Friday, 25 May 2012

Oh, screw the deadline! Here's the end...

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 12, Part 3 - Elaisse's Revenge and Chapter 13 - Nothing Truly Ends...

       Sheldon teleported behind Elaisse and grabbed her then teleported with her. She sent shadows at him but he teleported round them.
       "I really hate teleporters." she hissed. She turned and thrust her hands out, sending streams of coiling darkness towards him.
       "Crap." he muttered as he got hit by the streams.
       Sheldon groaned and tried to get up but a healed boot rested on his chest, holding him down. He was rubbing his head where it had hit the the floor when he heard a click. He looked up and Elaisse was pointing a pistol at his face.
       "No sudden movements or I'll decorate the pavement with inside of your head." she said, leaning in closer so he could see that mad twinkle she had in her silver eyes.
       Sheldon was now cross-eyed looking at the tip that was just a centimetre from his head. Think! he told himself. What did Lynxia teach you? The arm lock thing! Then he remembered. Push the wrist and lock the elbow. He raised his arms in 'surrender'. 
       Elaisse's blood stained lips formed a cold smile. "Good. Now-" he cut her off by slapping her wrist, making her drop the gun, locked her right elbow and teleported. They were now in a field in Wales but what he hadn't expected was her to pull out a knife with her left hand and straddle him. So of course the farmer ran when he saw Sheldon being straddled y a woman holding a knife to his throat.
       "Nice try." she said. "You really think I wouldn't expect something like that? I've never trusted you and neither has Lynxia. We both know you're a little weasel."
       He had one last shot. He thought Ivy! I'm here, Wales! Please! Sheldon knew Ivy could hear people from a distance who she knew. Wales wasn't that far so he hoped, oh God did he hope, she could hear him. 
       Just as Elaisse moved her hand for the killing stroke, a boot appeared from a blue blob that kicked her off him. The boot was followed by the rest of Ivy Animosity , then Nixion Strange, Zathract Mist and Eve, Sparky Braginski and Flame Phoenix, Robin Snowscar with a limping Nicholas Daniels, Star Midnight and Lavender Hope then finally Cece Shade.
       Cece helped Sheldon up then tapped her arms and black markings swarmed over their bodies. The others had already gathered their magic, well, Nicholas had his gun. 
       Sparky walked to the front of the group and looked at Elaisse. "Give us Lynxia back or we'll have a little rematch of what happened ten years ago." she said, looking into those silver eyes.
       Elaisse laughed, a cold sound like screaming and grinding metal. A laugh nothing like the laugh that usually came from that mouth. That laugh could be cold but also friendly and, in some cases, unnerving, too. "A rematch then! It was so fun before!" Elaisse smiled and shadows ran up her legs and down her arms, criss-crossing her her chest and mingled with her hair. She started to rise from the floor. You could see it on everyone's faces, the look of 'Oh not again...' and 'We're dead.' But their was also the look of cold determination behind them.
       The wind coming down from the hills and through the valley sent the shadows into chaos. They dipped and dived and shot about like deadly humming birds. Magic was thrown but it did nothing to penetrate the vast darkness surrounding Elaisse. She had become more skilled in ten years, but so had they. In stead of doing separate things as before, Ivy telepathically told everyone the plan and they burst into action. Eve stood firmly and projected on Elaisse. Elaisse's eyes widened and she became more focussed on Eve, trying to shut of the image. 
       Ivy stood by Eve, obviously supplying the sound track for the image. 
       Elaisse was now losing focus on everything but them, she was slowly lowering and Robin, Flame,Nix and Sparky sung at her legs and waist with their swords. Not fatal blows but something to weaken her.
       Cece was throwing daggers of green and yellow that exploded on her chest and were starting to eat through the protective clothing.
       Zath stood by Eve and Ivy hurling fire at Elaisse when an opening appeared as she shot shadows at them.
       Nicholas was firing his gun with little affect but it certainly kept Elaisse on her toes trying to keep bullets away from her head.
       Star was tipping gallons of ink onto Elaisse then binding it to keep her from moving. She was starting to look worn out but she kept going.
       Lavender was morphing into different birds and swooping into the shadows to claw at Elaisse.
       Ivy gave Sheldon the sign, a waving left hand, to show Elaisse had a weak spot. Sheldon gritted his teeth, teleported to Elaisse, grabbed her and teleported a hundred feet up. He let go and was back on the ground before she could take a breath. 
       They watched, holding their breath that Elaisse was gone and Lynxia was okay as the woman's rag doll form fell to Earth.

