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One For You, Two For Me..., Chapter 8 - A Plan and Old Friends...

Wow, I'm so sorry it took so long to get back on wi-fi! Anyway, here it is - Chapter 8! I hope you like it! All I need to do now is type up the chapters and post them but that might take a while... 

Anyway, I'll shut up now and let you read...

       From the warehouse we headed back to the house where Ivy had kept the, now dead, man prisoner. When we realized where Ivy was taking us Sparky stopped and looked at Ivy.
       "I'm not going in there until the body's gone." she said.
       "But I don't want to move the body." Ivy whined "Killing is fun. Hiding the body is boring!"
       Sparky looked at her, stone etched into every feature.
       "Fine." Ivy sighed and went down to the basement. She came back up with the body and left. During the half an hour she was gone everyone checked out the house. Two bedrooms, 19th century, wooden.
       Falling apart.
       When Ivy came back Sparky archer her eyebrow at her.
       "Well?" she said.
       Ivy sat at what once was a cosy kitchen table and put her feet on it and leaned back in the chair.
       "He's gone for a swim." she said, cracking an evil smile.
       Sparky sighed, rolled her eyes, smiled slightly and went back to counting the crushed crackers in the crumbling wooden cupboard.
       I went upstairs, avoiding the broken steps, and went to check the walls leading to the other houses to make sure the neighbouring 'mortals' could not hear us or see us and such.
       I got to the landing when Sheldon stuck his head out of one of the bedrooms.
       "Hey Nix!" he called to the other bedroom across the landing.
       "Yeah?" Nix called from the room.
       "This place is more of a dump than yours." Sheldon called, smiling gleefully.
       "One day..." Nix grumbled followed by a stream of unprintable language.
       I heard laughter from downstairs that was swiftly cut off and followed by the sound of trying not to laugh.
       More unprintables came from the room Nix was checking. The mildest of which was 'I'm going to shove my sword up Sheldon's ___ one day.'
       "So..." Zath called when he could keep a straight face. "What're we doing? Staying here until, when was it, Thursday?"
       "Guess so." replied Flame.
       "But there's only two bedrooms and one thing that could be classed as a sofa." Nicholas said as I was covering a hole by the stairs.
       "You're sleeping on the floor then." Robin said, a smile in her voice.
       "But what we really need is a plan. Not bickering over beds." said Sparky, silencing Nicholas with a glance.
       "Yeah, and I think I've got one." Flame said, a thinking look on his face.

