Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Patchwork, Chapter 2 - Meet The Family...

       The rest of the day passed in the normal day-to-day drone of boredom and work. Mort handed in his maths homework after break then had to write an essay on the 'properties of newspaper articles' in English. Then after lunch, they watched a film in double RE about how Jesus was betrayed.
       After this, Mort and Rätsel began the walk home. On the way they discussed how they thought Liv had convinced the Council she was ready for her Responsibilities now, rather than the normal age of sixteen.
       "Maybe she hexed them." Rätsel said, checking his planner for any homework due in tomorrow.
       "Nah, she can't. You can't hex until you get your Resps." Mort replied, using Emotion slang for Responsibilities. 
       "Yeah, I guess." Rätsel said.
       They turned on to Meadow Way discussing the English essay. Mort said goodbye to Rätsel, who continued on to his house, and went up to number seven and went in.
       Number seven was different to the other houses on the dead-end road. It was at the end of the street with the end on its back garden and right side (if you stood facing it) next to the forest. In looks, it looked exactly the same as the other six houses. White panelled walls and a light grey roof which hung over on the left side to cover the porch which had steps leading up to it. The door was a dark brown with coloured frosted glass in the panes. The right side of the house (again, if you were facing it) came forward and was rounded a little, forming a small, three storey tower. The houses on this street looked odd in the English town as they were designed by an American who wished to replicate his own home in the States here in England.
       Mort dropped his bag by the stairs and went into the kitchen to get something to eat. "Hey Mum." he called, looking through the fridge.
       "Hello Mort, how was school?" Mort's rebirth mother, Paura, said, coming in carrying in her notes from work.
       "Ugh, okay, I guess. Could be worse." he said, munching on an apple.
       "You don't sound too happy. Aren't you looking forward to the Ceremony of Rights or just another bad day?" she said, looking up from the sheets of paper.
       Mort opened his mouth to reply when a loud thwunk and a roar came from the hall.
       "Mort!!" Sinne called. "Move this bag!!"
       This is what made number seven different. 
       Most parents would not get very angry about a school bag by the stairs but seen as Sinne was anger, he got pretty angry.
       Yes, number seven Meadow Way was inhabited by Anger, Fear and Death.
       Mort sighed and got his bag then dragged it up to his room. He chucked it in the corner then collapsed on his bed.
       This was the third time in a row he had got Sine as his rebirth father and each time he had beaten the same traditions into him - how different Kinds should not mix.
       He thought back to the simpler times of the medieval age, when these traditions were just normality. Him and Life had worked as a team and he had felt no other emotions towards her. He had stuck to his own Kind and simply done his job of ferrying the energy from life into death and passing it on to Life who would pass it back to him and so on. Now, for some unknown reason, life (no pun intended) had become a whole lot more complicated.
       The other Emotions had recently come up with ideas that the Kinds should mix. Like Rätsel's rebirth parents, Verlust (Loss) and Ura (Hatred), they practically encouraged Rätsel to mix with Lights. Yet Mort was stuck with Sinne who was stuck in his medieval ways and Paura who just let him get on with it, but she was nicer. She didn't agree or disagree with mixing, she just didn't like to get involved.
       The knock at the door lifted him out of him thoughts.
       "Mm-hmm?" he mumbled.
       Paura opened the door carrying a blue silk bag, no bigger than a shopping basket.
       "I spoke to the Council today," she said, placing the bag in his lap. "They said you can wear your cloak." she continued, patting the bag.
       "What?! Really!? But-But- I thought I had to have my Resps before I could wear I could wear it again!" he exclaimed, opening the bag and taking out the smooth, but also rough, cloak of blackest night fondly.
       "They said you were showing 'great potential and progress' so they said you could wear it tonight. You never know, you might be the next one to get your Resps." she said, smiling.
       "Wow. Thanks Mum!" he said and hugged her. Something Sinne would have all but killed him for.

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  1. Wow. I seriously like the ideas with feelings and emotions having personalities.

    Great job Lynxia! Love it!

  2. Cool!

    I wonder what emotion I would be...

  3. This is awesome

    And you should do that. Try and come up with emotions for all of us. Pleaaaaaaaase?