Tuesday, 22 May 2012

(Insert title here...)

I realised something today. And that was that I don't blog about my life. And if I have, then it was a while ago. This leads me to conclude that my life is very, very dull. But something did happen today! It probably won't interest any of you in the slightest but it is something to blog about.
So, today - at lunch to be precise-, we were all out on the yard in the sunshine (yes! It was sunny! What is the world coming to?!!) when three students of Dewdrop Academy show up. Now, I don't know if this applies to your area but here, we have school rivalries. Us, the students of Saint John Fisher High School, and Dewdrop Academy for all the little rich kids. You have to pay absurd amounts to get in there and it's a boarding school down in one of the valleys. So they show up and there's a big fight, fun to watch, and then they got dragged into the Head's office and there was a lot of shouting.We could all here because the yard is very small and the Head's office is right by the entrance.
I told you - my life is dull. Now do you believe me?

Anyway, an Artemis Fowl fan fic, well, I don't really know if it is a fan fic but I guess it is, sort of (...), written by my friends Caroline and Tamara. While I have been writing my Skulduggery Pleasant fan fic, they've done this and made me post it... And for some unknown reason, it features Skulduggery Pleasant. Don't ask! I did and I honestly did not understand what the reply was. So, good luck.

       Artemis paced the room. "He's late." he said, a frown creasing his brow.
       Butler looked over from the window. "His car is pulling up now."
       Artemis nearly let a smile split onto his face but he held it in. "Excellent."

Actually, I'm not gonna write the rest as it will probably melt your eyes, mush your brain and tarnish my blog. Forever! So yes, I will not post it. Tamara and Caroline will kill me tomorrow but I will not have this atrocity in front of me released into the world. I just won't. I'll put it this way. Suit swapping. You get the picture? That's why I'm not posting it! It's madness!!!!! Although... Holly and Valkyrie are very funny when they are laughing at Artemis and Skulduggery but I still won't post it. Sorry about that. (The lengthy blog post, not the not posting. Believe me, you don't want to see it...)

And, before I forget, watch this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JqR3GVqib4
All the boys at school seem to think that girls can't play video games. They changed their minds after I whooped them all on Halo. And Halo is so much better than Call Of Duty. It's like comparing Skulduggery Pleasant (Halo) with a turd (CoD). I'll just put that out there.

Also watch this, simply because the guy says apples funny! And because it is related to the Hunger Games - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87aJwalBMfo&feature=related

My life consists of school, reading, maybe drawing, Blogger and YouTube. That's not good...

As for the title, I just couldn't think of one.

Lynxia x


  1. There's a Saint John Fisher School were I live - It's a comprehensive school... ANYWAY sounds funny and my life is shockingly similar

  2. My life is so similar, but you know, complaelt different

  3. Oh, come now, Lynxia. You know you know you're life isn't dull if you care enough to write in colour. :)

  4. When you said Valkyrie and Holly in the same sentence, it sounds weird. But the story in general actually sounds interesting(not saying you should post the rest, just saying SP and AF fan fic mash up sounds funny, but slightly odd). My life is the same, '├žept less youtube and drawing and reading and... well, less of everything except school. I have lots more school.

    Been really busy lately...

    1. Also, I bet I know who's car that is now that you said Skulduggery was in it (:P), and my life's so dull, school's the only thing I really do. I barely leave my room cause of it.

      Yeah, I need to get out more... -_-"


    Meh. At least your life isn't BUSY . . . Look on the shiny side.

    *is still sulking over AF deprevation*

    Hey, another look-on-the-shiny-side thingambobbin - AT LEAST THAT AF FANFIC HAS NO CHANCE OF BEING ANYWHERE NEAR AS TERRIBLE AS MINE:)