       We were on the twelfth floor of the HQ of McKreen Banks Ltd. We had discovered, on arrival that the dress code was formal - and here we were in dark clothing and weapons strapped to our belts. Perfect for dark corridors, not for the brightly lit offices and function rooms of the skyscraper.
       So, that explained why we were in the cupboard looking for shirts, jackets or anything that could be viewed as normal. I was also looking for shoes as, apparently, I 'hunted' (as I used to say according to Eve) bare foot.
       "Here." Robin said, chucking a pair of size nine Doc Martins at me.
       I caught them and placed my bow against the wall as I tied them up. They were three sizes too big so I shoved ripped shirt into the ends.
       It didn't help much.
       Soon we all had jackets to cover our weapons and my quiver and shirts too, for effect.
       "I look ridiculous." Sheldon said, wrinkling his nose at the striped shirt he had pulled over his navy blue T-Shirt.
       "We all do Shelly. Deal with it." said Zath, pushing past him towards one of the function rooms.
       Everyone followed him, Sheldon scowling, into the room.
       Instantly we were absorbed by the crowd, nobody really paying any attention to the oddly dressed people who had just arrived.
       People were laughing, talking, gossiping, clinking their champagne glasses in toast and just mingling in general.
       Sparky had shown me and Nicholas a file picture of Vengeance so we knew what to look for.
       "Remember," she had said "If you see her, come and find the rest of us. Don't go up to her alone." she had warned.
       We were just covering who was looking where when a woman with dark auburn hair, dark blue eyes and wearing a shimmering, silver dress ran up and hugged Sheldon.
       "Sheldon!" she squealed.
       "Li - Linden?!" he stammered, hugging her back.
       "Of course!" she said standing back. "I kind of, maybe, followed you a little when you left. You know, saw your thoughts. I decided to wait in London because whenever Lynxia," she said my name with venom and threw a dagger glare at me "Drags you into trouble, you end up in London." she finished blushing slightly and smiled sheepishly at him.
       "Psychics." he said shaking his head "Just as long as you're okay." he said smiling back now.
       Ivy groaned and pushed between them and walked down the southern corridor. 
       Sparky gave Sheldon an apologetic glance then turned and went with Flame to the northern area.
       Nicholas and Nix went after Ivy, who had disappeared.
       Zath and Eve headed west and me and Robin went east.
       We wandered from room to room looking. When we reached the fifth room, we were just about to go and find the others and tell them she must have heard of us coming and left when we saw the woman in the strapless, crimson dress. It flowed down to her feet and moved like liquid. 
       It was no mortal fabric.
       She had ebony brown hair like mine. The same pale skin but with dark green, glittering eyes.
       Tallulah Vengeance.
       She flashed a dazzling smile and flicked her elbow length hair over her shoulder.
       The man she was talking to moved to his right slightly. He had brown hair, cropped short and scars running down his face. Two on his right cheek. A large one from just above his left eyebrow to the left side of his lip. And one were his right eyebrow should be.
       He looked around and looked straight at me.
       His smile dropped and terror became apparent.
       His eyes widened.
       He rubbed his hands on his trousers.
       He then stammered something to Vengeance and all but ran to another room.
       I looked at Robin, an eyebrow raised. She just shrugged and looked as confused as me.
       I looked back towards Vengeance and she made a 'come with me' notion with her finger.
       Robin pulled out her phone and text the others then started after her.
       "Shouldn't we wait for them?" I asked, holding her upper arm.
       She shrugged me off. "Wow, you have changed Lynxx." she mumbled and pushed through the glass doors into the corridor.
       Within minutes Zath, Eve, Sparky and Flame came from a room up the corridor to the right.
       Sheldon and Linden from a room across from the one we had just come from.
       Ivy and Nicholas from a corridor on the left.
       "Nix should be back soon. There were only three guards." Flame said, consulting his watch.
       "Only three? I thought he would have been back soo-" Zath was cut off by four women entering the corridor from the room me and Robin had come from.
       One had light brown hair with blonde flecks. She also had blue eyes and an oval face. Her features looked kind but at the moment they were set in a look of determination.
       Next to her was a woman with creamed coffee coloured skin and dark brown eyes. Her hair was also brown but with a red-ish tinge. Her face had angular cheek bones and a rounded chin. The affect of which made her look younger than she probably was.
       The last two were clearly twins.
       They both had short, choppy raven hair that was slightly blue in the light. Their faces were angular and pointed with cheek bones so sharp they could probably cut flesh and their eyes were a deep blue. The only way to tell them apart was that the twin on the right had a a dark brown freckle under her left eye.
       All three were wearing dark clothes, like ours under the disguises, and had a feline sort of stance. Particularly the one with dark brown hair.
       They all stared at us.
       We stared back.
       Finally Sparky choked out two words.
       "Star? Lav?" she said.
       "H - Hi Sparky." the woman with the light brown hair said sounding surprised.

Lynxia x


  1. Okay. One complaint. One WEENSY little complain.

    Huh. Must be my first complaint, on your blog anyways.

    My face is oval.

    But other than that, :) it was very good.

    (Do you know the amount of effort it took me not to put that last bit in german? Do you?)

  2. Where have i gone?!

    It's excelent! I love One for you, Two for me. See, i even got the name right

  3. You'll see where you've gone Nix. It involves... Stuff.

    Being vague is fun!

  4. Ahh you got me down Lynxx *dances an all hail Lynxx dance*

  5. Sorry I didn't comment earlier. Love how the story's going! :D

    Do you still need/want my OC's history?
    I can't say much, cause I didn't think much of the history up yet, but here's a bit:

    Lavender first found out about her power when she was eleven. The cat was her first transformation. A few days later, she tried different animals and found out she could only change into another animal if she was human first. She caught the attention of some bad guys who wanted her because she was the only animal shape-shifter who could shape-shift into ANY animal in the world. Lavender later found that there have been shape-shifters, but they could only transform into a few animals, not ALL of them. She wasn't aware of the danger until during the battle between her mother and them. Her mother, she discovered, was an elemental and worked with the American Sanctuary.

    That's all I really have of her history at the moment. So to answer your question in the last post, the bad guys want to kidnap her, but if they can't or she won't cooperate, they'll try to kill her. And, as I said in my OC, she doesn't kill if she can help it. Hurt or injure, that's fine. But no killing.