Friday, 24 February 2012

Stuff doesn't usually happen round here...

So, today whilst at the bus stop a fight breaks out. Over by the Subway, three guys round on another and call him a few names. A few punches are thrown and two of the attackers - shall we call them that? Well we are now - run down the hill and the bus stop and disappear into the woods and among the few houses in town. No idea what happened to the third but now the one who was called a few names, that I shall not repeat, has a tree branch and is running after the other two hoping to put it somewhere it shouldn't be. Somebody called the police and it turned into a full scale chase. And the bus came and I travelled seven miles and here I am now typing up what happened.  (OK, it's not that exciting but nothing EVER happens around here so let me have this one.)

And because I'm feeling nice, some more of my story... (Not Wilting Rose, sorry. I can't find my plan so I'll look for that over the weekend.)

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 2, Part 1 - I'm Arrested, Again...

       We drove down to the police station and when we got there he put me in those stupid mortal hand cuffs and took me in. I was put in an interrogation room and waited for half an hour before he came back with another older guy who I presumed to be his boss. The old guy sat at the table and faced me. DI Daniels went and stood in the corner.
       The old guy placed some notes on the table with pictures paper clipped to them. "You are Lynxia Lost, is that correct?" he asked.
       "I am." I replied, short and sweet, well, maybe not sweet.
       "You killed these people?" he asked and indicated to the photos, of which there where many.
       "Yes, but you didn't get all of them. There was the guy in the ditch and that family in the burned out house too. They were some of mine."
       "And this one," he held up a picture of a man with long blonde hair and my sign on his cheek "You do realise you face the death penalty in America for this one, right?" 
       I nodded.
       "We will deport you." he said, and it sounded like a threatening tone. I didn't like being threatened, and I didn't respond well to it either.
       "Deport me then. I'll slip through their grasp just like I've done with you on many occasions." I smiled.
       He was fast turning red. "Look here, you are no great person. We can knock you off your ass as easily as a knife can cut through melted butter." he was a leaning over the table now, pointing in my face.
       So I leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "I would like to see you try." And I was thankful for his hand being so close because I reached out, touched it and heard the fingers break. I also noticed that the single bare bulb cast lots of shadows in the room. It must have been my lucky day.
       He cried out and I flipped the table so it landed on him. I took hold of the shadows and grabbed DI Daniels and knocked him against the wall and he fell. I kicked the door and it blew of its hinges. I looked left and right and ran. Down the left hand corridor and I was already at the back door when the alarms started to ring. 
       I scaled the fence and ran. 
       I ran to the apartments. I got in and started to pack stuff at the speed of light. My cats came in and stood in front of me. I tapped the sigil on my wrist, the one sigil I had ever needed and the only one I had ever carved into my skin, it glowed a deep green. I faced my cats, held up my wrist so they could see it and spoke clearly.
       "Revert." Instantly they grew. I had no idea what they heard but it did the trick. Night grew into a sleek black panther and Mist into a large, grey European lynx. "Guard the house. Do not let anyone within fifteen metres. When I leave the building. Follow me but out of sight." They slunk off and I turned and got my bow and quiver. "This will be fun." I said to myself "I haven't done this in months."

He he he! Kick-ass.


  1. Oh it's horrible watching someone get beat up, I hate it. Love the story!<3

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