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Patchwork - Prologue and Chapter 1 - Being Human...


       Mort leaned against his locker and sighed. Liv was nice to everyone but she never seemed to look at him.
       She walked past with her best friend Espoir. He managed to get a word out, a first.
       "H-Hi." he said with a slight wave.
       She turned round, smiled and opened her mouth to say something but Espoir pulled her on with a slight glare at Mort.
       They turned the corner and Rätsel walked up.
       "Hey Mort." he said.
       No response.
       "Mort." he said waving a hand in front of Mort's eyes. "You, Mo!" he said and poked Mort in the ribs.
       "Ow! What'd you do that for?" he said, rubbing his ribcage.
       "Out of bounds, dude. You know what the Council would say if they caught you goggling at Liv. Not to mention your dad." Rätsel said.
       "Don't give me the lecture." Mo moaned and banged his head against his locker.
       Rätsel smiled evilly and did his best impression of Mo's father. "The Lights and Darks of the world do not mix. We are only here to keep balance. Do not mingle with opposite Emotions - keep to your own Kind."
       "You had to, didn't you." Mo grumbled then sighed as he got his English textbook from his locker.
       "Yes, of course I did. Life is not meant to be a riddle. No puns intended." he replied, laughing slightly at the glare Mort gave him.
       Mort rolled his eyes as the bell went for Form and everyone scuttled off to their Form rooms.

Chapter 1 - Being Human...

       Mort and Rätsel walked to room sixteen and went in. It was an English classroom with posters of old plays on the walls.One of which was called Death with a Grim Reaper on the front. He smiled to himself. He decided that when he came of age he would have his cloak and scythe back. Stick to the classics.
       When Mrs Heans had finished the register she did her daily uniform check. She got to Mort and waited. "Well?" she said.
       "Shirt, top button, lip ring, ear ring and I need a hair cut." he said.
       "Get it done, then. Everyday is the same with you Mr Nightingale." she sighed.
       He tucked his shirt in, did his top button, took out his black lip ring, pulled out his skull stud from his right ear and flicked his black hair out of his eyes then smiled at her, but his eyes told the truth. I hate you, they said.
       "And why are you so pale? You're paler than death." she said, indicating his unhealthily pale skin.
       Inside he burst out laughing. Paler than death? What, paler than myself? I don't actually think that's possible, miss.
       But on the outside, all that showed was the skinny goth boy she always saw.
       She moved on to Rätsel. "Now, why can't he be more like you?" she said, pointing to his done top button, tucked in shirt and fairly short dark brown hair that glinted copper.
       "Not a clue, miss. It's a riddle." he said, barely containing a smirk.
       She shrugged and moved on. 
       Mort looked at Rätsel. I hate you, he mouthed.
       Rätsel smiled, a smile that said Yeah, I know but you love me really.

       After Form they had PE so they headed to the changing rooms. When they were changed into their black and white PE uniforms they went out onto the field.
       "You ready for the ceremony tonight?" Rätsel said as they lined up by the long jump track. 
       Mort's head snapped round, shock in his brown eyes. "Ceremony?" he asked.
       "Yeah, you know. Liv's getting her Responsibilities." he said, smiling at the girls running one hundred metres on the track causing them to giggle.
       "Oh, God. I forgot. I totally forgot!" Mort said, hitting his fist against his forehead.
       "Clearly, but I'm sure your mum hasn't. I bet she's picked some nice robes for you." he smirked then went to the wooden board that showed the start of the track as Mr Dunn had just called 'Evig, Rätsel'.
       Mort watched as Rätsel jumped into the sand pit at the end. Three metres and twelve centimetres. He'd never beat that.
       Rätsel went to wait by the track for the next activity. He enjoys Mortal school way too much, he thought but smiled.
       "Nightingale, Mort." Mr Dunn called.
       Mort went and stood on the wooden board and waited for the whistle to blow. When it did he ran as fast as he could down the track and jumped when he reached the white line at the start of the sand pit.
       "Three metres and eleven centimetres." Mr Dunn droned.
       Mort fumed. One centimetre! Rätsel had beaten him by a centimetre!
       "Thanks, sir." Mort said, looking at his PE teacher.
       "Nightingale, what's up with your eye?" he said, looking closer.
       Mort's hand flew to his right eye. His contact was gone and now his PE teacher could see his blood-red iris.
       "N-Nothing, sir. Just an infection." he stammered.
       "Well, go clean it out. It's creepy." Mr Dunn said.
       Mort bowed slightly then cursed himself as he ran back to the changing rooms - that guy wasn't one of the council! Why the Hell had he done it? He flew into the changing rooms and pulled his spare contacts from his bag. He put one in his right eye and blinked until it covered the blood-red underneath it.
       "That was close. Gotta be more careful." he said to himself.
       "What was close?" said a female voice.
       Mort leaped to his feet.
       Espoir walked round the corner. "Hello Death." she said.
       "Hope, you shouldn't be in here. Boy's changing room." he said, on his guard now. Hope was clever and sneaky and could be awfully mean when she wanted to.
       She shrugged. "It short cuts the corridor to the gym and nobody was here." she said, smiling.
       "What do you want, Hope?" he asked, standing at his full height that was only a few centimetres above her but he figured that every little helps. She was now facing him fully and was way to close for his liking.
       "What do I want? A lot of things. But I know what you want." she said, walking her fingers up his chest then tapping his nose twice.
       "I-I don't know what you mean." he said, looking away from her face.
       She smiled broadly. "Oh you do. Life has more important things to do than play courtship with you, so how about you leave her alone?" she said then turned and walked to the changing room door. "Oh, and tell Riddles I say hi." she said, flicking her dark brown hair over her shoulder making the purple streaks blur and walked out.
       He slumped onto the bench and leaned back against the wall. God, does she hate me, he thought, closing his eyes. Hope, or Espoir in the mortal Realm, had always hated Death's, or Mort's, guts for no reason. It seemed to be wired into her DNA. He was fine with her, didn't go near her much but she loathed him. Even in all their past lives. 
       He was still busy feeling sorry for himself when he remembered that Liv would now be going to the track. he jumped up, banged his head on one of the pipes on the wall when he stopped mid-step. What would Espoir do if she saw him talking to Liv? He decided to think about it if it happened and ran back to the track. 
       And already, Espoir's warning was already fading in his memory...

So this is the start of another new story called Patchwork. All of the feelings and emotions have been given personality and this story is following Death and his best buddy Riddles. I hope you enjoy!

Lynxia x


  1. I'm confused... or maybe I'm just tired

    1. Confused? Again? What the llamas?

      *turns to Lynxia* He finds most of my stories confusing. When I finished writing a part I usually think, "I wonder if Nix will say he's confused again?" It's kinda funny actually.

    2. No offebse intended - I meant it in a fun way.

  2. Now, this comment is about the story . . .

    Really good Lynxia! Can't wait to read more. How do you think up all these amazing story ideas? (Rhetorical question)

    I found it really interesting.

  3. Whoa, I really like it, Lynxia! Really cool that the feelings and emotions are given personalities. I want to read more!

  4. I get it now! I was very tired
    Can't wait for more