Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Wilting Rose, Chapter 4, Part 1 - Secrets And Lies...

I know I haven't put up some of this in a while so here. You deserve it!

       The head mistress marched me up to the offices.
       There were six floors and I'd only ever been to two of them. Ground floor was the reception like if you're an inspector you have to come here to get your 'Visitor' badge. It was in a small room that smelled like coffee. The rest of that floor was lost property and cupboards. Up on the first floor was the attendance office where you sign in if you're late. Second floor is the exams office where they mark test papers and make exam time tables. (I hate all of them, they gave three exams in one day once!) Third floor is normal time tables and printers. All the printers are there because we one had a... Er... Incident where someone hijacked the printer in Mrs. Jolten's room so all it printed were posters with big red letters on reading 'I was printed in a room with a hag in it!' That wasn't what is said exactly, but you get the gist. Fourth floor is finance office where you pay for school trips and flying lesson when you get to Steel Wing Year. Fifth floor is staff room and right at the top, looking over all the grounds and watching everything we do, is Mistress Pennyfeather's office.
       The elevator was bronze with red silk walls. The floor was a complete mirror and the ceiling was a moving image of the Milky Way, showing every little supernova and star. The doors opened with a ping and a smooth female voice said "Office six, Mistress Pennyfeather." The walls of the office were a very light blue and the desk was painted white. Everything in the office were light blues, greys and whites. One of the first thing I noticed was that everything had its place. Even the potted plants and white rose on the desk looked afraid to droop.
       "Sit down." Mistress Pennyfeather said in that calm and nice voice she had suddenly acquired. I sat and crossed by legs and arms. Why the hell was I here was one of the first things that spread through my mind. Was I in trouble for hitting Luca with that blast. If so why was she being nice. If you'd done something wrong she usually just shouted. "Do you know why you're here?" asked Mistress Pennyfeather.
       I shook my head.
       She sighed. "I knew this would happen. Your mother was the same." This struck home and I wanted to know more.
       "The same?" I repeated "What do you mean?"
       "She had great power. You're the same. She broke her Chains just as early. Yes," she said as my eyes widened "Your Chains have broken and now we need your help." As she said this the elevator doors pinged and an old man in white robes and gold trim walked into the office. His white hair was cropped and he looked as if he had had a shave that morning.
       "Fia, this is Arc Angel Ganta."

Shocking - am I right! I finished my plan recently and the end made my cry! Anyway...


Lynxia x


  1. Oh my freakin' golden god.
    Can I have more, now please!!! I think I like this mor thn b&w!

  2. The detail with which you have creatated your little angel world . . . It shows dedication!

    Robin's right, this is better than b&w!