Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Whatever will I do!

Well, well, well...

One For You, Two For Me... is finished. So is Wilting Rose and so is Blood and Water's sequel; Me, Myself and the Gun at My Head. They're all just waiting to be typed up and posted. So I'll be getting bored and thus, that is why I have come up with two, yes two, new story ideas. This time I will take my time writing them so I won't finish them before everything else is posted. But... Do you want to see the prologues? You know you want to and that is why they are underneath. *points to prologues* Read.

This is the prologue for Fate, set around 1500 by the way.

       Latnmae looked out of the hole in the stone wall. She took in the shape of the low Sun and drew it on the parchment.
       The picture was perfect. An exact replica of the ocean outside the stone house cut into the cliff.
       Latnmae sighed and lay back on her bed. She had draw pictures of beauty for years. Being an Elf it came naturally but she wanted something new to draw. However, she had drawn everything on the uncharted island where she lived.
       She rubbed her pointed ear.
       Then an idea came to her.
       A boat.
       Yes, she thought. A Human boat.
       She picked up the charcoal and drew the silhouette of a boat in front of the Sun as her mother had described.
       Tall masts, billowing sails and hundreds of ropes.
       Now it was perfect.
       She stuck it on the wall with some tree sap and lay down again.
       It was quiet in the cliff house. It always was. Even when her mother had been alive it had been quiet.
       Her mother had always respected the sound of the ocean. She had said it reminded her of home.
       This was not her mother's first home. She had grown up on the Isles of the Ocean. She had often told Latnmae of hundreds of thousands of Elves living there. In the three cities of Utnae, Octnar and Seltna and in the isolated countryside.
       She had never said in detail why she had had to leave when Latnmae was not even one year of age but she had always warned her of Humans.
       Her mother had told her of the Humans' desire to be all powerful and were not afraid to kill each other in the process. She had also described some of their crafts, such as a boat and a wagon drawn by horses.
       But no matter what her mother had said about the Humans, Latnmae had always been fascinated by them.
       Narena, Latnmae's mother, had described them to have different colours of skin, not sea foam white of all the Elves. She had also said they had dark, fair or red hair, while the elves had different shades of blue and green. Humans also had lots of different eye colours while Elves had blue and green again, sometimes grey but, apparently, that was rare.
       Latnmae wished there were other Elves she could ask, but her mother had said she was the only one who had 'escaped'.
       When Latnmae had asked what she had escaped from, her mother had simply replied with one word. But flames if anger licked at every sound.

Latnmae is pronounced Lat-n-may
Narena is pronounced Na-ree-na
Utnae is pronounced You-t-nay
Octnar is pronounced Oct-n-air
Seltna is pronounced Selt-nah

And now the prologue of Rogue. Set around now but with no magic.

       Alien has entered the game.
       The message popped up on the chat box on the left of Mark's screen.
       "Damn." he hissed, checking that his character had his Power Blast 6000 pulse rifle at the ready.
       "Hey! Ski Man!"
       The message appeared in the chat box. It was from Purple Ninja.
       "How did he get in here? I thought you made this a private course?!" The anger was clear through the typed letters.
       "I did!" Mark typed, checking the course's settings.
       Yeah, the Private box was ticked.
       "It's a private course and I didn't invite him. Did any of you guys?" He hit the enter key and felt like crying.
       Mark, or Ski Man in the game, hated Alien.
       Everyone hated Alien.
       He was the best player on the online game Hazard. No matter who you were, where you were or what security you put on your private courses for friend-on-friend battles, he got in.
       "Not me." Purple Ninja replied.
       "Nope." came the reply of Jetness.
       "Why would I? He's a total git!" Popcorn Shooter said.
       "I didnt." Father Ship replied.
       Mark sighed. If they carried on on the private course, Alien would kill them all and lower their stats incredibly.
       He had only one choice. He would change it to a public capture the flag course. Then another forty four people could join, only fifty were aloud on public courses, and their stats wouldn't be lowered quite so much.
       "Right. Public course then." he typed and changed the settings.
       People poured in, got split into teams of blue and red.
       Alien has switched to rogue.
       Mark couldn't believe it.
       The rogue setting was off but Alien found away to be a rogue.
       He laughed a little.
       This guy was good.
       The count down begun.
       The Blue Base materialized on his screen, the horn sounded and the game began.

       Lily sat at her computer.
       She wasn't like the other teenage girls. They liked shopping, boys and pretty things.
       Lily liked violent games, pointy objects and computer hacking.
       She tied her blonde hair back off her fair face and tapped in the code.
       Alien has switched to rogue.
       Her character's armour changed to green and she appeared in the centre of the course as the countdown began.
       Ski Man and his friends thought she was a boy. Girls didn't play these kind of games, after all. She found it all very funny.
       The horn went off and the game began.



    Those little sneak-peeks gaurantee that I will be following this blog like a stalker now.

    They are really good, Lynxia. WOOOOOWWWWW.


    The first one, i've already read and i've forgotten what i told you about it, but 'm guessing it was something like, "it was really intriguing". Because it was. I thought it was clever how you described the elves by makibg her think about the humans, and the part about her mum being captured by humans got me really interested.

    The second one? I think you get a good idea of what Lily is like from it, and how exceptionally good she is at the game. She seems to have a kinda lonely life. I feel a bit sorry for her, coz nobody seems to like her.

  3. Oh, and thanks for the pronouciation tips:)

  4. I WANT THEM ALL. So guess what as your first and best religous blog follower I demand you write all of them. So, I love the first elves are a race I've just incorporated into The Sworn Originals because they have a Sworn leader (well one of the tribes does) her name is Elvina and she has blue hair and blue eyes so she blends like a ninja. I'd love to see your take on them. However, I am very intrigued about the second, I too play a game that I am seemingly best at in my group and they do believe I am a boy. I would love to read them both so do them both. Simples. I NEED Wilting Rose and Me, Myself and the Gun at My Head you could post the full stories and I'd sit here and read them for an hour.