Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Story, book covers and power shots...

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 5, Part 1 - Justice and Maybe My Death...

       I walked into the Imperial Dome to find myself in a hall way. There were pillars running at one metre intervals down both sides of the hall. Every two pillars were white stone doors leading off to, what I expected to be, more offices, court rooms and hallways. The floor was white marble with gold in patterns along the edges of the room. They were just straight lines but looked at for long enough they seemed to form pictures that moved. The walls were plain white with silver threads running along the walls forming names and pictures of past Arc Angels. There were no statues. That was what I noticed first. I wanted to ask why but it seemed like breaking the silence would result in death. At the end of this hall were a set of double doors. They were four metres tall but did not touch the ceiling which was around ten metres above my head. The doors were white wood with big glass panels and flower engravings and trees etched into it. The Arc Angel raised his hand and the door swung open revealing the room beyond.
       The building got it's name from the main courtroom, which I was now standing in. The dome of the building was white wood with glass panels set in now showing a clear blue sky. The floor was gold and shimmered like a liquid. There were five seats raised on steps at the edge of the room. Other seats sat in rows looking at the raised ones. Four people sat in the raised seats. Two women sat on the left side. One was fairly young. No older than twenty five. Her hair was bright blue and so were her wings. Her eyes were completely black. And I mean all of it, not just the pupil and iris. All of it. But for some weird reason I could still tell were she was looking. She sat side ways on I her chair. Legs over one arm and her leaning back on the other. She was slightly tanned and wore a Paul Frank white T-shirt and shorts with green fish net tights. She was wearing bright red converse All Stars and seemed to be talking to her finger nails. I decided I liked her, she seemed cool.
       The other woman sat bolt upright as if she had been shocked. Her sky blue dress seemed to float around her feet which were in white sandals. The dress was strapless and embroidered with silver swirls at the bottom. Her skin was the colour of coffee with powdered cream. Her eyes were a deep green and twinkled with a mischievous gleam. She was completely bald and in stead had white markings on her head. Her wings were a deep gold that almost matched the floor.
       On the right side were two men. They wore matching black silk suits with no tie and crisp white shirts un done at the top button. There shoes gleamed and reflected the whole room. There faces were very different though. One had a face with black hair that came down to his shoulders. He had brown eyes that reminded me of a warm fire and chocolate cake. His face was death pale but kindly. The man sitting next to him, though, was very cold in his appearance. His white-blonde hair was turning grey and his eyes were the grey of snow clouds. He sat there looking down with a slightly wrinkled nose. I didn't like him. The men both had grey wings.
       One of the first things I noticed was that I was the only one with black wings.
       I saw every other colour. Green. Blue. Yellow. Striped. Even white with black names, what do you mortals call it again... Oh yeah, tattooed on.
       As soon as we walked down between the chairs, all of the people in them started murmuring. Only the ones in the raised chairs were still.
       "Look at her wings." one muttered.
       "Why are they that colour, Mummy?" asked a little girl.
       "They shouldn't allow her kind in here." said an old man loud enough for his row to here.
       This was met by a wave of yes's and I agree's.
       I leaned towards the Arc Angel. "What are they on about?" I whispered.
       "You have the black wings of the Errnight Clan. They were rumoured to be the ones to put the curse on us." Yeah, can you imagine what I thought?

Yes truly amazing. By the end of the day there should be some power shots on the end of this post. That will be fun... Sparky - I can't get the right sword so you are just throwing axes and kicking ass, is that OK with you? 

Late entry-
Nixion Strange: Male. Thin, fairly tall. Is 14. Brown eyes. Black jacket and jeans. Boots and sword.

Book Cover - Every book needs a cover so here is the cover for The Wilting Rose...

You like?

And one for Me, Myself and the Gun at My Head...

Again, you like?

And because I didn't put my name on it before, Blood and Water...

You don't need to give your opinion on this one, really. I just added my name...

Anyway, I do believe that is everything for now...

Lynxia x

P.S. - No, Robin. No more of B&W sequel yet. I don't care how many tantrums you throw, no more yet.
P.P.S. - People seem to think my project is a story, if you want it as a story, say so and I'll do both.

Update 15/02/12 16:22

OK, this is turning into a VERY long post. Anyway - I promised you power shots...

This one took an insane amount of time to make. Getting everyone in  the right pose and place, it took about  half an hour. And then when I got it onto my computer, it crashed so I had to do it again. So not everyone's power shot got done today. I'll finish it tomorrow and Friday. (Probably Friday as I'm going to see the Muppets tomorrow!) 
So, left to right...
Back row - Ivy, Nixion, Me (floating at the back), Robin and Zathract.
Front row - Flame, Eve and Sparky.

So here is Eve and Robin fighting. Robin's holding a sword (Can you tell?) and Eve is crouching.

This is Flame surrounded by fire and that is a fireball in his hand, not an orange! And, yes, he is floating. Don't ask why - I just thought it would be funny.

This just had to go on here! Flame will kill me when he sees this, but in my self defence, I went to get some Angel Delight, I came back and his Simself was doing this of his own free will, I had to put it up.

For this picture my colours where a bit dodgy. This is me summoning shadows and stuff, not lumpy mud!

Some of the girls got into a pillow fight. Just out of the camera shot was everyone else cheering it on. It was very funny!
Left to right - Eve, Robin (hidden behind a pillow), Sparky and Me.

That's all of the pics I got today, I promise I'll get everyone else before the end of the week!

Lynxia x


  1. *Is in love with The Wilting Rose*
    *finishes chapter and sighs*

    Will come back for those shots :D

    I like Nixon good he's in it :)

    *reads PS* *Throws most epic, most ground breaking, most ear drum impaling tantrum the universe and more has ever seen* BUT WHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY?
    *Stops sniveling and read PPS* Sure you could do a story, that'd be cool too:D

  2. Oh my god I loooove ze pictures! En Garde, Robin! *crouches*

    Yay! Pillow fight! Me and Robin are always fighting...*smacks Robin with pillow*