Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I'm very bored...

The title is a hint. I'm doing physics right now and it is driving me INSANE!!!!!!!!

So yeah. When I'm bored, I blog. So? It doesn't mean I'm mentally unstable or anything. *looks at iPod* It doesn't right? *nods at iPod* Thank you. My iPod has confirmed it means I am perfectly sane which probably means I'm insane by normal standards. I have no idea where this is going...

Oh! Oh oh oh oh oh! I know! (Legend of Zelda moment!) It's dangerous to go alone! Here, read this!

       Lily walked to her locker.
       God, she hated school. She checked her time table. She didn't have and technology lessons today but she did have double computing tomorrow so that was something to look forward to.
       The form bell rang.
       Crap, she was late.
       She grabbed her English book and ran to the Art room that was her form room.
       She got there just as Mr. Harper was about to close the door.
       "In." he barked and slammed the door.
       The mutual hatred was strong. He hated technology wizz kids and she hated arty farty idiots. He took all the opportunities he could to give her detention but technically, she wasn't late so he had been cheated out of his fun.
       She sat down at the end of the table in the corner and pulled out her phone while he was taking the register.
       She quickly loaded the Hazard homepage and checked the leader board. There she was. Alien at the very top. Over six billion kills and behind her was Ski Man with five billion and ninety six thousand. She would have to keep an eye on him.
       She looked up as sir finished the register and saw Mark looking at her but he quickly turned away.
       He had moved to Newcastle from Long Island Sound two months ago and tried constantly to catch her eye. He was also a techy like herself but he used it to impress not to disrupt.
       She found it all incredibly annoying.
       If he was in Hazard... Oh, if only, she would show him who the tech nut was round here.

Just a tad more of Rogue. Not much, but some! ;)

Oh, and...

Hey Luna!
Just before you get creeped out like 'Aggrrhhh! Who the Hell is this mentioning me!!!?!!! Go away you randomer!'
I'm from Derek's blog! Here, have a pie. *offers apple pie*

And... I'll try translating it from memory, no need for a dictionary or translator. (Wow, GCSE German is coming in handy.) Please excuse any spelling mistakes!

He Luna! Nur, bevore Sie draußen geschlichen werdem, wie. ‚Aggrrhhh! Wer die Hölle diesere Erwähnen mich ist! !!?!!! Verschwinden Sie zufälliger‘! Ich bin vom Blog von Derek! Haben Sie hier eine Torte. *Anbietet Apfelkuchen*

Anyway, I can't put of my physics any longer. If I don't return to the blog, I have died of boredom.

Lynxia x


  1. Love the story. Keep going.

    I think you said:

    Now, before you think who is this face, Aggrrhhhh!

    And that is about as far as I get before my headache sets in.

  2. Cool story!
    Oh, and your German is very interesting! xD