Saturday, 19 May 2012

One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 10 - True Family?...

       I stood for a long time on the balcony. I have no idea how long but all I know is, is that when Sparky found me, a pink tinge was in the sky.
       Sparky came and leant against the railings and watched all of the early morning commuters on the street below. "You OK now, Shads?" she asked, still looking down.
       "Yeah, I just kind of lashed out. Sorry about that." I said.
       "You're really not yourself, are you? You never say sorry." she laughed but it sounded tense, almost nervous.
       "Don't I? I wouldn't know." I sighed. "Sparky? can you answer me a question?"
       "Sure, what on?" she said, looking at me now. 
       "I feel like everyone is keeping something from me. When I get angry or I fight, I can feel something inside me, like the anger and stuff has taken on a personality. Robin said 'she' was gone. Who is 'she'?"
       Sparky hesitated. She looked away as though this conversation was uncomfortable. "Um, Shads, listen. If you really want to know I'll tell you but you might not like it."
       "Please. Tell me." I said. Curiosity may have killed the cat but this was not simple curiosity any more, this was a I-need-to-know-I-think-my-life-depends-on-it kind of thing now.
       Sparky sighed and then looked at me. "'She' is Elaisse. She's your True Name form and is completely heartless. If you get angry or are about to be killed - she surfaces and kills everything she sees. Most of all, she hates you and she hates us. You stop her from surfacing, I have no idea how but you do. Nothing else really. Just a cow with a load of power."
       Now I understood and, somewhere in my subconscious, I knew it was true.
       "Anyway," Sparky said, changing the subject. "Cece and Flo found their dad and have him tied up. They can be pretty cruel. Speaking of family, I think you have a brother." she smiled now.
       My head snapped to face her and something told me that this was new news. "What?!"
       "Mm-hmm." she nodded. "You always told me you never knew your father and Nicholas says that his father left when he was four and it now seems that he went with Tallulah. And, between you and me, she's your mother." This stunned me.
       "What?!" I said for the second time in as many minutes. 
       "Yeah, face it. You're too similar in looks and you often said your mother was a nut."
       "I did?"
       "Yeah. So now it looks like DI Daniels in there is your big half-brother by four years." she finished with a slight smile. She was clearly proud of herself for figuring this out.
       "Something tells me this isn't a good thing." I mumbled.
       Sparky laughed. "Maybe. Now come on They're about to ask the traitor Sworn where Vengeance is." she pulled me along after her down the corridor.

And because I want to reach my deadline, here's Part 2.

       We reached a small office and went in. In there was Robin, Cece, Flo, Flame and Zath. There was also a man strapped to a chair. He looked very scared. Surprise, surprise. What I did notice though was that it was the same man who had been talking to Vengeance the night before.
       "Where are the others?" I asked.
       "Went to look for any sign of Vengeance outside." Zath said.
       "M-Miss Lost," the guy strapped to the chair said. "I didn't mean anything by sending Jackson after you. No hard feelings, eh?" he stammered, sweating visibly.
       Everyone looked at me.
       "Um, do I know you?" I asked.
       "His face lit up. "You don't remember? Ha! You're no proper assassin. Next time I'll hire someone better." he was laughing now and I was close to the edge. I could feel the anger inside me.
       No, not you. I thought, trying to keep this Elaisse back.
       "Just tell us where Vengeance is" Flame almost spat at the man as if he disgusted him.
       "Or what? You'll set Miss Forget-me-not over there on me?" he seemed very smug now and I was powerless to the anger inside me now. I was dragged down and Elaisse clawed her way out.
       Damn, I need to keep her under control. was all I could think.
       Elaisse surfaced and leant in close to the man in the chair.
       "Don't ever call me that again if you value your life and don't underestimate me. I may not remember why I hate your guts but if you don't tell us where Vengeance is I will cut you open, pull out your guts and use them to paint with. Understand?"
       No one is stopping me from getting my revenge. Elaisse hissed in her/my head.
       Everyone was looking at her/me now with wide eyes and open mouths.
       "That-That's the kind of think I expect Lynxx to say." Robin said.
       Elaisse backed away from the surface and I fell into unconsciousness. But as I fell I heard the prisoner scream "Whitehall Asylum!"
       And as my eyes rolled back I managed two words. "Elaisse's Revenge..."

Lynxia x


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    So sparky also knows vengeance is lynxia's mother . . . And now lynxia knows it too . .

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