Monday, 7 May 2012

One For You, Two For me..., Chapter 9, Part 1 - Secrets Revealed...

       "So..." said the woman with the dark hair said in an American accent. "What have you been up to? This is Cece and Florence, or Flo as she prefers, Shade, bye the way."
       "Well..." Sparky said and explained what we had been doing over the past few days, with everyone adding some stuff. Even me although they explained who they were first. After Sparky's de-brief Star and Lav hugged everyone (except Ivy, naturally). Even me although they explained who they were first. 
       Nix came back from a corridor on the left with a small green notebook and some rope.
       "Hi Keyboard Face!" Star said, waving at him Nix half growled, half sighed. 
       "I thought we settled this. My. Internet. Failed." he said through clenched teeth.
       "Right..." Star said arching her eyebrows. Everyone was trying not to laugh. Except me and Nicholas because we were just standing there wondering what the Hell was going on. Star noticed our confusion and said "Nix fell asleep at his computer and woke up with the keyboard stuck to his face." 
       This pushed everyone over the edge. Laughter rung like church bells in the quiet corridor.
       Nix tried to remain calm and said "Let's just get this over with."
       "Whatever you say. Keyboard Face." Star smirked and followed laughing silently
       Nix sighed heavily.
       As we walked down the corridor Robin whispered to me "The twins," she said "They're Sworn."
       I only vaguely knew what Sworn were.
       What I did know was that they were magic warrior people who place their 'aura' or 'spirit' into  a weapon, usually something with a blade. Also, any here without Robin's go ahead, here as in our world not their world in some other dimension (still trying to get my head around this part), as her voice now indicated was a bad, bordering on apolitically bad, thing.
       "We can still hear you, you know." the twins called from the back of the group in chorus.
       Robin reddened slightly.
       "Well, are you?" she asked.
       "No," Cece said, the one without the freckle.
       "Half Sworn. Our father was one." Flo explained.
       "He left without your permission. Got dear old Momzie pregnant then scurried off somewhere else." Cece continued.
       "The search for him merged with the search for Vengeance and eventually we met Lav and Star." Flo finished looking slightly superior. A mistake that would not be forgotten.
       Robin muttered and carried on walking, clenching and unclenching her fists and her head down.
       We reached the end of the corridor and were faced with white painted wood double doors.
       Nix pushed his way in and we followed. All fourteen of us stood in a large office with a view of the London skyline at night.
       And who would be sitting at the glass desk filing her nails? 
       Why Tallulah Vengeance, of course.
       "Took yo long enough." she said, putting down the file and looking at us as though disappointed. "Six minutes and thirty two seconds. I am disappointed. And here I was, thinking you all wanted my head on a spike." she sighed theatrically.
       "Give Lynxia her memory back." Eve said, cutting straight to the point.
       "Astrid!" Tallulah exclaimed, using Eve's Taken Name. "what makes you think it was me?" she said with an innocent tone and round eyes.
        "Well," Zath said "Do you want all the facts?"
        Tallulah sighed and rested her elbows on the desk and placed her head on her hands. "No, not from you anyway. Linden?"
        "Linden?!" me, Sheldon and Flame said at the same time.
        Linden picked Sheldon' arm from around her shoulder and went and stood by Tallulah behind the glass desk.
        She shrugged.
        "Crime pays." she smiled.


  1. *is wiping moisture out of eyes irl* lynxia, that keyboard face part literally was making me cry tears of laughter. Not kidding.

    LINDEN IS A TRAITOR???? *gasps*

    Careful what you say, robin, people could hear you . . .

    Will lynxia get her memory back soon? (Rhetorical question) *is eager to find out*

  2. WHAT?!!!

    I NEVER cut to the chase! NEVER! *makes furious gestures toward profilian*

    Other than that, *gives thumbs up with a cheerful smile* Funtastic!

    Linden, linden, linden. LINDEN, linden, linden, linden. Linden, LINDEN, Linden. Linden.


  3. I'm going to give you some creative license here about the Sworn because I'm interested to see what you do with these 'half sworn'.
    Though I do think Robin would have hit the twins at that point, she doesn't like the feeling of people being bigger than her and ESPECIALLY not the Sworn. She is THE ORIGINAL lest we forget. Beat them into submission. Ungrateful brats.
    Oh and the one trait her and I share, we don't ever apologise, not unless I truly didn't mean it and not for something stupid.
    Try 'Robin muttered and carried on walking, clenching and unclenching her fists and her head down.' *nods*
    Sorry sweetie, this is why I won't write a fanfiction with other people's... people. I love you Lynxx, I do, I swear.<3

    Oh and keyboard face *giggles* So funny girl xD

  4. Awesomeness, and be sure to post the next part soon!!!

  5. *laughs* Keyboard face. You're never going to let that go, are you? Awesome, just awesome. :D

    Linden's a traitor?! :O *is waiting to find out more*

  6. Is Eve the only person who commented here to only person who didn't talk about keyboard face, which I would like to point out NEVER HAPPENED?
    Why do you obsess over something that never happened? Espicially you Star?