Monday, 4 June 2012

Crescent, Chapter 2 - A Normal Day?...

       Philip sat at his desk in Form. They were all single desks that contained the textbooks for whichever subject was taught in the room..
       Mr Radly sat behind his desk and took the register. After this, he pulled out his newspaper and let them do whatever except leave or get too noisy. Philip's best friend, Kyle, wrote something on a piece of paper, folded it into an aeroplane and few it over to him. Philip opened it.

Hey Phil, who's the new chick?

It read in Kyle's, and all the other students, fancy scrawl.
       Philip looked up and, sure enough, there was the new girl, sitting at a, once empty, desk at the front.
       Her raven hair hung just above her elbows. On the left side ide of her face, some of her hair was clipped back with a twinkling, silver crescent hair pin. Her pale fingers tapped out a rhythm on her desk. Her face showed no emotion, just blankness as she gazed out of the windows. Her eyes were grey and the iris' were the same colour and perfect circles of the full moon.

Not a clue.

he wrote, in his Hayfield print, and threw it back.
       The bell rang and Philip and Kyle waited outside their Form room for Jessica, the only other person who would talk to Philip without mocking him, and they started up the old, wooden staircases.
       "You know who the new girl was, Jess?" Kyle asked.
       "Her name's Luna Heart. I heard she moved here from London." she said.
       "What a name, eh, Phil?" Kyle said.
       Philip nodded as they reached the first floor and Jess turned to them.
       "I've got French, I'll see you later." she said, kissed Kyle and scurried down the languages corridor.
       Kyle and Philip, however, carried on up two more flights of stairs and onto the geography floor where they waited outside the core room. They lined up outside the room with the seventeen others, all of whom looked at Philip like he was something they had scraped off their shoe, and Kyle cocked his head at Philip.
       "You okay, Phil? You haven't said much since seeing this Luna." Kyle said, arching his eyebrows with a smile playing at the edges of his mouth.
       Philip glared at him slightly. "No, I'm fine. It's just my sister's getting back today." he said, desperately looking for another reason he could say he was quiet because of.
       "Oh yeah, the camp thing finishes today, doesn't it. You gonna be okay?" Kyle asked with genuine concern.
       "Yeah, I'll be fine. It just goes back to how it was." Philip said, shrugging. He hated his life. His Hayfield life. His Hayfield accent stuck out in the school for Redbrook children. They clipped their words so each syllable was clear and defined but Philip's speech was slightly slower, his t's and d's were less pronounced and each word flowed into the next so it sounded like one long word. It was a constant reminder that he didn't belong here.

       In core geography, nobody ever really did anything. The teacher didn't care as he knew nobody here liked the subject or they would have taken it, so he handed out sheets that were easily finished within five minutes and the rest of the lesson was devoted to chatting, doodling  and just general messing around.
       Kyle sat by Philip, the only one who would besides Jess, and they played hangman on the back of Kyle's sheet.
       "Oi! Scumbug!" Andrew called from the table next to Philip. Andrew Lawson was the son of a rich banker and he thought he was untouchable. Philip longed to reach over and use some of the 'skills' he had learnt in his first yeah of high school, which was spent at Hayfield High as he was moved halfway through his second year, but instead he looked over and sighed.
       "Yes?" he said, making it clear he was already bored of the conversation.
       "Listen to him! He sounds like he's in slloooooww moooootioooonnn." Andrew said, stretching out the words with comical faces. All of his friends laughed.
       "Well a least he wasn't snogging Alicia Brown before school." Kyle retorted, glaring at Andrew.
       Andrew went red and was torn between anger an embarrassment. Philip wondered how long it would take for this to get onto Facebook and/or Twitter.
       The cries of 'Oh?', 'Oooo!' and 'Aww!' went up from his friends and he spluttered, any thoughts of teasing Philip gone.
       The bell rang and everyone clattered out of the class, Andrew still denying he did anything with Alicia.
       "Thanks Kyle, but did he really?" Philip said, going to the stairs.
       "No problem and yeah, he did, behind the maths block. Sasha told me." Kyle said and Philip knew how much Sasha gossiped. They were still laughing about this when they turned onto English corridor C and Jess ran up, her face a mask of fear, urgency and shock.

Now it starts to get interesting but you'll just have to wait I'm afraid.

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    Intriguing Lynxia. I always love your stories . . .

  2. I like Luna. I mean, she didn't say anything, but she sounds cool...


    Yes, I speak fluent gibberish.

  3. Lynxiaaaaaaaa. Cliffhangerrrrrr. Whyyyyyy.

    I bet it has something to do with the fountain he looked at that morning. I like Luna's name. And I agree with Val and Star. I always love your stories and the ideas you come up with, and you made Luna sound so cool already. Want. To. Read. More. Love it! :D

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