Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Patchwork, COVER(!!!) and Chapter 3 - Original Feelings...

You have NO idea how long it's taken me to do this but I am actually quite proud... So yeah, the cover! Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Sorry about the colours, they didn't scan in very well, but I assure you - Mort isn't completely white in the actual thing.

Chapter 3 - Original Feelings...

       At nine o'clock that night, the Nightingales' left their house and climbed into Sinne's car; a type of BMW he would tell you lots about but you tended to turn off after the third word.
       Paura was dressed in a long, simple black dress with thin straps and her short, choppy, dark brown hair hung loose, just touching her shoulders.
       Sinne wore his black ceremonial robes which had red sown into intricate patterns on the arms, around the neck and the hem. His black hair was slicked back, revealing his dark, glinting eyes.
       Mort sat in the back of the vehicle wearing his dark grey robes with his long, black cloak on top. It felt good to feel its cool weight on his frame again and he had immensely enjoyed pulling the pointed hood over his head, but after that moment, wearing the hood felt wrong as he still didn't have his scythe so he had taken the hood down again.
       They drove through the centre of town and kept going, out onto the winding roads beyond. The trees flashed by with the setting Sun's light filtering through their leaves making the light greens and emerald shades of early summer swirl and blur together.
       After half an hour of travelling, they reached a small lane leading off to the left and up a slight hill. They turned onto it and ten minutes later it opened up into a small glade in the surrounding forest.
       A few other cars were parked in the glade but to a passer-by it would seem they were here for nothing as there was only forest for miles around.
       But Mort knew better.
       They pulled up beside a white Ford and got out. They went to the middle of the glade and placed their middle finger of their right hand in the palm of their left, so the fingers pad touched the cntre of their palm. Almost at once, a symbol started to pulse red in their left palm. It was a square with a circle in the centre tat seemed to shoot out forked lightening.
       Then, they were sucked back through into their native dimension, and if you had seen it, it would seem as if they had swirled slightly then had just vanished. No noise, just gone.

       The dimension rose up around them, the grass was a soft white and the sky was a light, pale blue. The buildings were small and only one floor as, nowadays, the Emotions spent most of their time on Earth keeping balance.
       The only building in town with more than one story, did not have the normal grey-ish brick walls and had more impressive furniture was the Hall. This is where all Ceremony's were held and court hearings', although, there had not been a hearing since 1867 when Hatred had gone a bit mad and had been sentenced to instant rebirth. 
       They appeared in the square in front of the Hall. The actual building was made of a smooth white stone that caught the light and bounced it round, had two large floors and large steps and columns. It had an otherwise flat roof except the large golden dome over the Main Hall. And in between the columns on the outside were six large stone statues in thrones of the Original Feelings.
       Each was six metres high and their stone eyes seemed to follow you as you moved around. On the left of the large stone doors were the female Feelings - Amour; Love, Lycka; Happiness and Suru; Sorrow. On the right of the doors were the males - Qual; Agony, Sinne; Anger and Placer; Pleasure (or Indulgence). All Emotions have to be reborn when their Mortal shells die but, for some unknown reason, the Original Feelings were taking a little while longer than normal to be reborn. It had been fifty years since anyone had seen any of them except Sinne who seemed to be reborn at the regular rate.
       The Nightingales' went through the large doors, down the main corridor, through a large archway and into the Main Hall and took their seats as the ceremony started.

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  1. *pulls on detectove hat* Now, that penultimate paragraph could be a vital clue to the story . . .

    YAY! MORE PATCHWORK ALREADY! Love the cover Lynxia - it's nice to see a handrawn one:)

  2. Lynxia. Whoa. The cover looks amazing! And the story's really cool!

    I like how you're making their names relate in a way to their feelings. Liv-Life, Suru-Sorrow, Placer-Pleasure, etc. Really good! :)

  3. I am loving this, it's a great idea delievered perfectly
    You should tink about getting this published one day