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Your votes have been counted and verified, well, sort of...

So, you have chosen the order of what you want written, I sat there and looked at them all (4 votes, thank you to Eve, Nix, Star and Lav who actually voted) and tallied them all and the order which should show how many votes and where people want it placed (this is hurting my head now, it's too early for this) is -

By Force/Guardian

So, let's get on with it shall we? I give you... 

Crescent, Chapter 3 - Game Change...

       Kyle looked at Jess as she almost crashed into them. "What's wrong?" he asked.
       Jess panted and leaned on Kyle's shoulder. "Sh-Shady's guy... Entrance." she breathed, clutching her side.
       "A shady guy? As in black suit, sunglasses and slicked back hair kind of thing?" Kyle asked, raising an eyebrow.
       "No, not... Not a shady... Shady's, big s and apostrophe." she said.
       Realisation and some fear dawned on Kyle's face.
       "What?! What do you mean 'Shady's guy'?" Philip said, completely confused.
       "Phil, this is big. You're gonna have to leave, like, now." Jess said, standing up straight now.
       "Yeah, we'll come with you but we just need to get you out of here." Kyle said, heading for one of the exits from the quiet English corridor.
       Just as Philip was about to move towards the exit, they heard boots are on the tiled floor. They all looked round and standing in an archway to an adjoining corridor stood a large, rough looking man. He wore black combats with a leather belt that held a range of weapons from knives to a taser, black military boots and a white shirt that had oil smears down the front and edges, its collar had bee torn away and so had the sleeves leaving jagged edges. His head was shaven but he had stubble of about two days on his chin. His eyes were the dark brown of dirt just after it had rained, his fingers were covered in soil and some of it streaked his arms, his skin was tanned and he had the build of a builder. He smiled and his teeth were stained yellow by nicotine. 
       "Vines, Haze and their little friend." he said in a low, gravely voice.
       "What do you want, Quake?" Jess said.
       Philip was confused, he stood there wondering who this man was was, and how he had got into the school with all those weapons, and why he had called Jess and Kyle, Vines and Haze. He looked at them back and forth, completely bemused.
       The man laughed." You know, Vines, I'm here for the boy." he rumbled.
       "Then you'll have to get through us." Kyle said, standing beside Jess.
       "Wouldn't have it any other way." he grumbled and raised his hands. Instantly, the ground started to shake and stalagmites started to rise from the floor, growing in size and shattering the floor tiles.
       Philip fell and tried to keep small and away from the man.
       Kyle dived away from a dirt mound and threw a stream of fire, which looked like a red, burning javelin, at the man. It his him in the chest but it only made him step back slightly and grunt, but his arms were still very much raised.
       Jess, meanwhile, was standing sill, her eyes were rolled back in her head and her arms were raised at her sides. Suddenly, her palms snapped forward and the man had only seconds to look round before a tangle of poison ivy shot out of the wall on his left. He collapsed, the shaking stopped and Jess and Kyle pulled Philip up and helped him to the exit.
        Philip looked at Jess and Kyle. They were the same as usual but more... More dramatic, like they were from a film of book. Kyle's dark brown hair was singed and his brown eyes seemed to burn with fire, giving them a sort of red shimmer. Jess's mousy hair was tangled and matted like an overgrown garden and her eyes were the green of summer leaves and seemed to have the light of the Sun reflected through them too. 
        He couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. His friends were some kind of... Mutants with abilities and someone had come for him.
       "Uh." he squeaked and fainted

       Philip opened his eyes only to be blinded by bright strip lights. He heard the beeps of hospital equipment and voices which started to become clearer.
       "Hey Haze, he's waking up." a voice said, it sounded like Jess.
       "He is? Go get Beam!" Kyle said and Philip heard Jess leave. Kyle was standing next to him. "Hey, dude, how're you doing?" he asked, smiling nervously.
       Philip chuckled a bit. "I had this crazy, wacked up dream. You and Jess were- Hang on, did she just call you Haze?!" Philip said, sitting bolt upright then clutching his head as it spun.
       "Um, yeah. About that Phil..." Kyle started, rubbing hi neck nervously.
       Then the doors to the private room opened in front of Philip's bed and a man walked in, telling Jess she was dismissed. He had a big build and had short, cropped coppery hair. His eyes were a light grey but they dazzled like jewels and seemed to act as searchlights. He was smiling as he came in and was wearing a white lab coat over a white and yellow jumpsuit with some sort of logo on the front.
       "Philip!" he exclaimed as if they were old friends.
       Philip tried to get up to get away from the man's broad smie and outstretched arms but found he couldn't move his legs. He looked down and found himself floating about ten centimetres above the actual bed with straps tied around his legs and to the bed keeping him from floating up to the ceiling. 
       He felt his jaw drop.
       "Yeah..." Kyle said, looking out of the wall of windows on Philip's left which showed what looked like the skyline of the business sector of Sudbinam. 
       "Haze, will you give us a minute, please?" the newcomer said, still looking at Philip.
       "Sure." Kyle mumbled with a nod and left.
       "Who are you? What's going on? Where am I?" These were the first questions that managed to tumble from Philip's mouth.
       The man held up a hand. "One at a time, please. Who am I? I am known as Beam. What's going on? You have had to be hidden from a man known as Captain Shade. Don't worry, the school have been fed a cover story." he said at the look on Philip's face. "As for where you are, have you ever heard of HATE?"

Ooohh, it's all starting to change now! *claps* This aught to be really fun!!

Lynxia x


  1. Oh my gosh. It's SO AWESOME! I have no other words to really describe how cool I thought it was. When I got to the Vines is Jess and Kyle is Haze thing, my mouth was open in AWE. :O

    I LOVE IT!!!!! :D

  2. Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can

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  4. I voted for Patchwork, but whatever.

    This is awesome!