Monday, 25 June 2012

Day One - Prologue...

Day 42

I travelled into the city today, day time of course, and looked for other survivors. Once again, I did not find any. I did, however, find two more nests which I poisoned, but there was not another living soul in sight. I am now back in the countryside now, which still remains relatively safe, and am holding the perimeter by myself. After Grace was Snatched - I'm not taking any chances.

This is a tiny prologue, even by my standards but I'm pretty proud of it. The clues given set the scene and add that air of mystery that I always try to give in the first few lines. Tell me what you think please!! This idea literally fell into my head during art the other day and I knew I had to use it. Think L4D crossed with Minecraft and that (terrible) film I Am Legend and you get the idea of the story.

Lynxia x



    You think I am Legend is bad???? How dare thou!

    By the way Lynxia, is it just me, or does it seem like everyone else in Blogland died? Or just very silent? Because you are the only one who has blogged in the last few days.

    The silence is unnerving....

    (Oooh, Story Idea!)

  2. Awesome. Like cup-a-soup, but heaps better
    What am I saying...?

  3. Cool Lynxia! :)

    By talking about L4D and I Am Legend, I'm guessing it's about a zombie apocalypse(or something like that) and there are only a few survivors(or only one) left. Don't know much about Minecraft though, so not sure what that's about... Anyway, only saw a little of I Am Legend and my friend said the only sad part that almost made her cry was when the dog died. Not the guy. XD

    I like it!