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Side Project - Harry Potter fan fic, Chapter 1 - The Return...

Okay, you might see some characters from Sparky and Flame's fan fics too as I have permission to use them...

       My alarm blared and I rolled out of bed, pulling my phone with me trying to shut off the noise. I stopped the alarm, after a few attempts, and looked at the date.
       First of September...
       I was going to do something today but I couldn't remember what it was... Then it hit me. The train left today!
       My mother rapped on the door. "Eden? Are you awake?" she called.
       "Yeah." I called back groggily whilst getting up and checking my trunk. Again. We'd visited Diagon Alley earlier that week and were now in a Premier Inn close to the station.
       "Come on then, it's nine o'clock." she said and I heard her walk away. I went into the small bathroom, washed then crossed to my small suitcase and pulled on my jeans and T-shirt. I then dumped the rest of my Muggle clothes in my trunk and closed it (after several attempts).
       I pulled my trunk out of the small room and into the small living room. Eragon (my eagle owl) was already back in his cage and plumping his feathers. I picked up his cage and carried it along with my trunk down into the modern lobby. It had a shiny sandstone floor and wood panelled walls with big open windows which had a great view of the car park. My mother, a Muggle, gave me a slice of toast then took the cage and carried it outside. I took a bite out of the toast and followed her, dragging along my trunk. We reached my mum's red Megane and I opened the boot and wrestled in the trunk.
       I climbed in the passenger's side as Nancy started the car with Eragon in the back seat. We pulled off the car park and onto the already busy road.
       "Oh, come on." my mother hissed.
       I smirked.
       "You sure you've got everything?" she asked as the lights turned to green.
       "Yup, I've checked twice this morning." I said, finishing my toast.
       We drove for half an hour then, finally, turned onto the King Cross car park as a clock chimed  ten, fifteen.
       I grabbed Eragon and my trunk, put them on a trolley and weaved through the other passengers onto the Muggle platforms.
       "Ticket?" Nancy asked.
       I pulled it from my pocket.
       "Good, now are you coming home for Christmas?" she  asked. She was always very teacher like. Probably because she was a teacher, English at the High School i would have gone to if I hadn't been a half-blood and got into Hogwarts.
       "I dunno, I'll write and tell you." I called over my shoulder and started my run at the barrier.
       "See you then!" she called and the wall passed over me.
       A moment later I was on the platform, many people already there even though it was half an hour until departure.
       I wondered down the train, found an empty compartment and climbed in, stowed away my trunk on the rack above my head and sat with Eragon beside me.
       People bustled around on the platform beyond the window with steam clouding above their heads. They ran around hugging, chatting and discussing the events of the World Cup. I remembered picking up that days copy of the Daily Prophet hoping to find the score and instead I saw someone had conjured the Dark Mark.
       My thoughts were interrupted when a boy with auburn hair and sea green eyes entered the cabin. "Hey Iggy." he said, putting away his own trunk and owl.
       'Iggy' was my nickname, there's a very dull, old story behind it that you honestly wouldn't care about so I'm not going to explain it.
       "Who says you can sit there, Nathaniel?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.
       "Oh ha ha." he said, slumping into the seat across from me.
       Nathaniel Rupert was in Slytherin with me and we were going back for our fourth year at the old castle.
       "Did you see the business at the World Cup?" he asked in his thick Irish accent, pulling out today's copy of the Prophet.
       "Who hasn't?" I replied at the three Trouble Pointers walked past. "Scarhead was there, wasn't he?"
       "Yeah, Granger and Weasley too." he said, reading the front page article.
       We didn't have anything against Potter really but it certainly pissed us off that he got points for breaking school rules.
       The whistle blew outside and everybody poured onto the train. A boy with dark brown hair and chocolate coloured eyes pulled his trunk and owl into the compartment angrily and stowed them away muttering 'Stupid brothers' darkly then sat down next to me.
       Me and Nathan raised our eyebrows.
       "My younger brothers hid my robes this morning, I din't find them until twenty past ten." Daniel explained as the train started forwards.
       "Oh, poor you, Master Walton."Nathan said. He had always liked to annoy Daniel with his last name and Daniel always rose to it.
       "Shut up, Nathan." he snapped and threw a piece of scrap parchment from his trunk at him.
       "Oh well." I said, feeding Eragon an Owl Treat.
       "Oh well? Oh well?!! Look at this!" Daniel screeched and pulled out his Slytherin robes and showed us the back.
       I snickered and Nathan almost collapsed.
       On the back, written in Tip-Ex was one word - Muggle.
       Normally, I wouldn't have cared but to a Pureblood like Daniel, it was probably quite insulting.
       "It's not funny!" he snapped and and shoved them back in his trunk.
       "Just fix them when we get back." I said.
       "Is it safe for him to try after last time?" Nathan asked.
       "I did better than you, I remember." Daniel growled.
       Nathan opened his mouth to respond when he was interrupted by the compartment door opening.
       Silence followed this for a moment with only the whoosh of the train making a noise and only the country outside moving.
       "Hello Draco." I said coolly to the boy with the pointed face and white-blonde hair standing in the doorway.
       "Hello Eden, Nathaniel, Daniel." he said and sat down.
       I arched my eyebrow. "Where are the thuglies?"
       "Not a clue." he responds, leaning back.
       "Well, they're not in here so get out." Daniel said, jerking his thumb to the door. By now, the train is rushing through wild fields and tangles of trees.
       "That's not a very nice way to talk to your cousin." Draco replied.
       "Second cousin and only by marriage." Daniel pointed out, he always had hated to be associated with Draco and the other Malfoys'.
       "I guess I'll just go then." Draco said and left and Thalia Whitlock took his place.
       "What was that all about?" Nathan and Thalia chorused.
       Daniel shook his head and I shrugged.
       "Well I'm sure he's just feeling lonely, he's really nice if you talk to him." Thalia said, the love hearts returning to her eyes.
       Me, Daniel and Nathan groaned.
       "Not this again..." I said, my head drooping.
       "What?" she asks.
       "He doesn't like you." Nathan said clearly and slowly.
       "I'm sure he does." she replied.
       "No, he doesn't." Daniel said, blunt as ever.
       I could see this blowing into a full scale argument, again, when the lunch trolley showed up. I bought a liquorice want and a bag of cauldron cakes for us to share. I sat down as rain started to splat on the windows making the wild countryside on the other side blurry.
       During the damp afternoon we shared theories about what had really gone on at the World Cup and Nathan told us all about the match as he had gone.
       He had just finished describing the look on Draco's face when he had seen Potter in the Minister's box (he had seen it on the way to his own seat) and we were all laughing, except Thalia who was scowling, when Albert Nottingwell, a Hufflepuff prefect, opened the door.
       "We'll be arriving soon." he said simply and left. I hadn't even noticed the light come on.
       Nathan grabbed his uniform and Daniel dragged out his spare then they went to change in another compartment.
       Me and Thal changed into our grey school skirts and black tights with white shirts, green and silver ties and our black, green rimmed robes.
       "You won't get away with those." Thalia said, pointing at my thick, black, Doc Martin boots.
       "They're black." I said.
       "McGonagall'll turn them into mice or something."
       "I'll risk it, anyway, I've got my old shoes in my trunk, just in case." I said, pulling out one of my old shoes.
       A moment later, the train stopped in the station and the doors opened.
       "C'mon, we'll find them on the platform." Thal said, grabbed my wrist and pulled me from the compartment.

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