Saturday, 12 May 2012

One For You, Two for me..., Chapter 9, Part 2 - Secrets Revealed...

       Linden's smile was sweet but evil seemed to wrap, curl, dance and play among her features. 
       "Li-Linden?" Sheldon stammered, repeating what he had said when we had first seen Linden in the building except this time it was in horror, not pleasant surprise.
       "Yes Sh-Sheldon?" Linden said, looking innocent.
       "How could you do this? Don't you... Don't you love me?" he asked, shock being replaced by a hurt look.
       Linden laughed, a tinkling laugh that should not have belonged to her. "Love you? Who could love you, Sheldon? You're weak, mindless; a sheep and you should be dead. I never loved you. I acted and played along and you sang like a bird and what I couldn't get out of you I simply took from your mind. To me, Sheldon, you are a book. A very boring book, granted, but a book nonetheless." she finished giving Sheldon a mocking wink but his face had gone from hurt to an empty, emotionless feature and his eyes were hollow, barren and unfeeling.
       "Aww..." said Vengeance "I see I've messed with your life like I have done with everyone else's." she smiled then made a false shocked face. "Oops. I shouldn't have said that." she laughed again.
       "What do you mean, Vengeance?" Flame said, narrowing his eyes suspiciously.
       "Well..." she said, sighing and rolling her eyes. "Who do you think was responsible for your, how do you put it? Ah yes, incident, Star?
       Robin, how do you think Lightning knew what to do and who do you think helped those witches control their demon blood?
       And Zathract, Vathrasi was too stupid to do anything by himself. I orchestrated Ragikk's death. very fun, actually. He was insanely clever and a crazily good sorcerer."
       Zath's eyes flared and he started forward but Eve held him back as Vengeance smiled a little more and continued.
       "Ivy, Ivy, Ivy... Where can I start with you? Messing with your life was very fun. I guess I should just say that it was I who planted the seeds of doubt in your family's minds when they discovered your magic. All it took was a few calls, a letter and a lunch date. You did the rest."
       Ivy lunged for Tallulah but Sparky managed to tackle her and hold her down.
       "Cece and Florence, my dears, your father wasn't very nice to you was he? I'll give you a hint, he owns this building." she winked and Cece and Flo looked at each other then ran from the office.
       "Nicholas Daniels. I'm surprised to see a mortal here but I did pull the strings so you would be. Who do you think your father ran away with, leaving your mother in depression with two daughters and a son? It was easy really. He was very easy to manipulate and as soon as he'd served his usefulness..." she ran a long finger across her throat and giggled. "Insanely fun." Nicholas stood and the look on his face showed that he didn't want to believe it.
       "As for you, Nixion, you were supposed to be Lynxia's replacement but, well, we can see how that turned out. You could have been so much more but you had to away didn't you. And kill a lot of people in the process, I might add." she shook her head as if exhausted while Nix stood to shocked to move.
       "It's such hard work pulling the strings. Oh Lynxia, my perfect little Lynxia. Your loss of memory is like a black stain on a otherwise white hall. If only you'd-" Vengeance was cut off by a man walking in from a door on the left. He was fairly tall with pale skin and white-blonde hair that flopped over his eyes which were hazel brown. He wore simple jeans and a T-Shirt but scarred hands were visible underneath the hoodie arms.
       "It's time, ma'am." he said with an Australian accent. Linden had started brushing her hair with her hands and smiling at the newcomer.
       "Already? Oh, time flies when you're having fun I guess. Linden?"
       "Yes? Oh, right." Linden said coming back into focus and looking at us all. "Bye." she said an a white flash filled our vision.


When we had all managed to get over the dizziness and get up; Linden, Vengeance and the mysterious man had gone.
       "All this time..." Zath was saying, forming fists then stopping himself.
       "Nothing on us though." Sparky said, frowning as she indicated to herself, Flame, Eve and Lav.
       "Strange..." Robin said.
       Conversations started and points were gone over and counter arguments thrown on how she could know all this. Only me and Nix didn't join in. I stood thinking about Vengeance was about to say before she was interrupted while Nix stood staring at the wall.
       "Did you know?" he said, barely more than a whisper.
       "Hmm?" I said, snapping out of my thoughts and turning to face him.
       "Did you know that I was going to be your replacement for something?" he said, looking at me now. "DID YOU?" What little resolve he had broke and this outburst caused the others to fall silent and look over. He took a step forward but I moved to meet him rather than back away which caused a little surprise to cross over some faces. If Nix was surprised it was covered by anger.
       I looked up at him as I was a few inches shorter and let my own anger show on my face. "Did I know? I've got no idea if I knew. I lost my memory, remember? I woke up with no memory of who any of you are or who I am so how the Hell am I meant to know what I knew? Do you think I'm faking, is that it?" I turned to the rest of them. "I'm not the same Lynxia. I can't do what she could, so go get Vengeance by yourselves." I stormed out and almost ran down the corridor.
       Shouts of 'Lynx' and 'Shads' echoed after me but I kept going. They weren't shouting me, after all.
       I reached a balcony and stepped onto it. The cool night air felt good and I closed my eyes and focused on where my memories should have been.
       Still the same blankness. Like a solid shape that you couldn't see or touch.
       I sighed and the anger started to recede but it seemed to claw and thrash as if it wanted to stay.
       Soon, Lynxia. Soon I will have my revenge...


  1. I know why she hasn't done anything to me. Because I have nothing that could be...done...with...Anyway.

    Really good! Can't wait for the next chapter!

  2. I love it. But just so you know, I'd most likely murder everyone in the room if I found something like that out.

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  4. I would have a moment or surprise, which I did, then I would try to kill Vengeance. I would fail, obviously, but I would so try and kill her violently. If it wasn't for that white flash...
    Anywho, I love it. Brilliant!

  5. Nooooooo! NOOOOOOOO! I hate Vengeance so much now!



    *runs away to have a mental breakdown*

  6. VENGENCE was responsible for the Incident???


    Huh. So it wasn't the llamas after all. *feels a bit guilty for killing all those llamas just because they seemed suspicious*

    I guess this is why you shoulf wait for proof . . .

    *blinks, shakes head and comes back to reality*

    Er . . . Right . . . What was i doing again?

    Ah. Right. Commenting on lynxia's story.


    I really liked the way you included a lot of the character's personal histpries in it.

    I think you should have only used two verbs in the first sentence, but other than that, it was pure excellantness:)

  7. *mutters* I will not forget it, I will not *eyes harden like ice*

    It seems there is a lot of people's butts that need kicking but as long as I get to beat the crap out of the twins I don't care who gets Vengeance. Oh and thanks for changing that, very Robin now *winks*

    Ahhhh once again fabulous my dear Lynxx, truly marvelous.

  8. Ah....

    That's funny.

    Maybe I should write out a history for my character.........

    I'm worried about Ivy and Zath though. And everyone else. I'm worried about all of them.

    It's a very good story.

  9. I should probably try thinking up my history too, huh? If it's not too late, that is.

    Really great, btw. Love the surprise with things from everyone's histories. Adds a cool affect to the story. :)