Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 5, Part 2 - Justice and Maybe My Death...

       We reached the cleared area at the top of the courtroom and the Arc Angel went to sit in the empty chair in the middle, leaving me alone. Every person in the courtroom was quiet, waiting to see if I was going to be put to death or strung up and tortured or something like that. I stroked my left wing like I always do when I'm nervous. "What is your full name, child?" asked the bald woman.
       "Fiducia Astrum Umbra." I said clearly. It felt like a lifetime ago I had said those words in class and shown up our new Latin teacher.
       "Cool name." said the girl with bright blue hair who had, finally, stopped talking to her nails. "It's not an Errnight name though." she said to the others.
       "You can't trust them. She could be a spy. Given an Angitian name and sent to live among us and give them our secrets." said the one with the cold face. "Who are your mother and father?" he snapped at me.
       I was about to give him a face full when I remembered he had the power to execute me. "My father is Thanton Geranade Umbra, my birth mother is Demelza Jena Ilyato and my step-mother is Seren Halton Oomat." I said.
       "None of them were Errnights, Gantrov, need I remind you of that? Her mother had black wings but you know she was no Errnight, you knew her family." replied the second man in a honey voice to the older man named Gantrov.
       "Yes, I may have known her family but it does not tell us where her roots were." snapped Gantrov.
       "Gantrov, Heckilm - stop it." said Ganta. He was rubbing his brow. "All we know is that the Cursed Lines said that an Angel under the age of sixteen will have wings of night and a heart of gold. Kelcatrine, bring it up." 
       "I've told you, call me Renna." said the blue haired angel.
       "Kel," said the bald one "It's a sign of respect to refer to people by they're last names."
       "Whatever." Renna grumbled and brought out a thin stone tablet. She drew on it with her finger and then read aloud.

'An angel with wings of the darkest night,
Will lift your curse when she takes flight.
Her heart is of purest gold,
With powers that cannot be for told.

In her eyes you will see your life,
She will grant you prosperity or eternal strife.
Her hair blazeth with deepest fire,
And when a chairman is lost you will call her sire.'

Three words went through my head. What the Hell?


  1. What the hell is three words...
    I love angels, I can't write angel stories they're too over done, but you've got a really original take her, I like. Write more, fast.

    I'm so excited but I want more of MMATGAMH like NOW.

  2. Oh yeah, oops. And no, *wags finger* no more yet.

  3. Oooooh. Cool.

    I like it how her name means, like, trust in the shadow of the star. It goes well with the whole 'wings of night and heart of gold' thing. Well plotted, Lynxia. *claps*

  4. ....Is her heart literally made of gold?