       Nix broke apart from the rest of the group and ran to catch me.
       He caught me and lay me on the slightly damp grass as it was now raining.
       I rolled onto my side then sat bolt upright.
       "AAAGRHH!" I screamed.
       Everyone came forward then, now they knew it was me. Everyone hugged me, even Ivy for about two seconds to my surprise. My breath came in ragged lumps as I noticed how badly cut I was. I had slashes on my face, burns on my chest and arms, deep gashes to my legs and a huge bruise forming on my back. Not to mention the state of my clothes. My trousers were now shorts. My top was crumbling away from the burns showing the bullet proof vest beneath and the sole of my lest boot was burned away while the right boot was just gone.
       "I hate her." I said as Nix helped me up. 
       Elaisse laughed quietly in my head, weakened but still there.
       Robin laughed and scoffed. "I think we all do." she said. Everyone agreed.
       Cece looked me over. (It was weird seeing her without her twin.) The shadows were not healing my cuts. This kind of shocked me. "I think you should see a doctor." she said.
       "How would I explain how I got like this?" I asked.
       "I don't know. Say you fell in a ditch or something." she shrugged.
       "Okay, I can see a town in the valley. Everyone grab hold of their favourite teleporter who just saved your lives and hasn't got one thanks yet." said Sheldon.
       "Thanks Sheldon." came the response from many people, Ivy being the one who didn't say thanks.
       "It was nothing." he smiled.
       "No more teleporting. Please, please can we walk?" Nicholas said, looking green at the thought of teleporting.
       "Fine." Ivy sighed then started walking towards the road sheltered by jeans.
       Cece shook her head. "I'm gonna go back to the asylum. I'm gonna get- get Flo and then... I don't know." she said and walked in the opposite direction. Me and a few others shouted goodbyes but she did not seem to hear.
      I was about to follow Ivy along with the others then I realised Nix wasn't moving. I walked back to him.
      "What's wrong?" I asked.
      "It's just..." he sighed "Nine years ago you said you loved me. Then you just disappeared. Everyone did. I carried on doing what I could to get by but I always wondered where you were. Then a couple of weeks ago you show up and I thought 'Maybe, just maybe'. Then you lost your memory and I started to wonder if you'd already moved on anyway." he finished with a hurt look on his face and even my heart softened.
      "After the camp out I was thrown in jail for a triple murder. I got out two years later because of a mass prison break. I came looking for everyone but there were no traces. Anywhere. And I meant what I said. I do love you and always will." I stood on my tip toes (I only now realized he was a head taller than me) and kissed him.
      Oh, not you two too! Ivy whined in my head.
      "Way to kill the moment, Ivy." Nix grumbled, his eyes closed.
      I laughed, grabbed his hand and pulled him after the others.

The End? Or A Beginning...?


  1. I cant believe it's the end! Nooooo!

    But it was a great ending! And it ended the way things should, too. Wih me whining about something else :D

  2. Nice Lynxx good story *smiles* Well done

  3. Please make it a beginning please make it a beginning please make it a beginning

  4. what IS Ellaise's worst fear?

  5. *claps for the end*
    Wow, what a finale! The battle scene was cool. I liked how it showed what everyone was doing. I was a LITTLE sad at how short it was though. But it was still cool. :)

  6. It was great! Loved it.

    And that had better been a beginning!