Friday, 18 May 2012

Just in case you had any confusion...

As the title says, this is just to clear up any confusion you might have. I know I had some confusion whilst planning until I managed to lay it all out for myself. This is just basically to explain who Lynxia and Elaisse really are. You don't need to read it. I'm just bored and thought I might do this anyway...

Lynxia - She feels that Elaisse being a very bad person is her fault and if Elaisse does anything bad she is to blame. She absolutely hates Elaisse and only lets her out if she has no other choice or if it is to save her friends. If she could she would kill Elaisse but she can't (Duh!) because they share the same body and such. Before she had the name sealed, she felt like she was lying to her friends and now she hates herself for it. She also feels like Elaisse has 'corrupted' her and that Elaisse is a weight that she has to carry all her life and nothing anyone can say will make her see that her and Elaisse are different people - she sees it as Elaisse is her but without friends. Sometimes, she wishes she was not magic and had had a normal life but she also loves all of the thrills that go with this life. She's a bit of a psycho, well, maybe more than a bit. She swings from extreme to extreme really. One minute she'll be laughing because she's just killed someone and evaded the police and the next minute she'll want to throw herself off a cliff. All of the bipolar-ness started once Elaisse had emerged for the first time.
To put it in terms I understand (i.e. - music), this covers it -
Listen to the words. Don't really need to watch the video.

Elaisse - What can you say? She's a heartless bitch who's only purpose is to make Lynxia's life Hell. Whenever Lynxia is thinking something you can bet that Elaisse is there doubting her and saying that if it fails then her friends will die. Naturally, Lynxia hates her. If Lynxia needs help then Elaisse is happy (well, as happy as you can be when you rejoice in killing your host's friends) to help but always tries to kill a friend in the process. More than anyone, she hates Zath as his True Name form is Nagier, the only person to ever fight against her and win - needless to say she loathes him and always wants to kill him. If ever Lynxia is about to be killed then she appears and kicks some ass until Lynxia claws back to the surface, also if Lynxia gets too angry to control Elaisse then she surfaces. However, some emotions do reach Elaisse so she has a slight crush on Nix and thinks of Robin and Sparky as sisters but she would never admit that killing them might cause her some pain. So, yeah, she lives to be powerful and thinks the only way to break Lynxia, making her the one in control, is to kill everybody she cares about.
In music terms -
Again, listen to the words. Especially 'I'm everything you can't control'.

That is about it for this very odd post that I just felt like putting up. Now I'd better go do my homework - which is to read a book about a paedophile priest. Fun...

Lynxia x


  1. That was actually pretty helpful lynxia:)

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