Thursday, 7 June 2012

Crescent, Chapter 4 - HATE...

       Philip blinked once, twice and then answered. "Um, yeah, a little. Weren't they responsible for the drought of the Thames?" he said.
       "Ah, that's where many people are wrong. Before that, we were considered heroes, people looked up to us, but after the... Incident in London, most think of us as terrorists." Beam sighed.
       After a few seconds when Beam had not carried on Philip said "Um, sir, you haven't fully explained who you are."
       "Oh, sorry, I keep going off track. We are the Hidden Alliance of Talented Exceptions." Beam said, sitting on the end of Philip's bed.
       Philip stared in disbelief. "You mean, you're superheroes, or something?" he said.
       Beam nodded. "People had to get their inspiration from somewhere, even if we are just rumours and urban legend to most people - past and present. Like Spiderman, he was based on an agent of ours named Arachnid. Magneto too, they got very close with this one as the agent's name was also Magneto. But as of late, someone has been recruiting into their own private force. This someone goes by the name of Captain Shade. You met one of his 'employees' at the school, Quake. After what happened to the Thames, we believe he now has someone with complete control over water. No one else could flood and then dry up the Thames. If he does, it's a very, very bad thing." Beam said, his face like stone but his eyes showed concern.
       Philip reeled. "So, you're- you're recruiting me or something?" he asked, expecting the presenter of Prank Patrol to jump out any minute.
       Beam nodded again. "You are special, Philip. I thought the floating would have told you that." he said, indicating the straps. "But if you're going to help you'll need to be trained, of course, and a name."
       "But what about my mother and sister?" Philip asked.
       Beam looked away from Philip. "Your mother has always known you are special, just like your father. We've also made an arrangement for your mother to have a day job rather than work nights, that also means she can look after your sister. Thank Pixel for that." Beam said, looking back at Philip now.
       "Th- Thanks." Philip stammered, wide eyed. He felt as though a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders and also thought of how he was like his father, he couldn't remember him much but what he could remember was good.
       "No problem, but you still need a name I suggest something related to your powers - it always works best." Beam said.
       Philip gave in to his curiosity. "So, what can you do, sir?" he asked.
       "Me? This." Beam said and a ball of crackling, white light appeared around his hand, with a wave of said hand he put it out.
       "Ah, Beam, I get it." Philip nodded.
       "Your name?" Beam urged.
       "Falcon," As soon as Philip said it, he knew it was right. "My name will be Falcon."

Now it gets interesting...

Lynxia x


  1. Um... well, I think he was very quick to jump to the conclusions of superheroes and recruting and the fact that he can do those things, but otherwise GREAT!

  2. First of all, me and Derek had a little chat about idea-snatching, nd I renamed it "using ideas", because I'm not trying to call people idea-thieves, it just sounds like I am. Derek said something about including ideas from other books etc. in his writing and adapting them so he can share the brilliant ideas from those books etc. through his writing, and how it musn't be confused with ripping off, and I just wanted to tell you, I wasn't accusing you of ripping off Batman.

    Er . . . Now where was I?

    Ah, yes - COOL CHAPTER LYNXIA! Falcon . . . Can he turn into a falcon? Or can he grow wings like Maximum Ride? (James Patterson make references to MR in both Witch + Wizard and Daniel X, did you know that?) Or can he control birds? DON'T TELL ME I WANT TO FIND OUT MYSELF!

  3. LOL

    Prank Patrol

    my friend got on it


    very good, im now a follower

  4. It's great! Can't wait to read more! And before you ask, yeah, I'm working on mine. Reason it's taking so long is cause I want to make it as good as I can. At the moment, I'm having a hard time doing that. But I AM working on it!

    And I think Falcon's a cool name. Nice Lynxia! :D

  5. I love it Lynxia. All the chapters are pretty short and to the point. Just like they should be. Keep writing! I want Chapter Five!