, 13 February 2012

Thanks guys!

OK then. I have 7 people for my little project. The maximum in 8 so I think we did pretty well! As a prize, you don't get some of Wilting Rose but something that will drive Robin nuts! Enjoy...

Me, Myself and the Gun at My Head, Chapter 1, Parts 1 and 2 - A Plan...

       The board room was covered in maps and red lines. Tech Kloud was going over something but Clare Thorn was not listening. Her eyes strayed to the ceiling. It was full of elaborate designs and mosaics. In one a handsome man was defeating a red devil. She wished this would really happen for them, to be able to find and destroy the ominous Lady Cressentina. It had been six months since they had faced Lyle and heard his puppet masters voice. Someone shook her shoulder and she looked at Jonathan Tempestas and his yellow hawk-like eyes. "Hmm?" she said looking around to see they were all looking at her.
       "What do you think about the possibility of London?" Tech said looking over the top of some notes which he had picked up off the table.
       "Oh, erm..." she looked at the notes begging for something, anything, to say. She saw it - just a snippet - but it was relevant. "No, I mean look at this." she passed around the piece of paper around and there were muttered agreements. Tech looked older like he had aged six years in six months. He had started working out and had become a strong leader, nothing like the shy man she once knew.
       "Yes, I guess this shows she could be in New York but then again, she could be in most cities." Tech said. Everyone nodded, including Clare.
       "She had an English accent but I couldn't place it." Jon said beside her. She knew this to be true, even though this made her look stupid.
       "So," Tech said, standing up "We go to London."
       "Does anyone have contacts in London?" asked Leona Dantwith, a captain in The Alliance.
       "I do." said a normally quiet girl, aged around nineteen putting her hand up. Although she was cute she was powerful and not afraid to use it. "I hope you don't mind criminals." she said, blushing underneath her black hair.

       The Underground made Clare's skin crawl. She didn't like being in a confined space with so many people standing around. Jen Dalton sat next to her. Humming and twisting her black hair around her finger. Clare leaned in. "I don't like this." she whispered.
       "Not many people do." said Jen and she just carried on looking out of the window at the walls flying past.
       Clare was sure the man opposite her was staring at her.
       Yes, he was definitely staring.
       He shifted in his seat.
       Clare caught a glimpse of a glowing red dagger.
       Damn. She thought.
       She tried to act casually but it was hard. He seemed different than other Sworn she had met. He had look in his eye that suggested that he wasn't friendly and that something big depended on him killing her. She liked that part least.
       They got off near the centre of London. He followed them. They walked for a couple of hours. Clare, Jen and the strange Sworn following them. They don't trust big groups, Jen had said. Nobody knew about her past, and nobody really went into it. All we knew was that one day she turned up at their old office base shaking and begging for refuge. 
       They turned down an old alley by some warehouses when the Sworn made his move.
        He stepped in front of them and drew his dagger. It had a pointed tip that was black instead of silver like the rest. If Clare knew one thing, it was defiantly do not touch the end of that dagger.
       "I can't let you pass," he said, in a gravely voice. He took off his wool overcoat to reveal a muscular man in just normal jeans and T-shirt put his face was scarred and sad with fly-away grey hair. "Me and my families lives depend on this." A tear welled up in his eyes but beside that was also hatred.


OC's so far...

Ivy Animosity: Female. Indigo eyes. Pale skin. Black hair. Looks around 15, is ???. Dark clothes, casual. Slim sword. Unknown.

Zathract Mist: Male. Long black hair. Emerald green eyes. Black clothes. Boots and shades. Two daggers and a pistol. Necromancy and Elemental magic, hasn't chosen a discipline yet, he's 15.

Eve Azure: Female. Short (ends at shoulders), choppy, light brown hair. Blue/green eyes. Fair skin. Resorts to finger nails and teeth for weapons... Adept - Can turn into anyone or anything, e.g. Someone from your past or your worst nightmare and only YOU can see it. Hair falls in front of face.

Robin Snowscar: Female. Red hair. Often over left shoulder. Ice blue eyes. Slightly tanned. Sword. Sworn. Usually wears just jeans and a T-shirt. Looks around 16, is ???.

Flame Phoenix: Male. Red hair. (Not like Robin's bright red, though!) Blue eyes. Pale skin. Normal clothes. Elemental, main power is fire. Sword or whip. Looks around 16, is 100+.

Sparky Braginski:

Lynxia Lost: Female. Dark brown hair. White eyes but often wears blue contact lenses. Normal clothes. Necromancy and bone breaking. Pale skin. Looks 17, is ???. Bow and arrows dipped in poison.

Just waiting on Sparky and then we're good to go! Hopefully will put the pics here before the week is out!

That's it, I think...

Lynxia x

Update - 13/02/12 13:42

Lynxia Lost.

 Zathract Mist.

 Eve Azure.

Robin Snowscar.

 Flame Phoenix.

 Ivy Animosity.

I'll post the action shots when I've finished them! But for now I've just done the basics. The other weapons except my bow and arrow haven't shown up because they're in game things. Don't worry, you'll still get your guns and stuff though!

Lynxia x

P.S. - Sparky, I'll just do you in the action pics.


  1. She doesn't know her age she looses track she's older in my head but sixteen is fine. :)
    And true her hair is VERY red.

    I love the Sworn forever<3 *Bursts with pride*

    *Reprimands bad Sworn* Silly child! What are you doing?You can't kill them they will hurt you -.- AND you're fire tsk... Well he's going to get hurt.


  2. I knew that would drive you insane Robin! *laughs* XD

  3. Yay! It's me in magic-world! Or at least who I WOULD be, if I was in magic-world. Choppy hair. I like it. Wait... are you going to be drawing pictures of our characters, or were you talking about something else? Anyway, I'm so glad I get to be in a story!

    ....Another story!

  4. MORE B&W??????? SORT OF????????

    *sighs happily* thank you, lynxia. I am eternally grateful.

    (Quote from toy story 3: "You saved our lives. We are eternally grateful"

    If you've watched toy story 3, you'll know what i'm talking about . . . )